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Steel Rose

Gift your loved one a rose that will never fade away…
For this scrap art, you will need a stainless steel pipe. Cut the pieces into the shape of a rose petal. Now, bend them to give the shape of a rose and weld. Cut some more steel pipes to create the leaves and stem.
Weld them together and enjoy your art piece. It can be a great addition to your collections.

Horseshoe Dutch oven Holder

Without any doubt, it’s a great tool for those who cook with a Dutch oven. This tool doesn’t let you burn a hole in your table. All you have to do is simply place the holder on the table, the hot Dutch oven on it, and serve away!
You can use it for other occasions like camping, outdoor barbeque parties, etc.
You will have to weld 3 horseshoes together to make this oven holder. Each point has a single support bar to make a tripod stand.

Height Adjusting Stool

When it comes to stool, we never know the ideal height for everyone. A height adjusting stool is always a better idea.
You can build an industrial style rustic stool of your own. Follow this video to make one. In this project, some scrap wood, steel tube, and threaded rod are used. The stool is sturdy enough to withstand heavyweights. You can make a square or rectangle stool with this basic idea.

Patio Arbor

You won’t need lots of material for this project. You might need some scrap metal for the parts of the arbor to be welded together.
This project’s challenging task will be cut in an angle to give an even archway on both sides.
It would be best if you used a square metal tubing to get the sturdiest solution. The angle iron might not withstand the pressure in case any branch falls on the arbor. The top rails were created using the legs from an old trampoline.

Minimalist Steel Rocking Chair

Many of us love relaxing in a hammock. But we don’t want to get into the hassle of getting in and out of it. And also, most of us don’t have a place in our home to hang one.
But don’t worry, this simple hammock-like rocking chair will solve both your problems! You will be able to enjoy a hammock as well as a rocking chair.
Follow these steps and make your minimalist rocking chair!
Window Well Covers
You can showcase your welding skills without spending a ton of money on this project. You will need square metal tubing or angle iron.
You will then cover them with a metal grating to make the covers sturdy enough and prevent someone from falling. Here, the covers are washed with citrus degreaser, then double-coated with metal paint to make them last longer.
It’s a great idea to keep children from falling into basement window walls.

A Gate

You might find this project more fun if you into art and design as you can input various decorations into it. The basic plan for this project is to weld a square metal tubing into a frame.
This can be a challenging project for as it requires a lot of space. There is a lot of work in lining up and weighing the gate to ensure it swings in the right direction. Also, you have to line up the gate with hinges and latches to latch in place without forcing it securely.

Simple Welded Bar Stool

This 25-inch simple bar stool is made created with angle iron having a walnut seat. The angle iron for this project is recycled from old bed frames. And the wood used is from a piece of walnut. You will have to weld the angle iron together to make this stool.
The project starts with creating a build on which you will create the stool. You will love this dark brown and black stool as it goes well with everything.

Steel and Coffee Sack Ottoman

This ottoman is made with a steel welded frame, and the top is covered with a beautiful coffee, which makes it more attractive.
Firstly, you will have to cut the steel pieces with a metal cutting saw. Make a shape of the frame using the cut pieces and weld them. Now, it’s time to weld the legs one by one and then place another frame on top.
Now, you can proceed on with the foam and coffee bag.

TV Tray Tables

It is one of the easiest welding projects you would ever do. You can do this project with some scrap steel. It does not need any complex welding.
The making is very similar to the ottoman mentioned earlier. Make two welded frames and legs. Now join them and ta-da! Your TV tray table is done.
You can utilize it as a laptop stand, or a side table, and many more.

Mudroom Bench

This welded mudroom bench will serve you in the long run, providing this furniture’s strength and durability.
This sturdy metal bench is made of 1 in. square tube steel that can withstand any stress it will experience. Moreover, this wide tubing can support the most weight.
You will need a MIG welder, a chop saw, and various clamps for this welding. Remember to create precise welds so that the bench’s surface is level, comfortable, and smooth.

Patio Bench

You will find some worth noting subtle cuts and angles in this very simple project. The angle of your cuts is essential to get the correct angle for sitting space. Well, a slight angle change can make a big difference between rigidity and comfort.
You will be using both wooden and metal parts for this project. So it’s better if you opt for a sander and blades. Follow this sketch for a detailed plan.

Welded Steel Planters

Use the scrap steels and create complementary steel planters. You will need 14 gauge mild steel.
Start this welding project with a beforehand. You don’t have to copy the same design. You can be creative and diverse here.
The projects require no time for more than two hours and minimal investment. Once it’s done, you will find it worth spending time. You will love the rustic look it gives.

Nested Cube Butcher Block Tables

It’s always great to have extra couch-side tables when you have family and friends over. But most of us have a space problem. However, this smart design will serve your purpose without having to lose space.
You can slip one under another with this brilliant design. The design requires an old workbench top that will be recreated into a modern aesthetic, smart table. It adds décor to your room. Follow this design to learn more.
Balcony laundry drying rack
This design is appropriate for mounting on the terrace railing or balcony handrail. You will not need any precision for this project. Cut straight wire up to the required length and fold as per the design requires.
The rack is created by welding steel zinc-coated wire. The advantage of this rack is you can carry it wherever you go. The structure is simple. And installation is easy. Moreover, it doesn’t occupy much space when folded.

