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Welcome, traveler to travel guide. Your journey has landed you here; that means you are looking for a new adventure in LaGrange. You are searching in the right place. LaGrange Ga city is located in western Georgia near the Alabama border, approximately 68 miles southwest of Atlanta. This city is full of surprises, from a Bible history museum to a grand Callaway estate and a 90+-year-old cherished hotdog restaurant to TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off winner of 2011, LaGrange, Ga has it all.

No matter what brings you to this fascinating city, there are always so many things to do; you will never forget. Check out some of my favorite must-do activities in LaGrange, Ga!

1. Great wolf lodge:

If you are looking for a family-friendly resort for your entire family adventure, The Great Wolf Lodge is the perfect place for you. Here you will find everything your family need for a great vacation. Water park, dry land with plenty of sports, dining area even there is room to stay. Located in LaGrange, Georgia, it is a part of North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts. 

For a wonderful adventure, there is no alternative then Great Wolf Lodge; it is the best place you could ask for. This family-friendly lodge has kid-friendly activities, an adult-friendly wine down service, dining options, and all of this under just one roof. This resort stays warm at 84-degree all year long, so it doesn’t matter it is summer or winter you can go there anytime.

The fantastic indoor water park features many water slides, floating lily pads, toddler-friendly wading pools, water tree houses, wave pools, and so much more. You can enjoy everything with your family in one place. There are also includes dry land where you’ll find a ropes course, mini-golf, bowling, MagiQuest and arcade. You can climb a rope, claim the wall, or you can play golf there.

Address: 150 Tom Hall Pkwy, Lagrange, GA 30240

Phone: (844) 473-9653

2. Hills & Dales Estate:

This Hills & Dales Estate is a beautiful historic estate. Built-in 1916 it is considered one of the best conserved 19th-century gardens in the country. This 35-acre estate is a gorgeous Italian villa designed by the famous architects Neel Reid and Hal Hentz. It was the home of textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. and his family.

The historic Ferrell Gardens is also located in this estate, which is one of the best19th century conserved gardens in America. This beautiful garden has wide boxwood plantings, fountains, a herb garden and a greenhouse. Sarah Ferrell was the creator of the garden, which adds extra beauty to the property.

Visitors are welcome to visit here. Along with the beautiful garden, painting and building, there are plenty of things to learn. Here you can enjoy the grounds or learn more about the family legacy of stewardship. Today the estate is open to the public for the education and enjoyment of the community, but it was conserved by the 4th generation of the Fuller E. Callaway family.

Here you will always be in the presence of Sarah Ferrell and the Callaway women. They are the person who made Hills & Dales a home and its gardens a national treasure. Because of them it is still beautiful and visits able.

Address: 1916 Hills and Dales Drive, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: 706.882.3242

3. Biblical History Center:

The Biblical History Center is the most important place and tourist attractions in the town. Located in LaGrange, Ga., The Biblical History Center is known as the formerly Explorations in Antiquity Center. It is an archaeological museum, which exhibition daily life in ancient times. Here you will come in close contact with the regular life and culture of the old days.

When you enter the museum, you will go back to ancient times. Here ancient Middle Eastern life becomes real today through archaeological replicas, lectures, Biblical meal presentations, and other personal experiences. It is one of the eight museums in the world to house a long-term collection of artefacts from the Israeli Antiquity Authority in our Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery, which tells about the past.

This Biblical History Center offers different activities for kids like ancient times, baking bread or participating in an archaeology-style Kid’s Dig that teaches kids about the past and the archaeologist’s world. Don’t forget to enter the Time Tunnel and learn about the worship practices of pagans, Jews, and Christians from 2500 BCE to 500 CE. Through the replicas houses of worship from Israel that are excavated.

Along with these opportunities, this Biblical History Center offers so much more. It is the must-visit place in Lagrange. There is so much to explore, a one-time visit that will not be enough for you. So get ready for a new adventure and explore a whole new world.

