Top 100 Lawn & Landscape Companies

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The features of firms in the top 100 lawn and Landscape depend on their profitability within the industry. These 100 best firms serve as landscaping industry advocates to consumers and property investment managers around the nation. At the same time, they demonstrate all of the qualities that make the landscaping industry so successful, including the devotion and effort they invest in making the world a better place.

If you’re looking for landscaping services, you should go for one of the best landscaping companies in Clermont. Below are the top 100 lawn and landscaping companies;

  1. BrightView has headquarters in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., with annual revenue of 2,350,000,000 dollars and a staff of 22,000. 
  2. TruGreen Cos headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. Their annual revenue is 1,369,000,000 dollars. They also have around 13,504 employees.
  3. The Davey Tree Expert Company grosses 1,020,000,000 dollars annually and has headquarters in Kent, Ohio, with a staff of 9,500 people.
  4. Bartlett Tree Experts’ annual revenue is 297,000,000 dollars. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Conn, and it has 2,000 employees.
  5. Yellowstone Landscape employs a staff of 3,300 in Bunnell, Fla, and grosses 230,300,000 dollars annually.
  6. Gothic Landscape makes approximately 218,200,000 each year. It’s in Valencia, Calif, with 2,200 employees.
  7. Aspen Grove Landscape Group has 2,000 employees. Their annual revenue is 187,000,000 dollars, and they have headquarters at Willow Grove, Pa.
  8. Ruppert Landscape, whose headquarters are at Laytonsville, Md, makes 184,900,000 dollars a year and has 1,600 employees.
  9. Park West Companies makes 176,000,000 a year. It has headquarters at Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif, with a staff of 1,600 people.
  10. LandCare employs a staff of 2,300 and makes 175,000,000 dollars a year. Their head office is in Frederick, Md.
  11. U.S. Lawns has 2,250 employees and makes 172,050,000 dollars. Their main office is in Orlando, Fla.
  12. Weed Man’s nerve center is in Mississauga, Ontario. The gross 171,800,496 annually.
  13. Ferrandino & Son, Inc. has their central station at Farmingdale, N.Y. They make 145,000,000 dollars each year.
  14. SavATree makes 138,000,000 dollars each year. Their head office is at Bedford Hills, N.Y. 1,133.
  15. Lawn Doctor makes 128,400,000 dollars annually with their offices at Holmdel, N.J. 1,350. 
  16. Ambius makes 114,500,000 dollars a year. They are in Reading, Pa, with 1,032 employees.
  17. The Grounds Guys in Waco, Texas, has 600 employees. They make 76,691,449 dollars annually. 
  18. Mainscape makes 72,900,000 dollars. They are at Fishers, Ind and have a staff of 1,050 people.
  19. Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services employs 1,100 people. They make 71,700,000 dollars annually and have their main offices at Markham, Ontario.
  20. Massey Services employs 2,060 people. The company makes 71,601,729 dollars annually.
  21. Juniper Landscaping has 700 employees. Their annual revenue is 71,000,000 dollars, and their headquarter is at Ft. Myers, Fla.
  22. Rotolo Consultants’ annual revenue is 70,200,000 dollars. Their main office is in Slidell, La and they have 700 employees.
  23. NaturaLawn of America makes 68,287,667 dollars annually. They are in Frederick, Md, and employ 743 people.
  24. Acres Group employs 865 people, and its annual revenue is 67,000,000 dollars.
  25. The Greenery makes 65,641,000 dollars annually. Their main headquarters is at Hilton Head Island, S.C. Plus, they have 1000 employees.
  26. Metco Landscape makes 64,000,000 dollars every year. They are in Aurora, Colo, and have 550 employees.
  27. Spring-Green Lawn Care’s annual revenue is 62,200,000. Their central location is at Plainfield, Ill.
  28. Denison Landscaping at Fort Washington, Md, has 640 employees. They make 62,000,000 dollars annually.
  29. Garden Designs’ annual revenue is 62,000,000 dollars. They are at Farmers Branch, Texas, and employ a staff of 74.
  30. Heartland makes 53,700,000 dollars every year. Main offices at Mission Woods with 750 employees.
  31. Lucas Tree Expert Co. makes 53,000,000 dollars every year. Their nerve center is in Portland, Maine, with 650 employees.
