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Dominique provost-Chalkley

Dominique provost-Chalkley is an English actress. She always enjoys the dance. So, she starts to learn dance at a very early age. As soon as they found out they were interested in the performance arts. Dominique coached in acting and all kinds of singing and dancing. At the age of 16, Dominique moved to Laine Dramatic Arts to learn for 3 years. Before they finished, they got a part in the top West End show Dirty Dancing, in which she played the role of Baby Houseman.

They have been on TV shows like ITV’s Great Britain High and E4’s The Nighttime Monster. She can be seen in movies like The Justice League, The Seasoning House, and Long live, which are focused on the Perfume Girls’ songs. This isn’t Dominique’s only recent role. She was also in the blockbuster film The Carmilla Story, a Canadian new show that became a movie in 2018.

Dominique Provost-Chalkley Wiki

It’s common for people who work in enjoyment to start singing the song at an early age. Before she was 16, the actress signed up for Laina Theater Arts. When she finished school, she joined a hit show named “Dirty Dance routine”. In this show, she worked as a babysitter.

Dominique is a cinema instructor who knows both the brilliance and the skill of making art. She tends to take her acting classes very sincerely. On the ITV show “Britannia High” in 2008, she seemed to have the chance to work on it. It would be her 1st time in front of the media.

Early Life And Education:

Dominique was born and raised in Bristol. He is half European, and he spent some time there. Before she was even old enough to walk, she had a powerful potential in performing. She started dancing at an early age. In high school, while she was 16, she went to the Kessel Theater Arts School to learn how to be a performer and a singer. Layne’s is a self-governing performance arts college. It is meant to help teenagers get ready for a professional life as artists, and it has classes in singing and acting.

After finishing their college study, she decided to do a job. She was an extra in the West End musical concert. It was based established in 1987. The movie was a big hit. It sold more than a million albums worldwide on the home movie, making this the first to use it. The background music had a lot of hits, which led to the live performance, which started in 2004. Many different versions of the story have been put on since then.


They started dancing when they were four years old. When they were 16, they started studying acting and singing at the Laine Theater Arts School.

When Provost-Chalkley first appeared on Television in 2007, she was a performer on the ITV show Britannia Peak. People who played an alternative version in the West End hit show Dirty Dancing in 2010. As Vanya in the English horror film “The Seasoning House”, She also played the lead role in a show of the E4 show “The Midnight Beast”. They started playing Zrinka in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was a big hit in 2015. As Holly in the Oral presentation Forever!, which was about the Spice Girls, they started playing on phase from 2012 to 2013. The show was a music player classical about them.

In 2016, they started performing Waverly Earp on the American TV show Wynonna Earp, which got the most attention from fans. She has praised for their achievement as a gay character by the community. They first tried out for the major actor. As a group, they won the Best film Prize for excellence Sci-Fi show in 2018. “Earpers” is the movie’s fans, and they helped to write the tv series. She has also emerged in a lot of other TV shows, like Murdoch Mysteries in 2016 and 12 Monkeys in (2014).

In 2017, She performed a leading role in the movie named “The Carmilla Movie”. The movie was based on the popular online version of the screen. For the holiday movie Period of Romance, She played Sue. They sang Billy Steinberg’s “Raise Your Spirits High.” It was Emy Taliana who sang “Pride Liberates” and “Keeping Me Secure.” Emy is also a pop star and musician who is good friends with me. She also worked in another show named “Love Is Everything.” Both of this music can be found on the playlist.

Personal Life

In terms of her private life, not much has been known about any of Provost-relationships Chalkley’s with other people. So, this is not very interesting. As a result, many people think that she is unmarried because she hasn’t talked much about this part of her life. She likes to help out in society when she has spare time. She started a group called Begin the Energy, which completed a beach clean-up and encourages people to recycle substances for things like arts and crafts. The cluster is also very appreciative of people who are gay or lesbian.

She, like so many celebrities. She is very active on the internet through social media profiles. Also has an Instagram profile. There she has a huge fan following of more than 500,000 fans. She uses the site to show off her private pictures, as well as current and upcoming performances. She provides a little piece of information about her private life, but she often tweets lengthy, extensive data with her photos that go along with them. “Wynonna Earp” fans have been very supportive of her. She cares for her family and they also love her very much. Some other accounts she has is on Twitter, and it has more than 109,000 followers. She regularly updates photos that look like those on Instagram. She also uses the site to talk to her fans, as well.

Net Worth

There are two ways to find out how much Dominique Provost-Chalkley makes: In 2022, sources say that his net worth is more than $5000,000, thanks to an effective movie career that has made him a lot of money. When she first started her career in this field, she worked hard and perform some stage performances. She has been working in the field since 2008. As she goes on with her work, it’s estimated that her income will also keep growing.

Body Measurements

Born on January 31, 1981. She’s 31, as of 2020, based on that date. Another thing about her body is that it’s well-formed. She seems to have a 33-inch breast; a 23-inch tummy; and 33-inch thighs. She has very beautiful brown hair and light blue eyes which makes her sexiness more beautiful. She is also very tall.

Final Words

Many things about her childhood and relatives are unknown. She performed an outstanding role when she was working in “Waverly Earp”.

Despite being born in the UK, the talented woman has done a great piece of work of learning her touch and translating almost beautifully for an U.s crowd. Initially, Dominique started playing Wynonna, the central character. She was then picked to perform Waverly, a sister of the leading character, in the movie.

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