List of Roofing Tools Needed to Start a Roofing

Roofing Tools Needed

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Or just another fresh roofing company looking to get something useful off the internet that could help you in your future tasks? Whosoever you might be, this blog is going to help you prepare in the easiest possible way in your roofing task. 

I will discuss all the tools you may need to lay, repair or give a fitting touch to your roof.

When we hear roofing, just like Rachel Green from classic sitcom, FRIENDS, we quickly think of a big man with a hammer, which is not always the first or the most desirable tool ever. But, what would you actually need? Let’s discuss without any delays.

Safety First

  • Harness: When you read of roofing, you think of falling. No matter if you are afraid of heights or not, safety cannot be neglected. So, first of all you will need a lightweight harness that may keep you from hitting the ground even if you slip while venturing out onto any roof.  No matter how many stories, no matter how low-pitched the roof is, you must always have the harness attached. Just keep in mind that you are not buying something too heavy. Weight is not always an indication of quality. The heavier ones can bar your movement. Always buy a harness which can hold nails, hammer, and other essentials.
  • Hard Hat: You have to love those yellow hard hats if you are dreaming of getting into the business of roofing. All the construction sites require head protection gears, but even if you are not particularly constructing a roof (repairing one), it is wiser to wear a hard hat. Just ensure that you are buying a helmet approved by OSHA. After all, we are protecting the most important part of your body, your beautiful brain. 
  • Ladder: A safe, unshakable ladder is somewhat a good investment. We all know what a shaky ladder did to Alan Harper of Two and a Half Men, don’t we? So, always choose a heavy-duty model as your ladder choice. Whether it is your employees’ safety or it is your own, do not skimp. 

The General Tools 

  • Wireless or Electric Drill: Electric or cordless drills are every handyman’s best friend for the sole reason that it is used to secure blockings. You will be using it to install the screws and even fasteners as you may need it. Suitable attachments like drill drivers and bits are just as important as the drill itself. You may work on various surfaces, let’s say metal or concrete or even wood, having suitable attachments will be more than helpful for you. Having fully charged extra batteries will go a long way when you are planning to work longer hours. 
  • Hook Blade: There shall be extra shingles. Just like light or sun it is the universal truth, while working on a roof repair or construction. So, what you may need to cut through those excess shingles while up on a terrace, in such scenarios, a decent hook blade can be a life saver.  Most of the hook blades are easy to switch, and in changing blades. Even when you have the gloves on, changing blades or using the tool will be a cakewalk. 
  • Hammer Tacker:  A perfectly installing roofing system begins with the rolling of felt paper across the sheathing. You must staple the paper in place before the shingles can be installed. Hammer tackers are the quickest way to put the staples home. It swings overhand like a hammer, and snaps staples into the sheathing faster.

The Other Tools 

  • The Nailer: Does not have a fancy drill that can tighten the screws along with putting the holes? Then investing in a roofing nailer should be your priority. A right nail gun will give you speed and convenience. The best part about this tool is that it is air powered. It makes nailing down shingles an amusing task. When you are working in a crew or in a team these nailers will come very handy, your partner can lay shingles down when you can follow him/her with the nailer to fit them. Making the workflow smoother than ever.
  • A Tape Measure: A tape measure is your most important friend in this task of roofing. It will make your work more precise and well, accurate. Nonetheless, while buying one, ensure that it is a long stand-out, which won’t snap while measuring longer lengths. Also, look for a tape measure with a large hook to grab the surfaces without using someone else to hold it down at an end. Now when you get the perfect tape measure you can use it to lay consistent and straight shingles. Normal 25-foot model must be enough for you, but you want something bigger, sky’s the limit. Just don’t buy something that’s too heavy for your nail bag.
  • A Vacuum: For a cleaner roof of course, you will need the help of a large vacuum mounted on a truck or trailer with longer flexible hoses. It is a big investment, so many individuals (DIYers) will refrain from this investment, you can invest on these tools but not on this one for sure. However, if you are planning to start a new roofing company, having one of these bad boys will help you a lot, saving time and man-power.  Hydrovac, on the other hand, is an advanced vacuum used to vacuuming material along with scrubbing and washing any roof. The secret is their rotating power water spray and broom attachments. These attachments will scratch and wash any rigid dirt to vacuum it off your roof. Another big investment for the bigger investors. It is perfect for the companies that are dealing in damper areas of the country where the roofs are dirtier than the dumpsters.

Ending Note

Roofing is a job of professionals. It needs a lot of doing, a lot of precision, and a lot of expertise. If you think you can handle that, sure you can do it too. Just follow all the safety measures very carefully, keep someone with you, preferably who has done this kind of work before. It may also help you if you can assist a person in a roofing job before handling the whole project yourself in the first place. 

These are a few tools that are an absolute necessity when you are laying or repairing any roof. You can be a professional or just another DIYer, but you cannot and should not compromise in the quality. Your tools are your extra limbs you cannot go cheap on them or it will affect your work while endangering your health. 

The world is ruled by people who are willing to take risks. If you are willing to take it, congratulate yourself, you are a winner.

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