Do You Know How to Throw an Axe?

Nowadays, axe throwing is slowly becoming the most popular thing to do. People of all ages whether young or old are now realizing that almost anyone can easily participate in this unique fun-filled and competitive sport. Therefore, it will be important to understand a few basics of axe throwing.

If you want quick guidance on how you can do axe throwing near me, then you are reading the right piece of writing. Over the last few years, axe throwing has become quite popular. Like you, many more people are also enjoying learning this sport.

Few basics of learning the axe throwing

We are going to discuss a few basics so that you can become an axe thrower. You may have many questions in your mind, and we are sure many of them will be answered by this short article.

#1) What axe should I use?

The sharper your axe is, the better when it pertains to axe throwing. You should bring your own axe, which you must be more comfortable with than the one provided at the venue.

A widespread misunderstanding is that a razor-sharp axe is dangerous. That is not the case, because sharp axes have a better probability of sticking to the board with less force. Because throwing axes are intended to split wood rather than stick to it, you won’t find one in your hardware store.

#2) Finding the right place to throw 

You will need a spot to toss an axe once you are ready to start. Axe throwing can be done in a few safe and professional settings. The safety and well-being of your visitors are of paramount importance. There are places all across the country, so look them up and make preparations before you go.

#3) Axe throwing safety

When throwing an axe, safety should always come first. To begin, make certain that no one stands for both you and your objective. You must also have a 6-foot radius clear of every other person surrounding you. To safeguard the security of your visitors, your venue employs safety protocols.

#4) Axe throwing stance

Once all the area is clear, then it is the right time to take your position. The following are the 2 most efficient stances:

  • Two-handed: Stand around 12 feet distance from the target, right in line with your bullseye. Because of the axe’s rotation, you may need to alter your standing distance.
  • One-handed: Stand about 12 feet further from your target, with the shoulders of the throwing arm perfectly in line only with bulls-eye. Remember that 2-handed throwing is much easier for novices if you are having problems.


We believe that after going through this piece of writing, you are much better informed about throwing an axe properly. Now you can confidently participate in this new sport. You must start with the 2-handed axe throw rather than one hand to start with.

Also, keep in mind to line up the shot for a little more accuracy, which needs a little more practice and patience. Lastly, try to observe necessary safety measures.

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