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    We are extremely grateful to you for your interest to write a guest post for Eibik. We are delighted to have you as a guest.

    Eibik.com has begun accepting guest posts. We also welcome writers with experience to share their knowledge for our users. We review each guest post that we receive, but we’re extremely selective regarding what we publish on our site. To avoid rejection, take the time to read this entire page since we outline all our guidelines, as well as the categories we accept guest posts, and the submission procedure.

    Categories For Guest Posting

    The majority of our readers are comprised of teams or individuals from various departments seeking guidelines, best practices. We are aiming to create an established library of knowledge that can be used to enhance and streamline processes, we allow clear, engaging content which falls within the following categories:

    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Sports
    • Biography
    • Travel
    • New

    Benefits Of Guest Post To Your Business

    • Exposure to a large Number Of Readers: A large number of readers per month visited the blog, and the number is increasing each month. We publish the best articles in our newsletter each month and will put your content to a larger public who will take the time to read and reshare your article.
    • We are always present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. All of your content will be shared on these social networks to increase exposure.
    • Your knowledge, experience or methods could be exactly the thing someone else is looking for.
    • You will get high authority backlinks.
    • Build your online presence.

    Who Have Permission To Publish?

    We will only accept individuals, startups Professional Writers and Freelancers who write content for us. We favor content written by Bloggers, Startup founders, and writers with a deep understanding more than a general understanding of business, startup or marketing.

    Your writing should show you’re able to provide unique, practical insights informed by your hands-on experience. Posts should include tips, experiences, how-to, innovation, successful stories, etc.

    Guidelines For Guest Posts

    1. Originality

     We do not publish content that has already been published. As google dislikes duplicate content that’s why your content should be 100% unique.

    1. Length

     Your guest post length should be 1500 to 2000 words.  Written in a manner that readers are engaged. We’d love to have guest posts to allow readers to follow from beginning to end.

    1. Real life Examples

     Your experiences ard real-life examples are valuable. Use them to assist readers to grasp the topic better. In the majority of cases, it is your personal experience and unique viewpoints that add the most value to your piece.

    1. Friendly Formatting

     We’re looking for content that is easy to scan such as concise paragraphs with clear titles, bullet lists, sub-headings and images, etc. In the ideal scenario, the reader only needs to understand the whole thing by just reading the headings.

    1. Proper Grammer:

    We want content that should be free from grammar mistakes for the best results for our readers and for SEO. That’s why your content should be free from grammar mistakes. You can use free tools available online or can hire freelancers.

    1. Engaging Title

     As per experts’ opinion engaging titles catch more readers to your post. So that’s why use the engaging titles so we can get the most out of our work.

    1. Copyright Free Images

    To avoid copyright infringement use platforms that offer you to use copyright-free images. You can use pixels, pixapay and various other platforms available online. And also give credit if needed with any image.

    1. Link Your Source

     Outbound link to trusted and authority websites.

    1. Important Guideline For Links

    Links are essential to any article and we encourage you to utilize them. Always link to a trusted and reliable source. Bonus points is if you locate an article on the Eibik blog on the same topic or similar to it then link to it.

    You may also include a hyperlink to a blog article or other informative content on your site in the event that it integrates to the content naturally and adds value to the readers. Links that are not in context, promotional and links to any kind of product offers and services are not allowed and if you use these types of links they will be taken off.

    We have the right to replace links and change their anchor texts without the author’s permission.

    All links will be no-follow. You may mention your business and include the (nofollow) link in your bio of the author – Nofollow mentions of brands, can boost your SEO too.

    1. Sponsored Posts

    We will take sponsored posts at affordable rates from businesses that wish to enhance their exposure.  Be aware that this isn’t an advertising cost for your business, but can help build a strong image within our readers. For instance, if you are a business owner and would like to write about their start-up journey from the beginning to the top, what they did what they have learned and what difficulties and obstacles they encounter in their journey to success.

    We welcome Guest posts only for paid Links or sponsored posts with competitive rates. For more details, contact us through our email at [email protected] Write for Us chat on WhatsApp to Publish your articles. EIBIK

    1. Do not use broken or spammy links within the contents.
    2. We will hyperlink to your site, so make sure you select your keywords carefully.
    3. We would appreciate linking back to your blog in any future posts – therefore, please write something that is worthy of linking to.
    4. The correct SEO keywords are essential.


    Our Guest Posts are Paid.

    Things We Won’t publish

    1. Excessive Promotion

    While writing write for us, keep in mind that guest posting is the way to share your knowledge, expertise and experience to readers.

    Its not a place to promote products and offers etc. So please avoid these as our readers are here to for tips, guides, advices etc.

    1. Already Published Things

    We do not accept articles that are already published on the internet or on our website. So make sure to write original and unique content.

    1. Plagiarized Content

    It is not a good idea to include incorrect information in your article. You should provide adequate citations and reference the source of the information in the post. Always make sure to utilize reliable sources of information, such as authoritative websites.

    1. Personal Profiles

    We will not accept personal profiles of any founder of a startup until they have become known and is an established household name.

    1. We do not allow articles that deal with gambling, casinos, poker porn, or betting.

    2. Articles that aren’t worth the effort. If you’re pitching a dull list article on a general subject that isn’t relevant, then you’ve come in the wrong spot.

    We Have Right To

    1. Edit Title
    2. Edit Content

    Consider These While Writing Guest Post

    1. Excellent writing abilities
    2. You must be passionate and have an ear for music.
    3. Know your subject matter
    4. Unique voices stand out online
    5. Let your voice be heard, and you’ll reach a large global audience of readers.
    6. Make sure you share your voice and talent

    How To Submit

    Submit your guest post using the email [email protected] Or pitch us on the same given email.

    Write for Us chat on WhatsApp to Publish your articles. EIBIK

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