Pirates Of The Caribbean Tales Of The Code Wedlocked Movie Review

Pirates Of The Caribbean Tales Of The Code Wedlocked

Wedlocked is a mini film written and directed by James Ward Byrkit. Based on the Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code series. Leora Glass is in charge of the production. And Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are in charge of the composition. With Jerry Bruckheimer representing as executive producer.

They featured Scarlett and Giselle in Wedlocked. Which Byrkit characterised as “a opportunity for the wench to express their amusing experience. According to the storey, it centred on The Pirate Code Book. And called up the first Disneyland ride. Particularly the famous auction scene, But it also intended to be viewed as a prequel to the film that was originally released. In which it explains why Jack Sparrow’s ship has submerged at the start of the film. And why they were mad with him.

Story Was James Ward’s Idea:

In the case of Wedlocked, Byrkit had an idea based on The Pirate Code Book. Because the book was an element that could be used to connect other stories later. He then contacted Pirates authors Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. And asked them if they had any ideas for a short story based on the Code. They decided that Vanessa Branch and Lauren Maher would be a good choice for their own story. They began working quickly on the idea of a story that could go towards  the Pirates ride. Which die-hard fans would love. All with a deadline set within a matter of weeks

I did not intend the character of Giselle and Scarlett to have spoken parts in the original movie. The Curse of the Black Pearl. When someone noticed they both Lauren Maher and Vanessa Branch were outstanding actors. Byrkit believed this was an opportunity for the wench actors to have their hilarious moments. And open up a universe of possibilities for the two.

Cast Of The Movie:

  • John Vickery
  • Vanessa Branch
  • Lauren Maher
  • David Bailie
  • Walter Williamson
  • Fred Maske
  • Martin Horsey
  • Jack Donner
  • Ric Sarabia
  • Barry Cullison
  • Christopher Rocha
  • Dale Dickey
  • Diana Cignoni
  • Karla Cook
  • Nicole Dionne
  • Roberta Kooistra
  • Alethea Kutscher
  • Allison Long
  • Paula Long
  • Lindsey Martin

Brief Storyline Of The Film:


Scarlett and Giselle are getting dressed in the dressing room in Shipwreck Cove, And they are standing on separate sides of a mirror to avoid one other’s gaze. After meeting and revealing their respective identities, they were close to getting married. When they showed the identical engagement rings, both discovered that their wedding partners were the same men: Jack Sparrow. When both brides realized Jack had deceived them, the curtains swung open to a crowd of males singing and cheering. A pirate band performed in the background in front of a sign which reads “Auction for the Wench. The Auctioneer looks to be pleased as he presents the wench and the befuddled Scarlett and Giselle to the audience.

The bargaining proceeded when the Auctioneer gave a flower wreath to Giselle. Who was the first beauty to be bid on by the auctioneers. After a pirate offered just five pieces of silver, Giselle reacted angrily. As Scarlett began to use the situation to her advantage and began exaggerating when the auction commenced. Scarlett was given twenty pieces of silver by the Marquis D’avis, who dubbed her “the “redhead.” Scarlett accepted. Being aware that Scarlett was a profitable business, and it was very fortunate. The Auctioneer took the bouquet from Giselle and presented her Scarlett’s flower bouquet.

Crowd with a drunk pirate at the helm would begin to chant, we are looking to see the redhead. As soon as she understood Scarlett might defeat her. Giselle began vying with Scarlett to see who could place the highest offer. After a few recommendations, Giselle stated that she was severely underbid. Scarlett and Giselle began to fight one another while the men stared at and ridiculed them. When the bid reached 400, the pirates headed by Atencio created a company. The proposal went up to 600. The pirate Nigel bid on his goat, which led to Atencio putting the goat into his bid. The Marquis D’avis offered the highest bid of seventy-two goats which the Auctioneer happily accepted.


After this, Scarlett and Giselle ended their fight and declared their joy at being wealthy and having goats. But the Auctioneer challenged them and said i earned my wealth  when the two tied together. And stated that the goats were his in a fair one-hundred percent. Then a debate began with pirates and wenches to determine  Scarlett or Giselle were up for auction or not. The argument concluded with the Auctioneer declaring that he sold the two fair and squarely according to the Pirate Code. Then Mungard, the pirate, reminded pirates they had to follow the Code as the only law. And he swore vengeance to anyone who violated the Code.

Each of the pirates, including Mungard, looked stunned at what had just transpired. The crowd mumbled about Mungard shooting the Code and said that Captain Teague was likely to lose his head. A group of people helped an Auctioneer who was shaky to stand up. Then, Mungard ordered to lock up the Code for it to be locked up and warned pirates. That if any one of them spoke of the incident, it would take away the Code from them.

Cotton and his pet told Mungard that mum’s saying. Scarlett and Giselle took off promising to “re-acquainting” Jack Sparrow with the palms of their fingers. Scarlett revealed she removed four nails placed on Jack’s vessel to see if the man was suffering from “cold feet”. And then immediately showed Jack Sparrow trying to get water out of his boat as he headed towards Port Royal. In the meantime, they carried the Pirate Code towards the chest, and it was then sealed inside the trunk.

Is it Watchable Or Not?

The Movie Pirates Of The Caribbean Tales Of The Code Wedlocked is get 6.9 rating on imdb. Which made this a must watch movie. Moreover, the story is the prequel of the original one. So there are things explained which were shown short in the original one. So as a pirate franchise lover you did not miss this movie.

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