The top 10 most popular games on the internet 2022

most popular games on the internet

If you want to enhance your leadership skills, better dealing, complex problem-solving skills, and of course, entertainment, select the game with proper research. A game that can enhance your observations ability and intuitive ability can give you a good learning platform. If you are a game lover, you also know about steam and what is Steamworks Common Redistributables without this app, your game will crash, it allows users to play their purchased game on any device or any computer.

If you play a game for time passes, or you are crazy about games in both cases, it’s a matter of the fact that you have to know the most trendy game ongoing. So that no one leaves you behind. The top 10 list does vary with time as gamers often play the game and leave them. According to preferences, here are the top ten games list.

Most popular online games trendy in 2021:

We live in the gaming era. Today, gaming and live streaming are very trendy and appear more and more in our lives. Gaming is a trend or fad, it is not confirmed yet, but many followers have adopted the craze of games.


Active followers: 100millions +

Formation: XBOS, IOS, PC, Android.

Launched in: 2018

Developer: PUBG cooperation

Requirements: 64_bit processor

Memory: 8GB

DIRECTX: version 11

OS: 64-bit window 7, window 8.1, and window 10.

We can nominate PUBG as one of the most popular games in every country in the world. PUBG is a general mature game, and it is not appropriate for all ages. Its followers are increasing day by day. Everyone is crazy about PUBG. Its graphics are so realistic that Game enthusiasts can quench their thirst.

PUBG is based upon armor and also H1Z1. In this game, you can indulge up to 99 players at a time.

The real situation where the missions and the maps are assigned increases the excitement of the player. Players have to kill all the hidden enemies in the game. When he completes the mission and remains alive, the player will win the game. 


Active followers: more than 95 million

Formation: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Launched in: 2011

Developer: Mojang Studios

Requirements: 4GB, vertex shader 5.o

DirectX: AMD Radeon Rx 200seriesm

OS: window 10

Minecraft is a very interesting game with lots of features; you can explore something new every day in this fantastic game. This game can make your dream come true. You can build your dream in this game.

You can enjoy several modes, like Survival modes, adventure mode, creative mode, spectators mode, and levels, in which players have to survive and build their building. Players have full authority to take upon buildings, animals, food, and people. They can explore treasures and tools while digging. 

Apex Legends:

Active followers: more than 50 million.

Formation: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, XBOX


DEVELOPER: Respawn Entertainment

Requirements:  1GB, Radeon HD 7730

OS: 64-bit Windows 7.

It is a graphic intensive video game; This game is very popular among the young generation. Apex legend was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBOX.

APEX LEGEND is like fire on the and internet. It is free to play a hero shooter game in Apex legends legendary competitors battle for Glory fortunes frontiers Fame.

This game is full of adventures, and the landscape introduces new storm PowerPoints Paradise which is covered with great dangerous secrets.

If you are a legend of battlefield games, then this is the one game for you. This game has a group of 6 players team with three players in a squad left on the island to save with other resources and weapons to fight against others at the same time.

The more survival team will win the game. This game is also a winner of the game award for Best multiplayer game.

Fortnite Battle Royale:

Active followers: 45 million


Launched in: 2017

Developer: Epic Games

Launched in: 2017

Requirements: 4GB RAM

OS: Window 10 64_ bit

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the best games on the internet; this game, with numerous game modes, attracted many followers towards the game. This is a free multiplayer game where you can compete with different players to create your private room.

You can play with more features, game stages, and equipment. The adventure on the island is beyond the imagination. This game has more features and modes, but it is not very popular in both gender. In this game, players are given complete freedom to create better areas and their dream world. This is also an award-winning game. 


Active followers: 35 million followers.

Launched in: 2012

Developer: Valve Corporation

FORMATION: XBOX, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Play station3

Requirements: Pentium 4 processor

OS: window 7


Counterstrike on steam is the world’s number one online action game. It is an increasing and incredibly realistic brand of terrorists. It is a widely popular team-based game it attends many battlefield adventures like plant the bombs secured location guard the hostage accomplishing mission and securing the hostage mentioned on the map.

This game is more fun when playing with friends; it doesn’t require any extra to play, is simple to install, and is fun.

In this game, before every round, the player can choose different people to bomb disposal equipment bombers, grenades also must be purchased with the money earned in previous rounds.


Active followers: more than 27 million

Formation: XBOX, IOS, PC, Android

Launched in: 2009

Developer: Riot Games

Requirements: 2 GHz processor

If you want to play the best online game, the helicopter is one of the most famous and popular online games. Differences inspire it in the ancient custom map for Warcraft. However, it is the most popular game, but the proper way to play the game is 13 plus, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle game in which the player controls the character with unique abilities.

League of Legends has awesome graphics and stunning modes, inhance the player’s excitement, and make the situation more realistic.

Call of Duty mobile:

Active followers: more than 15 million

Formation: 2GB of RAM

Launched in:2019

Developer: Timi Studio

Requirements: Android 5.1, iOS 9.0

Call of duty mobile is one of the most entertaining games in the year 2021. It breaks it’s all the records of downloads after its initial release in October 2019. It is a First-Person Shooter video game.

The series has been set focus on the game set in world war 2. You can experience the thrill chill battlefield excitement adventure iconic character in one game. This is an evergreen game, and the players can’t get bored with the game.

Among us:

Active followers: more than 8 million

Formation: Nintendo Switch, Android PlayStation, XBOX, and Microsoft windows.

Launched in: 2018



DEVELOPER:  InnerSloth LLC, PlayEveryWare

If you are looking for a truly engaging game, then Among us is one famous internet game. This game was inspired by the party game Mafia and a science fiction horror movie. You can play this game with 4 to 15 players online. 

In the game, once a body has been reported, or you can say that when the emergency meeting is called, everyone will communicate and search who is an imposter, including the imposter. This game has received the game award for the best Multiplayer game.

Call of Duty WARZONE:

Active followers: more than 6 million.

Launched in: 2020

Formation: PlayStation 4, 5 XBOX, SERIES, Microsoft Window.

DEVELOPER: Activision

Requirements: 8 GB RAM

If you were looking for a scene with hidden bunkers’ new weapons and a look at, call of Duty cold war and was owned, it is the best choice for the game lovers.

It is free to play the game with multiplayer. It isn’t easy to find a perfect game on the internet, call of the Day warzone is such a game.


 Many other games struggle for top 10 positions; many other games have already started climbing the leader.

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