Address: 130 Gordon Commercial Drive, Lagrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: 706-885-0363

4. Lagrange Art Museum:

Visit the LaGrange Art Museum for an entertaining day of beauty and culture. Lagrange Art Museum is a nonprofit space exhibiting the 1890s Victorian local and international works. It used to be a jail once, but now it is the most important spot and tourist attraction. It is situated in the east of the town square.

There is no age limitation and offers permanent and travelling exhibitions that are sure to delight kids and adults. You can go there with your full family and have a great time together. There are four galleries and a sculpture garden. And this museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains.

This Lagrange Art Museum contains over 500 contemporary American artworks in the permanent collection. It includes the works of Andy Warhol and Georgia artists Lamar Dodd and John Lawrence. Education outreach is a major part of the museum’s aim, and a day at the museum is the perfect way to learn and enjoy the visual arts!

Note: “Call the museum to see what’s on display. Warhol works cannot be displayed all-year-round”.

Address: 112 Lafayette Pkwy, Lagrange, GA 30240

Phone: (706) 882-3267

5. Nutwood winery:

Nutwood Winery is a large 10-acre farm that includes a one-of-a-kind 6,000 square foot tasting room and Vineyard Café. This beautiful winery comes with the historic manor home and 200-year-old pecan trees that give Nutwood its name. You can go there with your family. You will love the beauty of the winery.

When you go there, this winery has everything to relax and comfortable the visitors. There is outdoor and indoor seating for the visitors, which offers guests a relaxing environment in which you can enjoy good company and taste great wines. This family-friendly winery has huge lawn chess, corn hole, and a 10-hole disc golf course. And they also welcome pets; your pets can enjoy outdoor spaces as well.

Nutwood Winery is also available for gathering and events. If you want, you can host your gathering, corporate event, bridal party or wedding day. This beautiful place is perfect for that. So plan a tour today and see what makes Nutwood Winery unique! You will have a great time.

Address: 1339 Upper Big Springs Rd. LaGrange GA 30241

Phone: (706) 882-5295

6. Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame:

The Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame is a most important spot for Georgia’s radio. If you want to know the history of the radio, this is the place for you. It is situated in the historic Hillside Neighborhood, at 714 Lincoln Street in LaGrange, Georgia. It is conserving Georgia’s radio history. The museum also honours those who have contributed to the radio industry with a fascinating collection of radio memorabilia and artefacts.

When you enter the museum, you see the various radios of old it displays them there. It is full of vintage tube-style radios like Silvertone, RCA, Philco, Crosley, etc. Classic American manufacturers manufacture them. These iconic radios used to be the centrepiece of every American home. But today, they are far more important; it becomes antiques treasured for radio buffs and collectors.

Not only radio but also many other important radio parts are available there. Here you will get a chance to see the many unrealized transistors. Along with disc records, microphones, and toy radios, there are also diverse transistor radios displays. Many of them were never released for sale in the United States. The Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame also has a mock-up of a 1940s control room with original equipment from the local WTRP radio station in LaGrange.

Address: 714 Lincoln St., Lagrange GA 30241

Phone: (706) 756-1095

7. West Point Wildlife Management Area:

If you love wild hunting, the West Point Wildlife Management Area is the perfect place for you. It is an 8,952-acre property situated in Troup County. The main attraction of this place is the hunting opportunities for visitors. This West Point Wildlife Management Area offers hunting opportunities for the visitors. Here you can hunt various wild animals such as deer, turkey, small game, dove and waterfowl.

Along with many activities and opportunities, there are some rules that you need to maintain. On waterfowl impoundments, there is no gasoline outboards allowed and no fishing on driven waterfowl impoundments. You have to keep them in mind while visiting there.

While the Dixie Creek Area is 711 acres with hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, small game and waterfowl the Glover’s Creek Area is 337 acres which are open for deer and waterfowl hunting. You can hunt in a big area and spent your day on a thrilling adventure.