Grilling Basket

This tool can be a great gift for someone who loves grilling. It is suitable for barbequing foods during travel, camping or other occasions. If you have less experience with grilling, then this tool can be handy for you.
The decision of space between the wire rib parts is on your hand. This design has a 22mm space. However, if you plan to prepare veggies and meats cut in small pieces, then increase the parts and weld them in the middle wire.

Grasshopper Holding Device

This is a great idea for any welder’s bench. You might call it a “Helping Hand” or a “Third Hand.” However, the manufacturer called it a “Grasshopper.”
The concept is simple. You use a heavy chunk of metal and weld three metal points to it. It gives you a heavy hand that holds small objects as you are welding. It would be easier to carry if you made weld a handle to it.
Follow this welding technique.

Wall Clock

Keep the time with your handmade wall clock.
For this 30 in. diameter wall clock, you will need some steel rods. Here, the manufacturer used ¼ in. round mild steel rod (for both the outer and inner circles) and 5/16 in. round rod (for the numbers). You can purchase the hands and movements from a local supplier.
This welding project requires precision and many small welds. Give a finishing touch to the clock with a semi-gloss black paint.

Metal Heart

Don’t toss away your old bike chain. Utilize it to make a nice heart!
Even if you don’t have one, you can grab it from a local thrift shop. The process is simple.
Cut the chain into your desired length. Give it the shape of a heart and mark the places where you want to weld. And that’s it! Your metal heart is done. Finally, you can attach a string or rope to hang it.

Steel and Bamboo Desk

Fill out the empty section of your workplace or house with this steel and bamboo desk. Firstly, you will have to set the dimension of the desk according to your space. You can use 3D drawing in this case.
Now, cut the necessary materials to build the frame. Before welding, make sure to clamp the pieces together on a straight table. Set the frame and join the tabletops and steel frame. Follow the full guidance.

Car Ramp

You must agree that the right ramp in place is very beneficial when you are working on a car. Make your car ramp following these steps. This process can be costly and heavy but seeing this nice heavy-duty car ramp, you know that it’s worth it. Besides, it’s a cool project for all car and welding lovers.
This single car ramp will serve you unlimited times for unlimited tasks.

Star Light

This is a super easy and super fun welding project for a newbie. Paper lantern lights inspired the project. You will need some steel rods, spray paint, cable ties, and LED lights for this design.
Set the dimensions, cut the rods to the required length. Give the rod a star shape. Now weld, and your star is created!
Make as many as you can. And now enlighten your room with these beautiful star lights.

Plant holder spiral heart

This amazing plant holder is named plant holder spiral heart because of its heart-shaped legs with spiral endings.
This metalwork is pretty simple. You just need to make two shelves and four identical legs. Then weld them together. You can make the shelves either with metal or wood. The wooden shelves are easier to make. However, metal shelves are made in this project.
This plant holder is sturdy enough to hold the pots kept in it.

Suspension Stools

These suspension stools are made of scrap steel. At first, you will have to clean up the edges around the base and tubing using a grind wheel and grinder. Now comes the welding part. Once welding is done, you go for shining and painting.
In this project, two stools were made. The shiny one used a flapper disc, while the rusty one used aluminum brightener acid that rusts steel. Both the stools were clear coated.

Simple Set of Stairs

It’s really easy to fabricate a stair set. Here, only two stair steps were made. But once you learn, you can basics make as many as you want. Every time you will a smooth layout.
The process will be easier if you make a mock-up model at first. This will help you understand the process and learn the scale of the staircase. Make the connections of all parts carefully. The final staircase is strong enough to withstand heavyweights.

Stainless Door

You will find this design unique as it doesn’t use TIG or MIG welding. This project is done with stick welding.
You can cut the materials for this welding using a chop saw or angle grinder. In this project, the maker didn’t weld the hinges to the door frame permanently. Rather, he used self-tapping screws.
Once you are done with installing, you will find the result satisfying.

Simple Park Bench

We are all familiar with park benches. They can be installed anywhere and are very comfortable to sit. Follow this park bench plan to make a simple, good-looking park bench. You will find drawings that will help you understand the techniques more.
The construction of this metal bench is made of welded tubes. And the seat is prepared from wooden slats. The metal construction is simple and will last for decades with proper maintenance. Anyone having a basic knowledge of woodworking and metalworking can make this bench.

Shephard’s Hooks

Try this artistic welding project. Grape leaves inspire the leaves in this design. Those are made of mild steel sheet metal. And the grapes you see are created from large nuts. A TIG welder is used in this process.
If you want the purple coloring, you need to overheat the grapes. Mount this beautiful Shephard’s Hook and use it for different purposes like a flag holder, planter hanger, or even a unique trellis for the climbing plants.

Corner Desk

Utilize your free spaces with your handmade corner desk. It’s a great way of spending quality time with yourself.
The legs are welded from a 3×1.5 tube steel. The maker installed threaded feet at the bottom for adjustability. You will love the stabilizing bars between the end frames as those make the desk super strong. The design gives a classy look to the desk.


This project is helpful for all the shooters. Now you don’t have to replace the targets every time they get hit. This will help you hit the mark.
Eight-inch plates are used in this project. The diagrams will help you understand the positioning. Behind every plate, there is a piece of welded angle iron. The hinges are created using three pieces of pipe. If you have a passion for shooting and have enough space in the backyard, you must try this project.


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