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Victorinox has been in the cutlery game since 1937. And trust me when I say this, it has always been among the top choices for your home cutlery.

Do your kids love some roasted chicken on the holidays or maybe mouthwatering beef steaks? Or are you a reputed chef in a well-known restaurant? To prepare a magnificent piece of drooling beef steak, you’ll surely need some good assistance. What can be better than carving knives!

And when I say carving knives, I get the exact image of two Victorinox fibrox and the Victorinox rosewood. Though both deliver quite the outstanding performance, yet there is some considerable dilemma regarding the comfort, blade design and construction.

Wait a minute! No need to go through all the confusions, when you have just what you need. All the comparisons, differences, pros and cons have been pointed just for you to make the right decision. Take a few minutes to give this a look, or regret for years. Your call!

Victorinox Fibrox vs Rosewood: Knowing Them a Little Better

Hold up! Before we get into a battle to see who wins the title of the best culinary knife, let’s get to know what the Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Rosewood are.

Victorinox Fibrox:

The ergonomic design, comfortable handling, razor-sharp edge, optimal balance- all sums up the all-rounder carving knife Victorinox Fibrox, that has won the hearts of many!

What features make it stand at the top?

Stainless steel extra-wide blade with 7.9 inches length

Thermoplastic elastomer for the handle. The speciality of the material is that it is non-slip even when you use it with wet hands!

The laser-tested razor-sharp blade can handle light to heavy-duty tasks.

Cut the heaviest meat with a steady chop with the professionally crafted tapered edge.

And of course, absolutely dishwasher safe to ease the cleaning.

Victorinox Cutlery Rosewood :

Victorinox is a winner when it comes to cutlery crafting. And with the superiorly crafted, razor shape edged, lightweight, high-quality Rosewood knife, the standards have just gone higher!

What features make it stand at the top?

Stainless steel blades with 8 inches length

A classy design to match your antique cutlery choice

Tapered stainless steel edge to ease every cut

Triple handle rivets for balance and optimum durability

An efficient knife with razor-sharp, laser-tested blades they handle all the chopping tasks!

Shall we start the face-off? 5 facts to compare Between the Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Rosewood

When it comes down to the two best cutlery knives, it’s indeed a hard choice to make. But it’s okay, we have got it under control. Let’s have a look at the comparisons, and you’ll get a depth idea of which one you might need.

Handle grip

Before looking at the knife blades, why don’t we take a look at whether the knives are easy to handle or not? After all, you can sharpen the blunt blades, but with faulty handles, you’ll have to deal with the struggles!


An ergonomically designed handle doesn’t only enhance the efficiency of the cuts and chops, but it also enhances your enthusiasm in doing the culinary tasks. Before the strength of the handle, let’s see if it’s easy to hold, what do you say?

Is the handle of the Victorinox Fibrox ergonomically designed?

Fibrox has a nicely designed grip. The manufacturer surely understands the importance of a well-contoured handle to fit your palms. But can I say the same in case of the handle balance? Not really. Although the handle is lighter to take hold, the blade is quite heavy. Combining both, it gives an uncomfortable feeling to the user.

Is the handle of the Victorinox Rosewood ergonomically designed?

The Rosewood, on the other hand, has an exceptional handling quality. With the oval shape of the handle, there will certainly be no hand fatigues even after hours of use!

It is also designed adjusting the balance with the blade, which makes it comfortable to use. And of course, the resin coating adds to the handle protection, appearance, and firm grip.

Slip resistance

When we are dealing with kitchen stuff, our hands do get drenched in water most times. You don’t always have the time to dry them up. Hence, a non-slip grip a must.

Does the Victorinox Fibrox offer a slip-resistant handle?

With a dedicated Thermoplastic Elastomer handle surface, the grip is bound to be non-slip. Even with wet hands, you can cut the meat and veggies with the same finesse. No questions, sire!

Does the Rosewood offer a slip-resistant handle?

Well, although it has an added layer of resin to resist the slipping somewhat, it’s not effective. Compared to the Fibrox, the slip-resistance is a bit off. However, don’t underestimate its flexibility for working hours with it!


If we consider knives, their strengths mostly depend on the blades. Grab your knife at home, and see if your exerting extreme pressure works any good if the blade is not up to standards. Doesn’t really work, right?

Blade quality

The blade quality of both the knives don’t differ much, but there surely is a difference in the blade angle. Let’s see which is better.

How is the blade quality of the Fibrox?