Address: 4738 Mooty Bridge Rd., LaGrange GA 30241

Phone: (478) 825-6354

8. West Point Lake:

West Point Lake is a wonderful place filled with natural beauty. This lake is popular for a family adventure such as camping, boating, fishing, hiking, etc. Dense forests and rolling fields surround the park, and it is a 35 miles area along the Chattahoochee River on the Alabama-Georgia state line. This West Point Lake is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, offering excellent fishing, camping, boating and other fun activities.

Along with these opportunities, this lake also provides some advantages. The lake offers day-use parks, beach areas, fishing piers, campgrounds, two commercial marinas, and public hunting areas. People can sit, hunt, and fish in the natural atmosphere; this is not all most of the parks have picnic shelters, boat launching ramps with politeness docks, nature trails and, most importantly the great access to the lake for fishing.

This amazing lake is perfect for exploring by Kayak or other fun ship. You can bring your own or rent boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. West Point Lake is also known for trophy largemouth Bass. Bring your own, rent a boat from Highland Pines Resort and Marina or hire a fishing guide to take you out for a day.

Address: West Point, Georgia 31833

Phone: (706) 645-2937

9. Wild Animal Safari:

There are very few people who don’t like an animal safari. I love wild animal safari, watching various animals, and if you are just like me, LaGrange has a fantastic place for you. Wild Animal Safari is located just south of LaGrange in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It has various animals from all over the world.

Wild Animal Safari contains over 550 animals and 70 different species. While driving through the 500-acre park, you will be able to watch them very closely. It will be an unforgettable adventure. There are also many vans available for the visitors; you can rent one, or if you want, you can drive your vehicle through the park while enjoying many foreign animals’ encounters.

And while buying your tickets, you can also buy bags of grass pellets for the animals. You can feed them by your hand. When you drive through the park, animals flock will come to your van with their hungry wide open mouth. After finishing the drive-through part of the park, you can discover more animals in a self-guided walk. You will watch them on your foot, on walking. In this part, you will see birds, reptiles and other animals in a zoo-like setting. They are caged in separate cages.

You can enjoy this safari with your family. Especially if you have kids, they will love the safari. They will know some new animals for the first time too.

Address: 1300 Oak Grove Road, Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822

Phone: (706) 663-8744

10. The Callaway Memorial Tower:

The Callaway Memorial Tower is also known as The Callaway Monument. It is a great spot for the tourist. This place is ideal for those who enjoy taking photos, having picnics, or experiencing local history. Here you will get everything you love. The Callaway Memorial Tower was created in LaGrange’s historic mill village in 1929 as a tribute to textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway. 

This beautiful spot also has great historical value. The textile mills were an undisputed person to the development of Troup County, and much of the city’s history occurred at these mill sites. After the Campanile of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, this tower is patterned. 

The Callaway Memorial Tower is an amazing place surrounded by a gorgeous green lawn. It makes it the perfect place for picnicking, sunbathing, and exploring with your family. You can come here and enjoy family time, the enchanting beauty of the spot. If you want to know more about this fantastic area, check out nearby Beacon Brewing Co.

Address: Cypress St, LaGrange, GA 30240

Phone: (706) 884-1828

11. Pyne Road Park Campground:

Pyne Road Park Campground offers a great spot for those who want to escape the city’s hassle and spend outdoor time in nature’s lap. It is situated within a 458-acre park on West Point Lake. This campground offers dozens of camping sites with electrical hookups, as well as old camping site options. Pyne Road Park Campground is ideal for camping, lodging, outdoor activities. 

The campground is also pet friendly but make sure your dog is on a rope. And for the water activities, bring a kayak, paddleboard or a tube. The parking is free there, so you don’t have to worry about your extra cost. And spring, summer and fall is the best time to tour the Pyne Road Park Campground. This Park Campground is open March through November, and the maximum stay is 14 days.

