10 must-have WordPress plugins for business website

Most websites you see around today have been created and designed using WordPress. According to research, there are more than sixty million users created with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing website providing you with an interface you can customize however you want it. With WordPress, you do not need to bother about having the best programming skills. The website has more than 50,000 plugins to make your website better. In this guide, I will explain the best type of plugins you need for your website as a business. Also, get the best SEO services from Eurisko SEO.

Text widget

Two text widgets come with a WordPress website – the out-of-the-box and the enhanced option. Both options are free, but the enhanced option is the better choice. It has better features that allow you to convert the title of the widget into a link, and hide and show your widgets, among other options. 

WP forms

Information is power. Even when you do not know what you need your web visitor information for, you should still take the information. With their information, you can always get in touch with your website visitors and build better relationships. WP Forms is the best plugin for that option on WordPress. You can build any type of form with this form. 

Yoast SEO

Regardless of the niche you are, your website is always competing with a lot of other people. The knowledge of search engine optimization will stand you apart from the competitors. Yoast SEO is a plugin on WordPress that ensures you are taking the right SEO steps with your website. It is one of the most common plugins on WordPress. 


When your website is getting popular, comments and visits will increase. Within these comments, spam comments are usually on the rise. Akismet is a plugin that helps identify comments to know the spam and unwanted comments. 


Different types of people visit your website for diverse reasons. However, some will only visit your website one or two times. OptinMonster assists you to keep these one or two-time visitors within your reach through email subscription. Understanding email marketing is important for your business growth. 

WP Rocket

Speed is one of the most interesting features of your website. It can keep or chase your user with your website. WP Rocket is a caching plugin on WordPress that helps you have your web pages saved on user browsers. So anytime they click your website, they at least get a page to welcome them. 

Woo Commerce

The goal of every website and business is to make sales. You may not be directly selling items on your website, but in the nearest future, you may sell. WooCommerce is a plugin on WordPress to ensure you sell easily. 

Better links

If you are creating a blog website, affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money. BetterLinks is a plugin on WordPress to help you manage your linking and marketing arrangements on your website. Also, in case you want to move your website from place to place, this is very useful. 

Wordfence security

Cybersecurity is a thing of immediate concern if you want to start and sustain a website. There are lots of security attacks on many websites. To avoid such stories, Wordfence security is a plugin to use. 


Showing your user that you are there to have a conversation at any time is very important. The Live Chat plugin allows you to chat and arrange a chat section on your website. 


All of the website plugins listed in this guide are amazing, but so are the remaining. 50,000 plugins that WordPress offers you. Adding too many plugins to your website will directly affect the speed and performance of your website. Therefore, you should carefully choose the plugins you need. 

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