How to Open an Instagram Personal Blog Account?

How to Open an Instagram Personal Blog Account

Due to the number of users on Instagram, which exceeds a billion, the number of personal blog account openings has also increased. What features does this individual account have, what are the 2021 recommendations? We will answer questions such as:

Instagram is such a medium that there are sharings that you cannot imagine. Accounts that reach a large number of followers open their own personal blogs, continue if they are successful, otherwise they return to their normal accounts by closing the blog account.

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Opening an Instagram Personal Blog Account Picture Lecture

If you want to open a personal blog on Instagram, make sure that there are no requirements. You do not need to be famous, you may not have millions of followers, you can open an account in this direction by following the suggestions about what will attract attention in 2021.

To turn your existing account into a personal blog, your profile must be public. Just my friends, don’t think I’ll be the popular man or woman. Let’s set the public profile as the first step in the illustrated narration.

After clicking the 3 lines as in the image, we switch to the settings and account area.

Then at the bottom of the page you will see the “ switch to professional account ” section. After clicking, we will go to the next stage by saying continue a few times in the section that comes up. After these stages, he will ask what kind of blog we want to open . There are dozens of different options, if you write a personal blog in the search field, you will see it directly. After making the selection, activate the “show on profile” and click on the place where it says “done”. Of course, the proceedings are not over yet.

Do not be fooled by the text Done, we select a content producer from the field that comes up and say next, we reach the profile filling area.

After completing the profile filling process, click the X in the upper right corner and your personal blog is now ready.

We Created an Instagram Personal Blog, But How Do I Make It Attractive?

The blogging process is very simple as you can see. But it’s not about opening an event, it’s about reaching a large number of followers with quality content. When creating content, think about your own enjoyment. Which blogs caught your attention the most? Which content did you read more easily?

2021 Suggestions:

What should be the features of your Instagram personal blog account ? What recommendations should I consider for 2021 ?

  • Profile yourself; Use short, clear and best descriptive sentences.
  • Avoid emoticons that are tiring and create unnecessary crowds on your page.
  • Your content; Let there be unnecessarily lengthened texts in accordance with orthographic rules.
  • Make sure that the content you share covers the agenda.
  • Do not use content you copied from right or left.
  • Follow your posts frequently, reply as soon as possible when comments are made.
  • If your followers want to make you feel like one of the family, you should keep in touch.

The purpose of using Instagram personal blog differs from person to person. A large number of people are making high incomes thanks to the Instagram blog. For example: You can prepare regional presentations for celebrations such as engagements and weddings, you can promote and sell the products you make at home, you can prepare special presentations for guests and sell or advertise the materials you use.

Having a large number of followers helps to increase your ad revenues. Imagine that you have reached a figure like 10,000 after Buying Instagram followers Malaysia. Tell them that you will introduce their products to thousands of people by making an agreement with someone who sells in the district you live in in return for advertising. Do not exaggerate the price at first. As long as the return is good, businesses will come and find you.

I hope your Instagram personal blogging, purpose of use, recommendations for the best blog, sales and advertising advice will be of use to you. If you have problems opening a blog, you can get help from the technical support team by writing in the comments.

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