Address: 4481 Roanoke Rd, Lagrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: (706) 594-7586

12. Butts Mill Farm:

The Butts Mill Farm is a popular vacation spot for the visitors, especially for the animal lover. This family, friendly place is a great place for animal adventure. It is situated just outside of LaGrange in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

It is ideal for your entire family outdoor adventure. This Butts Mill Farm hosts numerous family-friendly activities. The outdoor adventure park offers kids to enjoy tractor rides, bumper boats, fishing, mini-golf, horse-riding, and a museum of old cars all in one place. There they will be so busy all day long and enjoy them all. The Butts Mill Farm also has multiple playgrounds and picnic areas for relaxing and enjoying the visitors.

Before going there, you have to make sure to wear closed-toe shoes for safety. It will keep you safe and sound and enhance your enjoyment.

Address: 2280 Butts Mill Road, Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822

Phone: 706-663-7400

13. Sweetland Amphitheatre:

What can be better than hanging with family in Sweetland Amphitheatre’s green place and snuggling up to watch a movie after dark? It is the perfect way to start the weekend. Sweetland offers a series of movie nights all around the summer months. You are welcome there with your family to spend family time together. It opened in spring 2016 and entertained people all the summer.

Sweetland Amphitheatre is a native event space with a bandshell, stadium seating for 2,500 viewers and a multi-purpose lawn. It offers a special outdoor spot for star-studded performances and community events. All events are picnic approved, so you have to bring your meal, blankets, and chairs. And enjoy a family picnic with fantastic green natural and watch a movie at night.

As it is a family spot, there is something for every person in the family. And for kids there are games available until sunset, including Wild Leap Brew Co. craft beer, local vendors also take part, selling food and drinks there. These special events take place on Friday nights, and admission is always free. So you don’t need to cost to enjoy the theatre or picnic.

Address: 110 Smith St, Lagrange, GA 30240

Phone: (706) 298-5434

14. Bellevue Historical Home:

Bellevue Historical Home is a historical home that reflects Greek revival architecture. It is one of the best examples of Greek revival architecture in the country. Located in the heart of LaGrange, Georgia, this home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The exterior features ionic columns across a wide corridor.

This beautiful house’s interior and outer design attract tourist and make it a great tourist spot. Inside of the house, there is a large engraved wood cornice favour the doors and windows, while black Italian marble mantles and plaster ceiling medallions charm the visitors. And family mementoes are displayed on the upstairs. The home is decorated in the style of the 1850s.

Under the care and supervision of the LaGrange Woman’s Club Charitable Trust and Trustee, the Bellevue Historical Home continues to be supported by the LaGrange Woman’s Club, tours and events.

Address: 204 Ben Hill St., Lagrange GA 30240

Phone: (706) 884-1832

15. Pure Life Studios:

Pure Life Studios is situated in the Hillside neighbourhood of LaGrange, Georgia. It is the only live music spot in LaGrange that offers an intimate listening experience. Here you can explore live music too. It is a great place for visitors.

And the seating of the studio is also unique; it has eclectic seating that adds extra charm to the listening room. This room features 108-seat, there 108 guests can sit and enjoy the performance. This electric seating also focuses on the singer/songwriter and the performance of the artist.

This studio supports the native community’s creativity and enhances improvement and originality. It is all about live and original music. Pure Life Studios is a gathering place for friends to enjoy native, regional, national, and international talent. It is situated in a renovated warehouse within a five-minute drive of downtown LaGrange.

Address: 206 Clark Street, Lagrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: (706) 443-4838

16. Lafayette Square:

Lafayette Square is another great place to visit. You can go to take a walk or have a snack while you enjoy the small-town square experience! Located in the heart of downtown LaGrange and it is old enough to witness much of the town’s history. It witnessed the history of the LaGrange.

It is an important place for the town. Among many features most famous one is the fountain, this place is named after the Revolutionary War hero Marquis de LaFayette. A fountain is a nice place if you want to sit and relax or take photos. 

