Sajek Valley, Rangamati

Description of Sajek Valley

Nowadays, Sajek Valley is the most visiting tourist spot in Bangladesh, located in the Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati. It situated amid the hills in the Kasalong range of the peak in Sajek Union. Sajek Valley is called the Queen of hills. The Sajek name comes from the Sajek river that arises from Karnafuli River. It situated on the border of India and Bangladesh.

It is mostly famous for its natural beauty. The Valley has mountains, forests, and grassland rough tracks. It is full of beauty filled with a friendly environment. Winding paths and cliffs make your trip very charming. It is an excellent place to relax and enjoy with family. While driving on the way of Sajek Valley, you may touch the clouds. Moreover, Sajek valley is a perfect place for those travelers who is nature lovers and explorers. Sudden rais and clouds are mesmerizing the traveler’s eyes.

Attractions of the Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley is a very tiny and hill track area. You can travel the whole region for about 50-60 minutes walking—a lot of things to do and see here in the Valley. There are many attractions in the Valley. The main attractions are the clouds. While driving on the route of Sajek Valley, you can touch the clouds, because of the hilly tracks. The roads are curvy. This entertainment will cover half of your journey, which is mesmerizing. You will feel many ups and downs journey because of the curvy and hilly paths. After these ups and downs, you will reach the highest peak of Sajek Valley.

Another attraction is the Sunset, which you can enjoy from the helipad. If you want, you can go to the helipad and experience to see the Sunset from there. You can enjoy the natural beauty from the helipad, also can see the tourists are walking and taking photos roaming one place to another, which is very enjoyable.

Sunrise is the other attraction in the Valley. You must see the sunrise, which is very beautiful. The hills will look like clouds after the sunrise. If you get up early in the morning, you can view the sunrise from the shadows. The whole scenario is very calm and charming.

Things to do

There are so many Hotels, Motels, and Cottages in the Sajek Valley. No traditional food here in the Valley. However, lots of halal restaurants for Muslims are there. One thing is, beef is not available in this whole place. Moreover, vegetables, fruits, and other items are available in the Valley.

There is a waterfall named Komlok waterfall, Sikam toisha fall, or pidam toisa fall. It’s tiny hard to reach this waterfall. It will take 45-50 minutes to enter this place. But the site is charming and beautiful. So don’t miss this place.

There are many resorts and hotels on both sides of the Valley. Also, there are some coffee shops and tea stalls in the Valley. The roads of the Valley is very comfortable and organized in which you can roam in the day time easily. The place is expensive with full of mobile networks and 3G internet connections, which is very comfortable for backpack travelers.

People and their culture of the Sajek Valley

The tribal people like Chakma, Sagma, Marma, Pankua, Tripura, Garo are available in the Valley. Women are mostly seen in the involvement of economic activities here. Roadside shops, Coffee shops, and tea stalls are command by women. Vegetables and fruits picking early in the morning is an ordinary business in the Sajek Valley. They have their language, and cant speaks fluently in Bangla. But mostly the young generation can speak some English.


It was too difficult to reach the Sajek Valley a few years back because of its transportation system. It was also some security problems. Nowadays, it’s straightforward to go to Valley. Because there are so many vehicles like jeep, CNG, bike, and Chander gari here in the Valley. Anyone can go directly by these vehicles. Chander Gari is the main transportation in the Valley. It will take around 5500-7500/- from Khagrachhari. It is like four-wheeler jeep with off roof and takes 14-16 people at a time.

Now the roads of the Sajek Valley have been built up to the Ruilai Para by the counsel of Bangladesh Army. Travelers must need to take permission from the army camp on the way to Valley. Though they are very co-operative and well-mannered. Overall the journey of the Sajek Valley is so adventurous and charmful for nature lovers. You must go to the Valley and enjoy your holidays.

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