Top 10 Best Software Company in Bangladesh 2022

Best Software Company in Bangladesh 

If you are looking for the best software company in Bangladesh, then you are in the right place. So if you really want to know, about the best Software Development companies. You should read this post till the end. 

We will talk about the best software companies. And the best software Company doesn’t mean only the big companies. Also, we will talk about the that companies also providing the best services. 

So we will talk about the Top 10 most significant software companies of Bangladesh. and find out which companies are the best. Today, you will know about all the highest-performance companies that provide the best services.

In Bangladesh, there are many companies. And they are providing software development services. But in this article, you will know about the best software companies in Bangladesh. 

For this, you have to read the whole post. Because today we will talk about which software company in Bangladesh that’s providing the best services. So let’s see which is the Best IT—company or software development company in Bangladesh. 

#1) BCI Technosys Limited: 

According to the best services in information technology, BCI Technosys Limited is the Best software development company in Bangladesh. And also their services are unique and trustable company.

And they also try to give their best. So this company is the top pick in our list of best software development companies in Bangladesh. 

BCI Technosys provides two major types of services. First is a web Development that integrates Best quality web designing. And website support, social Media networking program, development, mobile apps development, custom software development company, School management system, e-commerce websites, services website, all software products, advertising as CMS solutions, e-mail marketing services. Led web hosting services and domain registration services. Another is the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

BCI technosys provides modern and unique web technology solutions. The employees of the subject technology are very hardworking. Because of them today, BCI technosys can provide the best services. 

So that is why the employees of any company should be diligent and good. Because the employee, company BCI is one of the best and award winning companies in Bangladesh today.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +880 162-4430200

#2) Matrix Outsourcing Solutions:

So if you are looking for the best software and web development iT training company, then matrix outsourcing solutions are the best for you. In this company, employees are very hard working. 

Matrix Outsourcing Providing Web Services from More Than 2 Years, Matrix Outsourcing Solution Providing Web Services Like E-commerce & News Portal Website Development, Domain Registration Affordable Big Ghosting WordPress Hosting Reseller Hosting Private Servers And Dedicated Hosting Digital Marketing Services, etc. provide.

Along with Matrix Outsourcing Web Services, SCO, Social Media Marketing, Article Writing IT Support Web Application Development Video Training Mr. Lal Singh, etc. Services provide services in Bangladesh as well as abroad.

So this company is growing very fast. And their services are very Amazing. So now this company is the best software company for software development. 

Md. Tasnim Alam Shahin is CEO and Founder of Matrix Outsourcing Solution. This company was started in 2012


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +880176-8054889

#3) Joomshaper:

Joomshaper is an industry-leading company that values honesty, integrity, and efficiency—building quality products and caring for the user. So now JoomShaper is the best software development company in Bangladesh. 

Joomshaper is one of the leading top-class Joomla and WordPress template companies serving more than 80 thousand glad clients worldwide. 

Joomshaper also understands what their customers want and what theme they require to reveal for their business or brand. 

And Joomshaper top-class Joomla templates and free Joomla extensions alongside responsive WordPress situation things are developed so that the customers come across their existence less complicated and get solved.

Joomshaper companies employees are very hardworking and very experienced people. So now this company is the best software development company in Bangladesh. 

And so their customer is delighted from their work. Their work is unique and creative full. 

This software development company was founded in 2010, and Kawshar Ahmed is the CEO & Founder at JoomShaper. And this company is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


#4) Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd: 

Dream71 Bangladesh is one of the best software development companies in Bangladesh. 

One of the Best Software Development program corporations is Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. Their fundamental intention is to improve the mobile application, Software improvement, and recreation development. 

In a very brief time, they’ve been capable of drawing the interest of the nearby market and worldwide market.

 Their modern work with A2I, textual content e-book based scientific recreation development, is supposed to be a milestone in the training area of Bangladesh.

 They also have the prison patent to boost its first-ever cricket-associated dynamic app. Besides all this stuff, they have shown massive success in advancing many more excellent unique apps and video games for various institutions besides all this stuff. 

The individual phase of Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is no longer only in the nearby market. They have increased their wings worldwide by having international companions from different world components.

Dream71 Bangladesh is one of Bangladesh’s promising software, web application, mobile application & software development company, which goals to create a new standard in the era of software technology.

Dream71 Bangladesh is the less complicated one to pick amongst others due to its passion for productivity, simplicity, and lovely design in the mobile web industry. 

When You select Dream71 Bangladesh, you get a committed group the collective intelligence, 

dedication, and human beings who have effectivity and credibility in hassle solving.

This company was founded in 2014, and the CEO and Founder of this Company are Rashad Kabir. 


Email: [email protected] 

#5) Data Soft:

Data soft outstanding software development company in Bangladesh, Data Soft is the first CMMI Level 5 software program development corporation in Bangladesh. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, is a famous enterprise used to measure the maturity of software program development processes. 

They are the first software program business enterprise in Bangladesh to be identified as the CMMI Level 5 Software Development Company for its software program engineering skills and excessive maturity in software applications.

Data soft has always been ahead in its field compared to other local software firms. Datasoft started as a CMMI Level 5 company on 24 April 2014. This created a new era in the IT industry in Bangladesh. And now this company is one the fasted and growing company in Bangladesh. 

