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Soldiers have continually enjoyed using the services of the innovative chest ring for carrying valuable weapons in battle.

Carrying of hand grenades, magazines, and additional ammunition is quite easy with the style of chest ring available nowadays simply because of the compact and lightweight designs.

Wearing the right chest ring ensures you have easy and fast access to your stack of weapons and other safety items whenever the need to use them arises.

It would be best if you were on the alert when choosing your choice, in order not to end up buying a product that can be detrimental to your safety when on the battlefield.

Why do people use chest rigs?

If your jobs entail moving around with a lot of handy tools or equipment, your best bet is to put on a chest rig.
Chest rigs allow you to move effortlessly and efficiently without slowing down your stride or stopping you from carrying out other activities.

Depending on your profession, there is a chest rig designed to suit and serve you without stress.
Essentially, chest rigs are worn to reduce the load on the beltline and make it easy to move around.

Comparison between chest rigs vs tactical vests

Chest rigs are a convenient piece of equipment used by military officials to store extra tools and essentials such as pistols, magazines, radio, water carrier, etc. while tactical vests are a form of protective gear used by military or law enforcement personnel but can also be used to store ammunition, tools, and accessories ranging from flashlights, rigs, and other essentials.

Invariably, both can perform the same storage function, but a tactical vest also offers protection to your torso, shoulder, and lower back.

Whereas chest rigs are meant to help military officers carry their kits with ease, a tactical vest can be used to hold ammunition and also keep safe when engaging in outdoor sporting activities like paintball or airsoft since it involves firing dummy bullets at your opponents.

Tactical vests likewise have extra space for armor plates that protect the chest area from harm during gunfire in the line of duty, unlike chest rigs that are meant for holding extra ammunitions needed for survival.

Chest rigs are a preferred choice due to the affordable prices and lightweight nature compared to the tactical vests which are expensive and are heavyweight considering that it possesses an armor plate for safety purpose.

When making your choice of chest rigs or tactical vests, it is important to consider a color that will suit your area of operation perfectly.

Just like your chest rigs, you can choose to add more pouches or leave it the way you buy it depending on the purpose you want it to serve.

Comfortability is key when using a chest rig or tactical vest to maintain your mobility and speed. It should allow you to discharge your duties by moving your body parts freely within a split second without any encumbrance since the two are worn on your uniform.

Benefits of chest rigs

Unlike the regular plate carriers and body armors, chest rigs are made with light, breathable, and cool materials that promote aeration on a hot day.

Chest rigs blend easily with other tactical gears worn by military persons without becoming a distraction
When driving a mounted vehicle, you are comfortable using your seat belts, driving, and also access materials kept at the backseats without any form of inconvenience
Ease of access to gears since they are directly in your front
Efficiency in movement, especially on level ground because nothing is restricting your legs or back when kneeling, crouching, etc.

It is convenient for moving in and out of vehicles.
Chest rigs also offer additional protection when on a mission if worn with plate carries.
The multiple Molle attachments are perfect for attaching pouches for hydration carriers, first aid kits or extra ammo.

Downsides of chest rigs

Wearing chest rigs reduces the surface areas on your body needed for cooling off, considering that the upper part of the body is an increased blood flow area for dispelling heat in the body.

There will be more strain on your core muscles because of the extra gear you are mounting on your chest, thus making you tire out quickly. A quick fix solution will be to put on a backpack with similar weight to counterbalance it and reduce the strain on your core and back.

The use of chest rigs will not allow you to lie completely flat on the floor during low-lying cover because of the gear on your chest, hence increasing your silhouette.

Lack of easy access to manipulate your weapons due to the bulkiness on both sides of your armpits, which affects the natural swing of your arms.

Stuffing items such as knives and other sharp objects in your chest rig is counter-productive when you encounter roadside explosives, and you get hit, as the objects may get blown into your face.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chest Rig
In this section, you’ll learn some vital tips that will be helpful before going shopping for your best chest rig to save you from wasting money or time unnecessarily.


The choice of color for the best chest rig will depend on whether you want to blend in with your surrounding, or you want to stick out.

Your visibility level is very important, especially if you prefer to keep a low profile at every given opportunity.
Colors that will serve well as camouflage at any given time are Olive drab and Coyote brown.
If you are walking or working on shooting range, forests, or fields, they are your best options, unlike a black colored

chest rig that will make you a target or give your position away.
Ultimately, your environment will be determinant.

Functionality – MOLLE

The functionality of chest rig is based on the type chosen, which can be either a combination rig with MOLLE webbing and pouches or a full MOLLE rig with only webbing.

