Best Guide For WPC16 Dashboard

We consider the Philippines to be one of the happiest nations around the globe, which is why they are unique. While each country has its own culture and customs, the Philippines stands out more often than others. This is because Filipinos love and revere their traditions to the point that even centuries-old businesses continue to be used today.

A century-old tradition alive and relevant to the present is Sabong. What began as a simple pastime was soon a part of society and became an obsession. Over the past 3,000 years, the cockfighting sport of sabong has been an integral aspect of Filipino culture. There are a variety of websites that organize championships in cockfighting. Today’s article is about one of them, which is known as WPC16.

Introduction To WPC 16

WPC16 is the platform online that lets players from all over the world play in this sport. Competitors battle against one another in this sport. The crowd then places bets on their most preferred cock’s. The final winner gets all the money. However, those who bet on the cock win the most money. It is a lot of fun and helps you make some cash.

The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is a contest of hostility involving players who bring their roosters to join them during the fight. The WPC16 game will be over in the tiniest amount of time as a special occasion, and the tournament’s endorsed website can be found at In preparations for the massive event, they announced that the site has put up their ambassador wpc16 dashboard.

This WPC16 control panel serves as an online tool to assist you with everything you need to do to stay well-informed about the upcoming WPC16 battle. The control panel contains information about the challenger’s registration policy, registration details, previous results, news from WPC16, a live trial calendar for wpc16, a video gallery of the pc16, and a hotline for wpc16.

Since the WPC is set to begin in a short amount of time, they do not expect the WPC to be extended before the control panel’s wpc16 website is fully established to keep the insiders current on every aspect of this comprehensive affair.

Today the wpc16 website offers an array of social media platforms to people who want to keep track of the latest developments concerning the world-renowned contest. They have versions of the official Facebook page for wpc16 and the Instagram report.

WPC16 Dashboard Live Login Procedure

  • Open google and search for wpc16. From the result, click on the website
  • The main webpage asks for username and password, puts correct details in the fields, and clicks sign in.
  • If you put accurate information, the dashboard will be open.
  • Now you have logged into wpc16, enjoy the game.

How can you Register an account for WPC16 Dashboard 

To make a wpc16 dashboard account, follow these steps:

  • Go to this Website address
  • A Registration form will be open.
  • It will ask you to put username, first name, last name, password and confirm password, Facebook, occupation, phone number, and source of income.
  • Put factual information in all the fields.
  • After this, check the boxes of the privacy policy, and I am above 21 years.
  • Click on register.
  • All done

Pros Of Wpc16  

  • WPC16 is an exciting game
  • You can make money with WPC16
  • It’s a good game to follow during the boring time

Is WPC16 Online Sabong Legal ?

The live sabong, traditionally held on licensed cockpits, legally permitted subject to certain restrictions. The traditional sabong is controlled by the concerned Local Government Units (LGU). The Cockfighting Law of 1974 states that “cockfighting shall allow only in licensed cockpits during Sundays and legal holidays and local fiestas for not more than three days.”

It should noted that this law doesn’t cover sabong that is carried out through online platforms. So at some point, it was a grey area when it came to online sabong in the present Philippine law.

When you go to the PAGCOR website, you’ll find that there’s already a section that is dedicated to electronic sabong. The site also provides access to a framework of regulation that describes the procedure for processing applications and the issuance of licenses to online Sabong operators.

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