Top 3 Tools for PDF OCR Conversion

PDF to Word OCR  – Top 3 Tools

It’s a bit of a pain that you can’t edit PDF files, isn’t it? You could find a sneaky little grammatical error while doing the proofreading, or you could just want to cut out some part of the text from within the page.

One solution for that is to put the PDF file on one side of the screen and start typing everything out manually in a Word file. But that’s too unnecessary and bothersome.

Turns out, you can simply use the OCR (optical character recognition) feature to scan and capture all the text in a PDF. The scanned text can then be converted into a format that you can edit; like a Word or Excel file.

And where do you get your hands on this awesome little tool? Read on, because that’s what we are looking at in this post. Here are, in our opinion, some of the best tools for PDF to Word OCR conversion.

Top 3 Tools for PDF OCR Conversion


The reason why this one is at the top of this list is because of its simplicity. There are no navigation rigmaroles with this application. Once you click on it from the search results or type in the name in the address bar, you will instantly get this straightforward screen in front of you.

It has a simple interface with all the steps clearly mentioned. Due to the user-friendliness of this website, it comes at the top of our list of PDF to Word OCR conversion tools.


Coming up next, we have the 2PDF app. This one is also reasonably easy to get around and use. The homepage shows a grid of all the available features offered by the application. You can find the OCR tool in the first row:

After clicking on the tile, you will be taken to the file upload screen. Here, you can either browse your PC files or just drag one in the allocated space.

Among other things, some aspects that make an app worth using are a) the fact that it’s free, b) it has a lot of other tools and features, and c) it’s easy to use.


While the other two mentioned on this list have limited and straightforward functionality, is a bit more diverse and sophisticated (in a good way).

As you can see in the above screenshot, this app gives you the option of entering the URL of the PDF or using cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Even if you don’t have the file in your system, you can fetch it from your cloud, or directly from the URL, and convert it into an editable file. Neat, huh?

What to Look For When Choosing a PDF Editor?

When choosing a PDF editor, you have to be a little careful. Since your file could have all sorts of information in it, you have to first determine the credibility and security of the application before trusting it with your document. You can do this by checking two aspects of any application/website:

  • The Security Terms
  • User Reviews

For example, has a security system that deletes all uploaded files after they have been converted, and the converted files are erased after 24 hours. As for the user reviews, you can go to reliable platforms and ask other individuals about their thoughts and experiences with the app.


There’s no need to write out that PDF document in Word format by yourself. Just use an OCR tool and save yourself from all that hassle. In this post, we looked at some free, online tools that you can use to convert your PDF docs to editable files.

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