Top 5 best places to visit in Australia – travel and explore the mesmerizing beauties 



What if you get wings for a day? Maybe you will fly here and there to explore the world.

Yeah, All of us are passionate about traveling. It gives much pleasure when you find a chance to explore the unknown and unseen beauties. As a traveler, I will suggest going to Australia. First, you will achieve an eye-dazzling experience. In this article, I’ll inform you of the details about the 5 best places to visit in Australia. If you are planning to fly to Australia, then give it a look.

Australia is significant for its scenic beauty. Every year millions of visitors come to enjoy. Australia’s waterfalls, beaches, islands, landscapes win a hodophile’s heart.

 There are hundreds of beautiful places in the mesmerizing continent. But it’s not possible to go to every site, that’s why for your convenience, I’ve come up with a list of the top five Best in Australia. If you are excited, then be with us for the next five minutes.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge: 

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the spectacular places in Australia. It is the longest bridge in the world. This bridge i’s made of steel, which connects the central business district with the northern part of the country.

The still arch i’s 3770 feet long and 440 feet high. The Sydney authority started to construct the bridge in 1923, and it needed 9 years to build the magnificent bridge.

The bridge has 8 vast airlines,2 railway, and cycleways. Sydney’s government is strict with its security. They dont allow any blood or alcohol oriented objects.

This site has become one of the aesthetic photographic zone o the visitors from 1988. Visitors can choose any schedule to climb on it, and if you go there, your heart will melt with the city view of Australia. 

2. Sydney Opera house:

 My second choice is also from Sydney. Sydney is famous for art, crafts, or any entertainment. If you are a theatre or opera lover, then the Sydney opera house is a must visited place for you.

You will find it at the focal point of Sydney harbor. The opera house was in the top 20th position in the most iconic places in the world. Sydney opera house gibes you The same beauty from four sides, and it’s shell-covered areas are one of the famous. 

It is mainly used as a concert hall, drama theatres, or studios of more than a thousand programs. The royal architecture of Sydney Opera attracts the viewers. The most significant part of the site is there; you can’t hear any disturbing noise. So if you are bored with every day’s hectic life, take a trip to Sydney and enjoy the eyes dazzling drama.

3. Melbourne: 

Melbourne is the city of magic. Her people believe that a cup of coffee gives you the ultimate relaxation. You can call the city o coffee.

In every step, Melbourne city will amuse you to win its hidden beauty. You may find a ten story building or an underground drama space while walking on the road.

On top of that, Melbourne will save your pocket. You will find everything there at a reasonable price. Most of the time, use the tram for traveling. But don’t think that their trams ar jam-packed like any typical ones. The transport actions system will wonder you also.

4. Sapphire coast:

Sapphire coast is one of the best places to visit in Australia. I am in New South Wales. Sapphire coast is an edge or corner of the northeastern of the green cape.

Australian called he coast as a ‘coast of the gem.’ Here you can get a view of Burma Gui to Disaster Bay. The organic beauty will give you peace of mind. The best benefit of the site is you need not drive extra mileage from the central city.

There you will find the rust-red Devonian rock, the amusing rock of the continent. Crimson cliffs, shifting waves of the landscape are worthy of praise. Sapphire Coast is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine. Besides seafood, you may find there cheeses galore from Tilba’s well-known dairy firms. Juicy beef steak or lamb preparation from Pambula will trigger your hunger. 

5. Uluru: 

Uluru is known as Australia’s red center. When you do Mar belling in the sandstone, it creates a heavenly beauty. Uluru has an indigenous culture with a mixture of Australian culture. The native of Uluru believe in some spiritual facts, so climbing in Uluru was forbidden in 2019.

Now they remove the order from climbing there. And every year, many mountain climbers went there to experience to get some thrilling experience.  


1.What makes Australia special?

➡All the scenic beauty like a waterfall, 

landscape. Wild wife, great barrier reef, and some best visiting places make Australia unique to many foreigners.

2. What should you not miss in Australia? 

➡If you visit told Australia, then never miss the following things.

  1. Driving in Great barrier reef 
  2. Watch their sports event
  3. Visit outbacks
  4. Walk from to bonce beach to Coogee beach.
  5. Surfing 
  6. Visiting Sydney Harbour
  7. See wildlife animals.
  8. Enjoy a show in Sydney opera house and coffee from Melbourne.


3.What are the beautiful Places in Australia

  • Melbourne 
  • Sydney 
  • Uluru
  • Great barrier reef 
  • Sydney Harbour 

4.When to visit Australia? 

➡You can go there anytime to visit, but it will be useful to choose from September to October for a better view and stable weather. And airfares remain low at that time. So it will help to give a budget tour.

Final word:

Australia is the heaven of earth. Everywhere there is amusement. You can never complete seeing beauty. So to make a significant tour choose which places you want to visit. From my personal experience, I tried to suggest the five best places to visit in Australia.

For the first round, you can go with the sites mentioned above. They need a cheap cost to go and the most magnificent cities on the continent. I bet you won’t be disappointed. So do ready your backpacks, book tickets, and fly to Australia to visit the most beautiful cities. 

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