Victorinox Fibrox offers a 7.9″ sharp-edged, easy to sharpen, quality blade. It is certainly built to carve the thickest meat. The blade angle is 15 degrees that leave you with a precise edge ideal for smooth cutting. However, when it comes to heavy-duty action, it’s not something you would rely on.

How is the blade quality of the Rosewood?

Rosewood also comes with a tapered edged, easy sharpening 8″ premium blade. The angle is a bit higher than the Fibrox – 20 degrees from both sides. Hence, it is both a good choice when you need to make precise slices and also when you have to handle heavy-duty tasks occasionally.

Blade material

Do not settle for anything other than stainless steel blades! I repeat, do not! And for the rest, let’s see how fine the blade materials are.

Blade material of the Victorinox fibrox

With expert crafting in Switzerland, fibrox comes with the stainless steel blade that excels both in case of home cooks and professional chefs. No matter whether you are going to cut some soft bread or hard meat, you’ve got all the support!

Blade material of the Victorinox rosewood

Excelling in craftsmanship, the Swish Army Rosewood knife is made with European stainless steel. With its flat spine and the rare need of honing, you are in for a great deal whether it comes to chopping, slicing, mincing and shredding.


Your carving knives have all the strength you need but if it can’t last for a few years, then what’s the point? Hence, have a look if these quality knives are reliable as well.

Construction quality

Getting a cutlery knife means you’ll be using it roughly for a good period. And the good construction is what puts all other features together. Are these knives constructed well?

How is the construction quality of the Fibrox?

The swiss quality laser tested sharp blade combined with the thermoplastic elastomer handle makes up for a perfect carving knife. May it be cooked or grilled meat, the quality has never been so promising!

How is the construction quality of the Rosewood?

This one also has a laser tested European steel blade that ensures fine chopping and mincing. However, it’s one degree ahead of the Fibrox when it comes to the handle quality. Why? Well, with the triple-riveted handle coated with resin, we cannot say otherwise, can we?


Looking at the construction, strength and efficiency so far, we can say that Victorinox has every right to be proud and confident of their products. And they surely are!

The warranty period of the Victorinox Fibrox

Being made from first-class stainless steel, the fibrox comes with a lifetimes warranty! Yes, you have a long way to go with it. Similarly, if you see any errors or faults in your knife, you are free to return it for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

The warranty period of the Victorinox Rosewood

As the Rosewood excels in quality with the same built material, it offers a lifetime warranty as well as a 30 days refund option. Hence, if they are making a lifetime commitment that easily, then it’s certainly not something to underestimate. What are your thoughts?


Sharp blades, check! Fine construction check! Durability check! Now, let’s see if your valuable knives have all it takes to deliver unmatched performance.


Honing is a preliminary version of sharpening. With the honing tools, you can do it at home anytime you want. Regular honing keep your knives sharper for longer. In this way, you won’t have to run for re-sharpening your knives again and again.

Do I have to sharpen the Fibrox often?

Not really! If you take care of your knives well and by that, I mean regular honing and cleaning, then it’ll stay as new for longer. I will suggest honing after a couple of use. You don’t want to deal with permanent dullness, do you?

Do I have to sharpen the Rosewood often?

Due to the greater blade angle, the Rosewood keeps sharp and cuts smoothly for a longer time. Yet, honing after regular intervals is a must. And we can’t ignore the fact that European steel is very easy to sharpen.

Weight and balance

Firstly, if you are working for hours with a heavy knife, you will surely get hand strains. You won’t even need hours, just a couple minutes is enough! And about the balance – you wouldn’t want the knife to wobble while you to try to cut through a beef steak, would you?

Is the Fibrox lightweight and well-balanced?

When it comes to weight, yes the Fibrox is lightweight enough to work with for a long time. But when it comes to balance, there’s an issue. The blade is a bit heavier than the handle that might bring up slight inconvenience while using.

Is the Rosewood lightweight and well-balanced?

Rosewood cutlery knife is an excellent example of balanced construction. With the resin-coated triple-riveted handle, it gives great support to the overall knife, which makes it 100% user-friendly!

Ease of usage

Imagine if your nicely made high-end knife makes you go through a hassle every time you use it or after a couple of times of using, how would you feel? If your cutlery is not easy to manoeuvre, then you won’t even feel like using it!

Knife tang

If you don’t know, then let me tell you the tang is what supports the whole knife structure. A weak tang can result in the loosening of the blades only within a couple uses.

