Bombay Karachi Halua, traditional halua recipe

Description of Bombay Karachi Halua

I have always been a big follower of halwa recipes—particularly those halwa recipes which are chewy as well as much more significantly fancy. I still bear in mind during my school days, as I use to purchase this halwa in a local pastry shop for one rupee. Furthermore, it offered a selection of colors consisting of lemon yellow, orange as well as red and also pinkish color. I always thought it was a plant remove as well as never knew it prepared from corn flour.

Most typically, referred to as flexible dessert, is ready, particularly throughout the festival period. Furthermore, it could be quickly shown friends and family because of longer shelf life compared to various other Indian treats.

Ingredients of Bombay Karachi Halua

  • cornflour / corn starch – ½ cup
  • cup water – 1½ cups


  • sugar – 1¼ cup
  • water – 1 cup
  • lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
  • ghee / clarified butter – 5/6 tablespoon
  • cashews – 2 tablespoons, chopped
  • cardamom powder / elachi powder – ¼ tsp
  • few drops of orange food color/color of your choice
  • almonds – 5 pieces, chopped for garnish


Step 1

To start with, in a vast blending dish, take cornflour and also water.mix well without forming any lumps.furthermore, add a half mug of more water and also continue to blend. Maintain apart.

Step 2

First of all, in a big Kadai/ non-stick pan, take sugar include water. Allow the syrup to boil.

Step 3

Pour cornflour mix into the boiling sugar syrup. Furthermore, mixing continuously on low-medium flame. Once the cornflour combination starts to boil, as well as starts to thicken, immediately include a tsp of lemon juice. Also, keep stirring till the mixture enlarges totally.

Step 4

Now include a tablespoon full of ghee.and mix continuously till all the ghee is absorbed.further, add another tablespoon of more ghee and continue to mix till it transforms glossy. Then the mixture will start turning bright as well as silky, launching ghee from sides. Add food color, cardamom powder as well as chopped cashews.continue to mix till combination undoubtedly starts to create swelling.

Step 5

Later, transfer the mix to a tray as well as level. Also, sprinkle some sliced almonds and also rest for an hour. Finally, cut to the desired shape and offer.

Tips for making Bombay Karachi Halua

Moreover, some pointers for an ideal crunchy Bombay Karachi halwa recipe. First of all, making use of the food color in this dish is optional and is included to make it eye-catching. Second of all, cornflour needs to mixed with water with no lumps created. Or else, the halwa would certainly not be chewy and also correctly cooked. Additionally, continually mix while progressively adding cornflour blend to the sugar syrup. Last but not least, do not endanger on including ghee to corn flour halwa dish.

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