14 Expert Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding-Day Timeline

14 Expert Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding-Day Timeline

Meta Description: Discover 14 expert tips and tricks to help you create the perfect wedding-day timeline, so your big day can go on without a hitch.

So much effort goes into planning a wedding, that it is essential to make sure that everything goes to plan. This is why you need to create the perfect wedding day timeline, that would be the culmination of all your wedding preparations, playing out in real time.

They say ‘the devil is in the details’, and this is why your timeline matters and can be the difference between a good or a bad wedding day. Whether you’re deciding to get the bride box to help with the preparation, or you have a planner, or you will manage it all on your own; with the right wedding schedule your day can go by like a breeze.

So, here are a few tips on how to plan a day perfectly, so you can avoid any unforeseen circumstances or surprises, and stick to having the time of your life.

  1. Bridal Boxes

If you want to get the best wedding timeline planner and bridal goods to help you throughout the process, then consider getting a bride subscription box. Bride boxes are a modern wedding hack that can help you get through your wedding planning to the wedding, and even to your honeymoon with all the assistance that you need. A must have for every bride, bridal box subscriptions are the gift that just keep on giving.

The miss to mrs bridal box in particular can be custom ordered and specially curated to fit the schedule of your wedding timeline so that you receive every box of goodies at the exact time that you need it. That means you can get wedding planning tools and luxury bridal goods delivered to your doorstep on time. With the misstomrs wedding subscription box you can enjoy personalized wedding paraphernalia without missing a beat.

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  1. The Photoshoot List

Create a list of all the groups of family members and friends who would be participating in the wedding photoshoot. With this they would be able to create a schedule to work with, and you can check it to make it as efficient and seamless as possible.

  1. Create a Timeline for Your Vendors

Keep in mind that your vendors would need some time for setting up before they can begin to perform their duties. So, include these extra minutes or hours in the timeline. A a perfect wedding timeline would take every single expectation into account.

  1. Plan for Detail Shots

Detail shots are important and should be scheduled into the timeline. Like the pictures of your wedding prep, or when you are unpacking the wedding dress. Shots of important details such as the love quote scribbled on the bottom of your wedding heels, special heirlooms that would be part of your attire, jewelry, and so on.

  1. Add Allowances to Your Timeline

Wedding timelines shouldn’t be so tight that one event runs right into the other with no allowances in between. Pad your timeline in a way that allows for unforeseen circumstances as you can never fully predict what might happen or what might not happen.

  1. Take Extra Time to Explore your Wedding Venue

You chose your wedding venue for a reason, so find the time in your timeline for exploring those picturesque spaces, landscapes and views. Take a few detailed shots in these locations if you prefer. Maximize your wedding venue as you only get to use it the one day.

  1. Give Enough Time for Hair and Makeup

Anything can come up during hair and makeup. You might need to change a style, someone might not show up, or some product might be unavailable. So, try to make ample time for this important stage in your wedding preparation. It doesn’t need to be rushed.

  1. Cocktail Hour Should Be Brief

Cocktail hour only serves to kickoff your wedding reception, so there is no need to be long. Keep it short so that guests can have fun, get a bite or two, and dive in to the real meat of things.

  1. Consider Outdoor Lighting

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then consider including the sunset for wedding portrait timeline ideas. This is often the golden hour to get some of the best shots in any wedding, so schedule it in.

  1. Plan Your Reception Timeline

Don’t let your reception flow on its own without a timeline of activities. Without an idea of what needs to happen and when, there could be some chaos. So, it’s important to decide on the speeches, dance times, food service, cake cutting, drinks and entertainment with your partner, wedding planner, the vendors and your venue.

  1. Consider the Kids

Factor the kids who would be attending into the equation. Children would be on their best behavior when they are well fed and rested. You do not want any tantrums on your big day, so snack times and nap times should be included in the timeline.

  1. Don’t Forget to Eat

Make time to eat, include it in the timeline, or you will get lost in all the activity and forget to eat and this would put a drain on your energy. Take a few bites and have a few moments to sit and relax so that your spirits are up throughout the day.

  1. Time Your Toasts

The best timeline has timed toasts. If you don’t time the toasts, some speakers might just go on and on. So, decide on the perfect time, include it in the timeline and inform each speaker in advance.

  1. Discuss Overtime with Your Vendors

There is always a chance of overtime, so discuss this with your vendors, how much it would cost, and make allowances for it in the wedding timeline as well.

Create the perfect wedding timeline, personalized to fit your unique wedding schedule, and you would be forever happy that you did.

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