How long is the knife tang of the Fibrox?

The Fibrox has, what we call a ‘hidden tang’. Yes, you can’t see it on the surface, but when experimented with a magnet, it seemed to have a tang! However, it covers 3/4th of the handle. But that’s fine. Why! Well, according to users, it doesn’t feel like it has a smaller tang. It’s very stable, strong and worth your bucks!

How long is the tang of the Rosewood?

No confusions in the case of the Rosewood. It has a full-length tang combined with the triple rivets on the handle. Hence, you know how strong the built is!


Cleaning can be a big hassle if you are a busy person. Tools that are hard to clean already give us a bad vibe, don’t they?

Is the Victorinox Fibrox easy to clean?

Though it is said to be dishwasher safe, yet if you ask for my opinion, I’d say don’t throw it in the dishwasher. Well, there’s all the possibility that the knife will collide with other tools resulting in dull edges.

Is the Victorinox Rosewood easy to clean?

The best way to clean such knives is by hand. Use a bit of warm soapy water, rinse for a minute and they dry off immediately. A piece of cake! If you are investing in something, you might as well take care of it too!

When should you go for the Victorinox Fibrox?

You’ve already gone through the comparisons; now we’ll dig a bit deeper to know what is the Fibrox more suitable for. Shall we?

Why and when do you need the fibrox?

As you’ve seen earlier, fibrox has a lower angle creating a pointy edge. When do you need it? Well, when you’re up for some precise culinary works, including thorough slicing, that’s when you can settle for this masterpiece. You’ll see that knife is cutting through both soft and hard ingredients as if it’s cutting through butter!

Five benefits of the fibrox over Rosewood

The synthetic thermoplastic elastomer feels like a rubber which is very comfortable to hold.

Handle surface is slip-resistant

Enables finer slicing

The handle requires less maintenance and is very easy to clean as it is plastic.

It’s lighter than the Rosewood.

Things that are not as good as the Rosewood

Well, although this one is packed with good stuff, it lacks a few things too. For instance, rosewood handle offers a better balance, stability, durability – it’s triple-riveted wood after all! And also with a higher blade angle, it offers superior chopping even when handed heavy-duty tasks.

Quick tips

Remember not to throw your precious knives in the dishwasher; it’s like asking for the damage!

When your knife seems dull and blunt, 10-20 strokes of honing can bring back the performance.

When should you go for the Victorinox rosewood?

No matter what we say, Rosewood indeed excels in the world of cutlery knives. But, there’s always a thing that it’s a winner in and a few where it’s a bit off. Let’s see what they are.

Why and when do you need the Rosewood?

As the Rosewood has a greater angle, hence it is both appreciable when it comes to fine slicing and a bit of heavy-duty.

Of course, you must not load it with extensive duties, as it goes for anything or anyone! Okay, but here’s the catch, as the handle is made of wood, this might create an issue while you are working around too much water.

Five benefits of the Rosewood over the fibrox

The handle is made of Rosewood with triple rivets for more extended usage.

Rosewood provides better balance as both the handle and blade weight is compatible.

It has a full tang length.

It has a greater blade angle.

Handles the thick fat meat pieces better

Things that are not as good as the fibrox

Out of all the benefits you get from the Rosewood, it also lacks in a few sectors. For instance, the handle is not quite slip-resistant as that of the fibrox. Again, you cannot use it roughly in wet and soggy places like you can do with the fibrox.

Quick tips

Be careful not to keep in wet areas for longer as it might damage the handle quality.

And of course, don’t forget regular honing and well-cleaning.


What should be the sharpener angle for the Victorinox knives?

20 degrees is quite ideal

Is the Fibrox dishwasher safe?

Of course! It claims to be dishwasher safe. Yet, you don’t want the slightest damage of your precious knives; hence it’s better to clean it carefully with hands.

Which one offers a better grip among the two?

The fibrox is a winner here due to the slip-resistance.

How do I keep the rosewood handle shiny as new?

You can occasionally treat it with conventional cooking oil for preventing the accumulation of moisture and to keep it shiny!

Parting Words:

By far, you’ve seen it all – both the positive and negative aspects of the knives. Although they are quite similar, you’ll understand the differences over long time usage.

Now, the question is, Victorinox Fibrox vs Rosewood- which one has won your heart? I’m quite convinced you already know which one to bring home. So, without further ado, settle for the best culinary skills!


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