5 Things You Need to Know About Gun Cleaning

As a gun owner, keeping your guns clean is probably one of the most important things you can do to get them to last longer. It’s also very easy to get obsessive over cleaning your guns and spend way too much time and money buying all the products and tools you need.

So if you are confused about how to keep your gun in good condition, here are five things that will help you become an efficient and successful gun cleaning expert.

You Don’t Need A Ton Of Equipment To Clean Your Gun

Of course, each manufacturer will say you must have their special cleaning brush, solvent and other accessories but never forget that the essential tool accessible by the public is a rod and a jag. These two tools can do everything; from cleaning out the barrel to restoring a receiver, you can get it looking like new again. All you need is a rod and a jag, nothing more.

The other thing is that if you have already used your rods, brushes, and jags for another project, they will be dirty or contaminated. In that case, clean them and then use them again. Most of the time, it’s not worth using a new rod or jag on your gun.

It Doesn’t Really Take As Long As You Think To Clean Your Gun

Yes, you will find people online showing how they spend an hour cleaning their guns, but those usually have all kinds of cleaning equipment and chemicals. If you buy a basic kit with all the essentials, then the chances are that your gun cleaning process will be done in under 30 minutes.

Clean Your Guns As Soon As Possible

If you have been shooting at the range, clean your gun as soon as you get home. It’s easier to keep things clean when they are still wet, and you can see all the dirt and grime coming off. If you let a gun sit for a few weeks, it will be a lot harder to get the barrel looking good again.

Make Sure Your Barrel Isn’t Plugged Up

The easiest method to tell is by looking at your target after you shoot it and see if there’s any residue left behind on the paper. If that happens, then you know that there is something still left inside your barrel. Just clean it out, and you are good to go.

Clean Your Gun Often

There is no set number of times you should clean your gun every year, but the more you shoot, the more often you should be cleaning it. If it gets too dirty, take apart the rifle and soak the barrel, action parts, and springs in some suitable solvent for a few hours. Rinse it all off with some fresh water and oil your gun.

It is only a shortlist of things you should know about cleaning your guns. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference between having an enjoyable experience or having to spend hours trying to clean your gun.

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