Am I A Boring Sober Loser?

Have you just gotten sober and aren’t sure what to do with yourself? You’re not on your own, whether you just got clean or you’ve been practicing sober living in Richmond, VA for quite some time. Being sober is as good as relearning your body movements after a severe injury. You may be free from alcoholism or the consumption of other drugs; however, it is not uncommon to feel like a worthless boring individual without a life.

Fortunately, you can resolve these feelings by filling your past drinking plus recovery hours with more meaningful activities. It may be hard when starting, but it gets simpler with time, especially if you’re consistent. Consider implementing the tips below to reclaim your life in sobriety.

  • Optimize Your Mindset

Acknowledging that you may be experiencing boredom because of specific unresolved problems can be a great starting point. Ask yourself if you’re genuinely bored or struggling with depression or depersonalization. Sobriety is a significant change in your life that kicks off with an adjustment period. It’s critical to have the appropriate mentality to avoid relapse

Avoid beating yourself down for missing drinks with your pals at the bar. It’s not worthwhile going down that route again. Also, don’t romanticize drinking or get grumpy. Stay positive to avoid negative emotions that can wear you down. The fear of missing out(FOMO) can be a barricade on your path to complete sobriety. Therefore, you must address it. 

  • Stay Faithful To Your journey

You should inform everyone around you about your sobriety for their moral support since you may not know what to do after getting clean. At the same time, you may be unable to solve your unsettled feelings. Feelings of isolation or loneliness may creep in since you can no longer spend time with your friends drinking. Acting at this point is critical. Keep reminding yourself of whatever is at stake, and do not let your guard down whatsoever.

  • Begin Making Changes

Nothing changes until you make some moves. Excessive drinking is mainly driven by the need to escape from situations we don’t like. However, not everything automatically improves after an individual quits alcohol or drugs. You can enjoy not having dreadful hangover headaches and anxiety. Also, you won’t have any embarrassing, inebriated conduct. However, until you actively endeavor to better other aspects of your life, the basics of your daily life will remain mostly unaltered. Actively pursue all your goals or dreams now that the major stumbling block is out of the way. 

  • Dedicate Yourself To Avoiding Boredom

Your newfound sobriety should not make you feel bad about yourself. Ensure that you first address boredom; otherwise, it will be hard to pull through. Believe that you can alter your mental state. Take up new hobbies like a book club, music classes, bird watching; anything to pass time and add value to your life without jeopardizing your sobriety.

  • Go For Fitness Classes Or Sign Up At A Gym

Exercising can benefit your overall health(mental and physical). It is also a fantastic way of beating boredom after a lengthy duration of staying sober. You can access the following alternatives, subject to where you reside;  Spin classes, Zumba, Yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, and Bootcamps.

Aim to challenge yourself with something fresh or be willing to try different activities. Get out of your house during this stage as much as you can. Better yet, get on YouTube and choose activities that can assist you. Above all, push yourself to be as active as possible.

  • Get Outside And Experience The Scenery

Pick activities you can do outside in nature for some fresh air, including taking a stroll around your town, exploring parks, hiking, or biking on nature routes. Humans are overworked, completely overwhelmed, and tech-obsessed beings. Add in some sobriety struggles, and you’ve got a formula for disaster. Getting in sync with nature can be relieving and calming for you, especially when on your path to sobriety.

  • Consider Doing Field Trips

Get interested friends or relatives to join you on field outings. Organizing these activities will assist you in rediscovering and redefining your perspective of fun. Further, attend performances at your community’s musical theatre facility and other social gatherings that you find interesting. 

You can also consider visiting zoos, playgrounds, and museums to pass time by reveling in how they make you feel. Your sobriety journey will make you notice how your town has a whole new daylight pace that you’ve never seen before.

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