  32. Cagwin & Dorward has 550 employees. They make 48,000,000 dollars each year and are in Novato, Calif.
  33. With annual revenue of 48,000,000 dollars, Mariani Landscape has its main office at Lake Bluff, Ill. They have 550 employees.
  34. Sebert Landscaping makes 48,000,000 dollars annually. They are at Bartlett, Ill with 365 employees.
  35. CleanScapes has 526 employees and grosses 46,581,000 dollars annually. Their main headquarters is in Austin, Texas.
  36. Choate USA has an annual revenue of 45,759,649. They are in Carrollton, Texas, with 170 employees.
  37. Dixie Landscape Co in Medley, Fla., makes 43,975,000 annually. They also have 305 employees.
  38. Landscape Workshop, with 574 workers, makes 41,713,675 dollars each year within Birmingham.
  39. Baytree Landscape Contractors has 325 workers making 40,600,000 dollars each year. Their main offices are at Stone Mountain, Ga.
  40. Pierre Landscape has its nerve center at Irwindale, California. They make 40,000,000 dollars annually.
  41. Christy Webber Landscapes makes 39,000,000 dollars annually. They are in Chicago with 330 employees annually.
  42. Ryan Lawn & Tree has 310 employees. Making 38,651,698 dollars each year, and their main offices are in Overland Park, Kan.
  43. Chapel Valley Landscape Company’s revenue is 38,500,000 dollars each year. They’re at Woodbine, Md, with a staff of 500 people.
  44. Greenscape has an annual revenue of 37,000,000 dollars and 325 employees. Their main offices are in Raynham, Mass.
  45. R.P. Marzilli & Company have their main offices at Medway, Mass. They make annual revenue of 36,630,000 and have 205 employees.
  46. Elite Team Offices are in Clovis, Calif. They host 360 employees and make 36,500,000 dollars annually.
  47. Teufel Landscape makes 36,370,000 annually. Their offices are in Hillsboro, Ore, with 340 employees.
  48. Schumacher Companies have annual revenue of 36,000,000. Their head offices are in W. Bridgewater, Mass. 
  49. Bemus Landscape’s team of 430 makes 35,560,000 dollars within San Clemente, Calif.
  50. AAA Landscape has a team of 610 employees generating 35,500,499 dollars annually within Phoenix, Ariz.
  51. Gachina Landscape Management’s team of 425 makes 35,477,671 dollars. Their main offices are in Menlo Park, Calif.
  52.  Landscape Services Inc makes 35,027,944 annually. Their main offices are in Nashville, Tenn. Also, they have 300 employees.
  53. Earthtones Design makes 33,400,000 dollars annually. Their main offices are in Midlothian, TX.
  54. Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping makes a revenue of 33,223,918 annually. They are in Portland, Oregon, and have 275 employees.
  55. Signature Coast Holdings LLC generates 33,320,000 dollars annually. They have 600 employees and are in Napa, California.
  56. Environmental Management has 365 employees. They make 32,924,362 dollars annually in Plain City, Ohio.
  57. Beary Landscaping Inc. makes 32,500,000 dollars yearly. Their main offices are at Lockport, Ill, and they have 300 employees.
  58. Complete Landscaping Service generates 32,155,737 dollars annually. They are in Bowie, Md, and have 375 employees.
  59. SiteWorks has 225 employees. They make 32,147,260 dollars and are in Chandler, Arizona.
  60. Russell Landscape Group generates 32,118,575 dollars a year. Their main offices are at Sugar Hill, and they have 525 employees.
  61. Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management makes 31,857,317 dollars yearly. Their main offices are in Gilbert, Ariz. Also, they have 376 employees.
  62. McFall & Berry Landscape Management has an annual revenue of 31,484,000 dollars. Their main offices are at Annandale, Va. They also have 385 employees.
  63. Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping has 450 employees with 31,000,000 dollars in annual revenue. Their headquarters are in San Antonio.
  64. Landtech Contractors make 30,000,000 dollars annually. Their main offices are in Aurora, Colo and they have 300 employees.
  65. Landscape Concepts Management makes 30,000,000 dollars annually. Their head office is at Grayslake, Ill and they have 264 employees.