And if you want to see the work of one of LaGrange’s most important person, it is on the East side of the square. Engineer Horace King made it. And when King died, his funeral processed around this square while LaGrange’s people came out to pay their respects. So there is no need to say more about the importance of this squire to the people and the city.

Address: E Lafayette Square, LaGrange, GA 30240

17. Southbend Park:

If you want to spend some carefree, outdoor hours with your family, Southbend Park is the perfect place for you. This park is a favourite spot for natives and visitors. They go there with their family and spend a lovely time together.

The amazing features make the park a perfect spot for a vacation. This Southbend Park features a playground, open green space, skateboard park, Dog Park, and pavilion. This city park was made on 12 acres land which is within walking distance from LaFayette Square. If you are around, you can go there by walking.

It is a public park that is open to everyone. There are no age limits, and it is pet friendly too. It doesn’t matter whether you use the playground, bring a picnic, play in the dog park, or skateboard, your family will love this public park. So if you want to spend your family vacation in an open green space, don’t think twice about this park.

Address: 309 Pierce St, Lagrange, GA 30240

18. The Thread:

The Thread is the new multi-use trail system of the Lagrange city. This 12-foot wide path is the perfect way to exercise while seeing the beautiful LaGrange city. It is specially made for walking, running, and biking. The Thread is one of the must-visit spots in the area.

It is 7+ miles of trails around the Granger Park. This Thread is built to improve the health and wellness in the community by providing a safe environment for fitness and recreation. There is 1.5 miles loop which is great for anyone who prefers loop trails or who wants to run while family members. This park is ideal for your full family if you want, you can go there with them.

There’s also a track within the Granger park loop for track runners. You can also watch the gorgeous sunset in the park. It would be best if you planned an evening walk to catch one of our beautiful Georgia sunsets. You are welcome to bring your family, your dogs, or your bike to explore LaGrange from The Thread!

Address: LaGrange, Georgia

19. Lagrange College:

Build-in 1831, Lagrange College is the oldest private college in Georgia. It is a historical place, and its historical value made it attractive to the visitors. Every year many tourists come to visit this college. From the incredible architecture of old buildings like Sunny Gables and Smith Hall to the ornate chapel where plenty of lovers have said “I Do” this campus will fell, it is worth visiting. So there is no denial LaGrange College has its fair share of history.

Another great feature of this college is the Lamar Dodd Art Center. It is the home to the Lamar Dodd Art Center which frequently displays work from the college students as well as famous artists. The gallery is open to visitors when school is in session. When you are in Lagrange, make sure to visit this unique gallery which is located directly on the beautiful campus.

This college’s theatre department is known for producing stunning performances. These shows take place throughout the full year at on-campus Price Theatre. Students are the actors here, both on stage and behind the scenes and tickets are not expensive.

Address: 601 Broad St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: (706) 880-8000

20. Beacon Brewing co.:

The Beacon Brewing co. is located in Hillside of LaGrange, Georgia, which was founded in 2018. It is a historic place because of its rich history and ties to his family owner select it for his company. And he builds this company to serve the people. Not only this, but this family also owned and ran many more miles. And every month they distributed a newsletter called The Beacon. It was made for the mill’s employees and operated the creative and nostalgic atmosphere of the brewery.

Beacon Brewing Company mission is to revive what was once a lively area. Beacon has a remarkable story and mission to create beers that are just as remarkable. By drawing inspiration from traditional Belgian and Bavarian-style beers, this brewery specializes in experimental beers. Each beer has an individual flavour and a name that stems from the historical significance of the area.

Address: 700 Lincoln Street, Lagrange, Georgia 30241

Phone: (706) 298-6500

Final Words:

La Grange, Ga, is a family-friendly city situated an hour and a half from Atlanta. Visitors are always warm and friendly welcome there. There are numerous opportunities for fun around every corner in LaGrange. From adventurous activities to well-known tourist attractions, this charming small city has it all.

So catch a concert under the stars, tour historic sites, play in an indoor water park and more in LaGrange, Georgia.

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