Data soft company was founded in 1998, and Mahboob Zaman is the managing director of DataSoft. Mr. Chowdhury is a Board Member and serves as the CEO of DataSoft. 


Email: [email protected] 

#6) Magnito Digital: 

Magnito Digital is Bangladesh’s largest digital agency, which works with a team of more than 90 people. This company is famous for its unparalleled powers. 

All the employees of Magnito Digital are very experienced, and they all do their work very well so that the company is growing day by day in Digital Field. And now Magnito is the Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh. 

And Magnito Digital Company has worked with large clients in Bangladesh and built its brand in the digital space, solving problems by combining creative raid policies with data content and technology. 

This company’s key strength is developing and deploying meaningful digital content to connect with the right audience. 

Magnito Digital has grown to become the exclusive Go-to agency with a proven track record for managing large-scale digital products and services. 

And it is one of the most respected digital agencies of Bangladesh. And this company also won the gold medal “digital agency of the Year” in 2015.

Magnito Digital Company has Magneto Labs, an exciting innovation funnel, using the knowledge expertise and network of the Magneto Labs agency business.

Magnito Digital is the best software development company in Bangladesh, and Vicky Khawar Ahmed is CEO and Founder of Magnito Digital. 


Email: [email protected] 

#7) Kaz Software Limited: 

So software Limited is the best software development company in Bangladesh. Kaz Software Limited Company employees work passionately, and this company team is on a mission to make things happen and turn ideas into reality. 

All their customers love them, and they have proven that Their passion is the biggest reason separating them from everyone else.

Kaz software limited has vast experience in both platform and business domains. Over the years, he has worked on projects ranging from small to extremely challenging. In the process, he has gained in-depth knowledge of various technology.

They only hire A-grade employees, then they are trained, and they are exposed to the technical skills of Kaz software, well known to the software community of Bangladesh and recognized by their clients and their peers around the world. Receives regularly contributes to renowned tech side blogs and newsgroups. 

MVP has won several prestigious awards, including several Project Articles of the Month. And so this biggest software company in Bangladesh.

They say their customers should view the product in its current state daily at every point of feedback. Expose everything from product creation servers to their workflows to achieve this principle. 

And They also say it brings transparency to their process, but more importantly, it opens the door for constant feedback and a constant opportunity to improve.


Email: [email protected]

#8) Tiger it Bangladesh:

Software Company Tiger IT is known for its professional and efficient project management excellence in critical technologies. Tiger IT delivers credential facility solutions for the government and state agencies. 

The company combines efficient design robust back end systems in state-of-the-art solutions with efficient project management in technical solutions for national ID and infrastructure elders.

and Voter Registration e-passport Border Control Service from Driving License to Vehicle Registering and Tracking, and also 3rd Year Hardware with Elegance Systems including Identity Administration and Access Management Solutions to Large Organizations, Banks, Telecom Companies and MNCs Provides software specific system integration,

This Company has been working in the field of the country for ten years, he has many government relatives as well as one of the big software companies implementing Biometric System and Automated Finger, Identification System to develop many apps and games, and tiger it has more than 18 years of experience in Biometric Research. 

So Tiger ID has worked in Bangladesh and abroad like Nepal, Bhutan, India, Canada, etc. He has vast experience handling complex systems, including large volumes of sensitive data. It can also handle complexities associated with large-scale projects, so tiger is Bangladesh’s best software development company. 


Email: [email protected]

#9) Brain Station 23 Limited: 

Brain Station 23 is the best software development company in Bangladesh. The company’s mission is to create success and happiness for customers and employees with a passion for creating high growth opportunities of fulfilling employment, thus serving humanity. 

This company was started in 2006 with little capital, but the CEO of this company Raisul Kabir began to this company right after graduating from IT with confidence. This company focused on the local market and the international market in 2010. Since then, the company has been developing continuously.

And now more than 400 employees are working as software engineers; this company currently provides its services in Bangladesh and abroad.

Such as in the United States of America, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, and one of the countries in the Middle East. Established name and now this company is the best software development company in Bangladesh. 


Email: [email protected] 

#10) Databiz Software Limited: 

Databiz software is a certified company from Bangladesh that provides a software solution. This company has provided over 1500 successful software services worldwide, with master gurus meeting the demand of excellence managed by professionals. 

They have three software development teams skilled in Microsoft .NET Technology and Cloud Application, Web Applications, and Mobile Application. 

Databiz software provides services not only in Bangalore but also abroad like UK USA Canada Germany Italy Netherlands Spain and Turkey, some other countries of the world, also offer a large number of services. Currently, more than 74 employees work in this company.

And databiz has years of experience in software development and has made himself a brand in Bangladesh. It is very famous and has an excellent reputation, so they are in the top 10 software development companies in Bangladesh. Rashed Kamal is CEO of the Databiz software Limited. 


Email: [email protected] 

Editor Choice

So this post concludes that BCI Technosys is the best software development company out of all these software companies, so now, in 2021, if you want any software application or any type of website, you can get your work done from BCI Technosys. It is a very trustable company, and all its customers are happy with them, so in today’s time, BCI Technosys is the best software development company in Bangladesh, take service and manage system easily. 

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