When and How Prudent is it to Outsource Your Link Building

Link building is a full-time job that requires utmost dedication to achieve the desired results. A virtual link building team in an SEO agency or department can be tasked with creating several hundred sites per month or quarter. Other typical responsibilities include scheduling and sending email campaigns, running daily reports to analyze live and redundant links, and performing site analysis to find relevant links. For businesses looking to build trust and grow online presence but have limited resources, outsourcing link building to FreshLinks is worth it and should be replicated. This will enable them to attain faster times to results, save money, and entrench an element of consistency and predictability.

A sound outsourcing strategy can foster long-term relationships and create positive change in the amount of referral traffic a business receives and boost the site’s web ranking. It is cheaper for a small business to outsource link building because it negates hiring an experienced and expensive link builder. Outsourcing the task to an authority will help you build real organic traffic and have quality content linked to the target site. In terms of consistency and predictability, the hired SEO experts will dedicate themselves to building quality links and avoiding spammy links with little value. For enhanced targeting outreach, the website can be linked to a virtual assistant to find and organize emails to relevant websites.

Here are key strategies on how and when to outsource link building services.

What is the most plausible time to outsource link building?

Most entrepreneurs and businesses seeking link building services do so because they do not have time or resources to comfortably carry out the services even though they fully understand the benefits of sound link building when it comes to a higher Google ranking. Since businesses know what pages they need to boost using the links, outsourcing the service to an experienced SEO expert provides an opportunity to source meaningful links beyond what an in-house SEO team can achieve.

  • High cost of hiring an experienced link builder

Businesses often have to contend with high recruitment costs if they are to find an experienced link builder to help bolster their online presence. It may cost a company as much as $100,000 annually to bring an experienced link building specialist on board. The company may also need to set aside a budget for link building services and costly yet effective backlink analysis tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, and Pitchbox. These efforts make hiring an in-house SEO operative somewhat expensive for a small business.

  • Get access to quick link building strategy by SEO agencies

It is quick and easy to source quality links from an agency instead of an in-house team. For starters, the agency has the right team, experience, and strategies for gathering valuable links and support data since this is their focus area. Agencies that have nurtured meaningful relationships with clients from various niche sectors can also be relied upon to deliver links when needed and save time.

  • Take advantage of outsourced in-house training to benefit the team

A business may be compelled to outsource link building as a strategy to have the experts train the in-house team. The training will arm the team with the required knowledge and tools to perform specific tasks independently without outsourcing the services in the future. The learning opportunity brought by the experts can also create a good relationship that can be harnessed in other areas for the benefit of all.

  • Enjoy faster link acquisition timelines

A company working independently may take ages to acquire the links. Agencies have the right connections in various markets, which they can use to deliver quick link building results. Using this valuable experience, the agency can offer the required help even when dealing with an unexplored or new niche market. For effective and lasting results, always discuss the services you need before outsourcing.

When you do not need to outsource link building

Even with all the benefits highlighted, there are times when outsourcing link building services may not be practical or feasible. A poignant point is when a business seeks digital PR services, which is different from link building strategies. Other reasons include having a few links to build, lacking a sufficient SEO budget, and the existence of stringent requirements beyond the scope of the agency. You may also forego the outsourcing need if you are too busy to send the required feedback or work in partnership with the agency.

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