Six methods to purify the water at home

Six methods to purify the water at home

Water is one of the most important substances for humans even any creature in the world. The quality of drinking water is huge affects our lifespan. Drinking pure and clean water is definitely important to every creature. Wild animals only can drink water from the river and lakes in nature, they can control the water quality by themselves. Different from wild animals, We can make the living environment better, we can clean the house and use many methods to purify the drinking water.

This is the purpose why I write this article here, I would like to tell you six ways to purify the water for your family!

1.Boil the water

In those wilderness survival programs, the survivors will use some method to filter the water after they find it. If the conditions allow, they will usually build a fire to boil the water before drinking. Boil the water is the easiest method for us to purify the water at home. Boiling water kills or inactivates viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and other pathogens by using heat to damage structural components and disrupt essential life processes.

When the water is boiled to 80℃-90℃, the lid of the pot should be opened. Because the organic pollutants in the water are volatile, opening the lid at this time can evaporate most of the harmful substances.

You may wonder if boiling water can reduce harmful substances.Boiling water only removes solids and bacteria, which means it does not remove harmful substances from tap water, such as chlorine and lead.

2.Buying a water filter on the market

Due to we cannot remove the harmful substance in water by boiling water, We need another method to do this for us. Install a water filter must be a suitable choice for us.

There are many types of water filters in the market now, I will list three common water filters on the market to you. First of all, install an entire water filter system in your house directly if you can deserve the fee of it. Secondly, You can install a refrigerator edr1rxd1 water filter instead. Thirdly, you can bring a portable water filter to the wild when you need it, they also have great capillary in purifying water.

They have different shapes, sizes, and service life. Also, their cost is different from one to another. So that you can You can choose different water filters according to your situation.

Today, the water filters on the market are made using effective filtration methods which can remove Subtle chemical substances like lead and chlorine. The only inconvenience is that because the filter elements of the filter have a certain service capacity, these water filters will become less effective after a certain period of time. they need to be replaced regularly(usually in 4-6 months).

3.Making a water filter by yourself

In fact, we can make our own simple water filters at home. First prepare a piece of gauze or bandage and cut a section off. Then fold the cut gauze into a pentagonal shape, put a clean piece of cotton on the gauze, and lay the cotton flat. Then prepare two bottles, one with unfiltered water poured into it, while the other with the mouth of the bottle wrapped with gauze and rubber band country fixed, and then pour the unfiltered water into it. This method can remove large particles of debris.

Also, this method does not remove those tiny chemicals. You only can use this method when you need to filter water and there is no better choice to do this job.

4.UV sterilization

When you choosing a method to purify water, you may often see a Professional word called UV sterilization. So what is UV sterilization? UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet. As the name suggests, it is the use of ultraviolet sterilization.

And why can ultraviolet light sterilize? This is because ultraviolet rays can destroy the genetic material of microorganisms so that they lose the ability to divide and replicate. The microbes that lose the ability to divide and replicate will not be a threat to the human body, thus playing the role of disinfection.

At the same time, ultraviolet radiation can also damage the cytoplasm and cell wall of microorganisms. Proper ultraviolet disinfection technology and effective ultraviolet dose can ensure the safety of drinking water.

The operating process is very easy, you only need to prepare a UV light! Also, we can find UV light filters in-store or online now.

5.Solar still

When you are in the wild and don’t have the means to make a fire, you can consider using sunlight to filter water.

First, you need to prepare a larger container, either a bowl or a basin and place a bottle or cup in the middle of it. Pour the water that needs to be filtered into the container, but not over the bottle. Next, wrap the basin tightly with plastic films and put a stone in the middle, right above the bottle. Once everything is ready, place the basin in a sunny place and wait patiently.

The water in the pots will evaporate and collect in the plastic film. Since a stone is placed in the middle, the moisture will drip into the bottle from the middle.

By the way, preparing some objects like bottles, basins and plastic films in advance is necessary before you go wild.

6.Using alum to filter water

Using alum to purify water is one of the most commonly used methods in people’s homes. The principle of water purification is that alum can ionize aluminum ions in water, which combine with the hydroxide ions produced by water ionization to produce aluminum hydroxide colloidal particles.

This colloidal particle has a positive charge, and when it meets with the negatively charged sediment colloidal particles, they will soon be adsorbed together. The particles get bigger and bigger and eventually sink to the bottom of the water in the form of precipitates.

In our daily life, alum is not only a common water purifier but also used as a kind of food additive.


Water is an important component of the human body, which is accounting for about 60-70% of the body’s total body weight. Drinking safe and pure water is necessary for us. So that learning several common methods of water purification is not bad for us, isn’t it?

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