The choice of MOLLE is due to its specificity and multifunctionality, which is essential for outdoor activities.
If you are using chest rig for the first time, you should choose a model with pockets or pouches in the front to reduce the challenges of searching for the right pouches to buy that will serve your purpose.

You should note that you will be incurring additional expenses when making these extra purchases.
But if the cost is not an issue for you, choosing the full MOLLE rig allows you customize to your taste with your choice of pouches because of the webbings on them.

Anyone you decide to go for will serve you well since you can attach magazine and grenade pouches of different sizes, first-aid kits, holsters, sustainment pouches, and canteen carriers for an adaptable and secure on the go accessibility.
The functionality of Chest Rigs makes it easy to outfit yourself whenever you have a mission.

Harness type

There are two types of harness available to choose from, depending on your convenience and comfort.
X-harness is a perfect chest rig that is suitable for people with small body size, perfect when going for special missions, low-signature operations, military free-fall, or long-range patrols.

H-harness is a better option for even weight distribution, thus not a great pick if you have a small body size.
With an H-harness chest rig, your comfort level is increased during operations or training.

Since you will need a different volume of loads for gear, hydration, and food, choosing either x-harness or h-harness offers you the comfort, fit and security to be at your best always.
Weapon You’ll Be Carrying.

Another great factor that should be given great thought when choosing the best chest rig for you should be the weapon you’ll be carrying.
Well, most chest rigs are suitable for handgun and 5.56 magazines since they come with weapon-specific magazines.
So, what you should do is buy extra pouches that will fit magazines that are above the regular sizes to suit your need.
You need to familiarize yourself with the right pouch size for every weapon you want among your gear when going on a trip.

Storage, Pockets

The storage or number of pockets you need to store gear on your chest rig is dependent on the mission you are going for and how quickly you can restock.

But then, you should consider the overall weight, as it might slow you down.
When packing gear, go for the essentials so as not to fill up all the pouches at the same time.
If the pockets on the chest rig are not sufficient, you can buy extra pouches for those extra gear you need on your trip since it has additional webbed spaces.
During selection, ensure you can easily have access to the top pouches where you will keep your important items.


Comfortability is an important factor that cannot be over-emphasized when on a tactical mission, in the forest or field.
Most chest rigs are designed to ride close and also give you a low profile when on the ground.
To stay comfortable and avoid unnecessary backaches, do not put much weight on your chest rig.
You have to ensure you are packing only the essential gears at all times to promote even weight distribution.
Chest rigs are generally meant to be lightweight, comfortable, and only carry basic pieces of stuff needed for survival when on the motion.


When you want to shop for your best chest rig, you’ll have to spend time deciding on the right choice and amount to spend to get a unit that will serve you well and also offer maximum comfort.
The most expensive chest rig might not always be the best buy: you should check out the quality of material, construction, and durability before giving out your hard-earned money in exchange for it.
There are many chest rigs from different manufacturers to suit your need and budget per time, ranging from $18- $200.
Remember, you might still spend additional money on pouches or pocket, but if you are a newbie, you can leave that out for now.


The difference between buying the best chest rig or a knock off is the adjustability level of the shoulder straps.
It would help if you opted for a quality model with padded straps that can be adjusted to fit perfectly around your shoulder so that you can be comfortable all day long.
The adjustability level will help determine if it will be suitable for both a heavy-bodied or slim person.
Checking to ensure the pouches are designed with loop closures or hooks for quick access to ammo is equally vital.


Chest rigs should be made from quality materials to ensure its durability and safety.
Safety is a function of the quality of the fabric used, which must be strong and tough to promote durability also no matter the intensity of use.

Always consider options with padded shoulder straps which will reduce stress on your shoulder and back.
The pouches on the best chest rigs should be stitched with military spec and webbing and nylon for extra quality.
Also, the loop closure, hooks, and zippers must be from high-quality materials to withstand the weight of your gear.
Most chest rigs are made with nylon, heavy-duty cotton, mesh, and canvas materials to keep you comfortable on a mission.
These materials should be breathable and lightweight to promote the free flow of air in hot weather condition.


Despite the popularity of Chest rigs among the military, it has now become a favorite with many professions who needs to have different bits of essential tools at their fingertip when away from the office.
The best chest rigs are lightweight and designed to house many tools and kits without hindering the wearer from performing their task.
When making your choice among the numerous brands, you should not neglect its functionality, storage capacity and durability.
They are the basic features to ensure you get value from it.
If there are more information you have on chest rigs that may be left out in this article, kindly mention them in the comment section.


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