Is there a trick to putting on a Pandora charm bracelet?

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Pandora Jewelry has devised a clever way to put a charm bracelet on without any moving of the hands or wrists. Before start, get some information of Pandora charms from this Pandora charms sale website. Their new Universal Connector method lets you slip the clasp-free charms right on to any bracelet of your choosing, from rose gold hoops to silver charm bracelets and even bangle bracelets. They’ve even created special styles to accommodate larger sized wrists. No more tugging, gripping or painful contortions. In a world of frustration, this is a game changer! You just snap the connector to any variety of wide, slim and thin bracelets, and put it in the back. Then you slip your wrist-free fingers into the wire that’s at the base of the charm bracelet.

Trick to putting on a Pandora charm bracelet

We found a way to wear our bracelets effortlessly, so we got the idea to make tricks. We knew it would be a great idea if someone could show us how to put on a bracelet so we’d have a fun little tricks to share with you. Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas! One of our friends, Sarah, volunteered to help out, and she even taught us a nifty trick to putting on a charm bracelet. It’s so simple and easy, and we’ve been practicing it every morning since, and you can, too!  After you’ve grabbed your bracelet, lay your hand on your left arm with the palm facing up. Now, grab the opposite end of the bracelet and put it around your wrist. If you’re wearing a wristlet bracelet, remember to do it that way.

Putting On a Clasp Bracelet By Yourself Is Genius

Luckily, this newly redesigned bracelet from Pandora solves all your problems. Thanks to a patent-pending innovative design and flexibility, it’s easy as pie. It basically never clicks! Instead, you’re free to move your wrist as you wish, so you don’t need any help from a person to get this bracelet on.

How to put on a bracelet yourself

You know you’ve said it before. It’s a serious topic, one that’s definitely easier said than done. But bracelets are a convenient, and easy way to keep the weight of mortality front and center. And with a little bit of a DIY mindset, you can master this life-altering skill with a minimum of tears.

Follow these steps to put on a bracelet for yourself, no metaphorical existential meltdown required:

With all the different styles out there, it’s hard to narrow down what you really want. But it’s your life, so you have full freedom to wear whatever you want, so do what you want, and wear whatever you want with an extra dash of rockstar style.


Relax. There is no reason for a Pandora fan to go out and purchase the expensive bracelet on the market. There is no reason for you to go out and buy a fancy bracelet as well.

Go to a Pandora outlet, or go to the craft store and get some old beads or pretty stones to make your own bracelet. You will make it yourself, and it won’t break your budget. We’re not really that special. We’re only as strong as the bracelets around our wrists. If that makes us feel powerful, then I’m all for it. Keep an eye on these features before buying your bracelet and if you have a small hand, this one will fit.

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