  66. Berghoff Design Group generates 29,795,500 dollars a year with 295 employees. Their location is in Scottsdale, Ariz.
  67. Senske Lawn & Tree Care has 500 employees. They make 29,602,000 annually and have their main offices at Kennewick, Wash.
  68. M. Neves Inc in Dartmouth, Mass. makes about 28,888,755 dollars each year. They have a team of 200 employees.
  69. Southern Botanical, within Dallas, Texas, makes 28,495,347 dollars annually. They have a team of 240 employees.
  70. Chalet Nursery, Landscape, and Garden Center generate 28,300,000 dollars annually. They are at Wilmette, Ill, with a team of 350 employees.
  71. Merchants Landscape Services make about 28,000,000 dollars yearly. Their headquarters are in Santa Ana, Calif. Also, they have 450 employees.
  72. Impact Landscaping & Irrigation in Jupiter, Fla., makes 28,000,000 dollars with their team of 300 employees.
  73. Naturescape generates 27,550,431 dollars within Muskego, Wis. They have a team of 295 employees.
  74. Kline Bros Landscaping generates 27,500,000 dollars annually. They are at Manahawkin, N.J., with 154 employees.
  75. Designscapes Colorado makes 27,497,000 dollars annually. They are at Centennial, Colo.
  76. The Bruce Co. of Wisconsin makes 27,313,736 dollars a year. They are at Middleton, Wis.
  77. David J. Frank Landscape Contracting 77 makes 27,000,000 dollars annually within Germantown, Wis. They have a team of 400 employees.
  78. Gibbs Landscape Co. makes 26,760,000 dollars a year. They are at Smyrna, Ga, with 350 employees.
  79. Bland Landscaping Company generates 26,200,000 dollars within Apex, N.C. They have 350 employees.
  80. Harvest Landscape Enterprises generates 25,500,000 dollars annually. They’re in Orange, Calif, with 525 employees.
  81. Stay Green has 335 employees. Their annual revenue is at 25,435,853 dollars with Santa Clarita, Calif.
  82. Perfect Cuts of Austin in Austin, Texas, has revenue of 25,365,000 and 69 employees.
  83. Scott Byron and Co. earn 25,174,000 dollars annually. They have their main offices at Lake Bluff, Ill and a team of 215 employees.
  84. Designs by Sundown generate 25,000,000 dollars. Their main offices are in Littleton, Colo and they have 200 employees. 
  85. Superscape has 200 employees. They make 25,000,000 dollars each year.
  86. DLC Resources makes 24,900,000 dollars annually. Their headquarters are in Phoenix, Ariz.
  87. High Tech Landscapes has 215 employees. Through that, they can generate 24,429,839 dollars each year. Their main offices are at Branchburg, N.J.
  88. Pacific Landscape Management grosses 24,471,518 dollars annually. Their main offices are at Hillsboro, Ore. Also, they have 275 employees.
  89. Benchmark Landscape generates 23,900,000 dollars yearly. Their main offices are in Austin, Texas, with 350 employees.
  90. The Budd Group’s annual revenue is 23,750,000 dollars every year. Their main offices are at Winston-Salem, NC.
  91. Benchmark Landscape has 250 employees who are integral in helping generate 23,064,375 dollars every year. Their main offices are in Poway, Calif.
  92. Environmental Designs (NEW) makes 23,000,000 dollars each year. They are in Henderson, Colo, with 300 employees.
  93. Andre Landscape Services has 325 employees. They have made it possible for them to make 22,730,793 dollars annually. Their main offices are in Azusa, California. 
  94. NutriLawn’s Toronto landscaping firm generates 29,000,000 annually.
  95. Southview Design has 170 employees. They make 22,268,000 annually with their main offices at St. Paul, Minn.
  96. Frank and Grossman Landscape Contractors is located at Hayward, Calif, with 211 employees. Their yearly revenue is 22,200,000
  97. Earthworks, Inc. grosses 22,092,350 annually. The company has 375 employees and is in Lillian, Texas.
  98. LEI Corporation makes 22,000,000 dollars annually. They are at Boylston, Mass, employing 110 people. 
  99. McHale Landscape’s annual revenue is 22,000,000 dollars. Their main offices are at Upper Marlboro, Md. 235.
  100. Complete Property Maintenance Inc makes 21,500,000 dollars annually. They’re at Coconut Creek, Fla and have 375 employees.
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