Shahi Tukra, an yummy hydrabadi dessert

Description of Shahi Tukra

Fond of one thing sweet, do that Hyderabadi delicacy, that is associate indivisible a part of their preparation heritage. ‘Shahi Tukda’ additionally referred to as ‘Double Hindu deity Meetha’ maybe a delicious also as indulgent delicacy, which might be ready simply reception while not fitting abundant efforts. This straightforward ancient sweet formula will be ready in barely several minutes and might be served with some roast dry fruits and milk. The name itself may be a love its royal background, whereby it was usually served when lavish meals. Here are a simple thanks for preparing this delicacy reception. Especially, if you have got some special guests returning over for dinner. It additionally makes for a simple merry formula, that tastes best once served with savories or when a lavish meal. Popularly referred to as Double Hindu deity Meetha, this straightforward Shahi Tukda formula may be a noted Hyderabadi sweet. you’ll add your healthy twist to the current delicacy by cookery the bread during an abundant healthy manner by preparation it during a healthy oil substitute or by replacement regular sugar with sugar-free or stevia.


bread slices – 5 pieces
water – 1/2 cup
crushed black cardamom – 2 pieces
milk – 3 cup
cashews – 1 handful
pistachios – 1 handful
ghee – 1/2 cup
sugar – 1/2 cup
saffron – 1 pinch
powdered green cardamom – 2 pinches
almonds – 1 handful
sugar – 2 tablespoon


First step

Shahi Tukda may be a straightforward nonetheless delicious formula, that makes for a pleasant treat for sweet lovers. Here’s an easy formula to form this ancient Shahi Tukda formula reception. Take a pan and warm water beside sugar, once the sugar dissolves add the saffron strands. Let it boil, until the sirup achieves 2 string consistency. Once the syrup turns a bit thick. shelve the stove and keep aside.

Second step

Take another pan, boil the milk in medium flame till the milk is reduced to concerning 1/4th of its original amount. don’t forget to stir ceaselessly, once the milk is reduced, add cardamom powder, 1/4th a part of syrup (prepared in step 1), and blend well. still heat it by stirring ceaselessly for five additional minutes. Once done, take away the pan from the flame and your rabri is prepared. Keep aside till needed.

Third step

Now, take the bread slices and cut their sides and slice it as 2 triangles. Then, heat is drawn butter during a pan and shallow fry the bread till they’re crisp and golden brown on all sides. Once the bread slices square measure cooked, soak every slice within the remaining syrup for a few minutes.

Fourth step

Arrange it on the dish. Pour the ready rabri (step 2) over the bread slices and garnish with the shredded haywire. If you’re during an instant you’ll be able to additionally use milk.

Serve it hot with snacks within breakfast or as a calming course at the party. it’s additionally a decent sweet dish to be served with lunch or dinner in parties.

Tips for making Shahi Tukra

While sauteing the bread be terribly containerful. It burns during a second. thus confirm the drawn butter isn’t too hot and fry the bread slices on medium-low heat till they’re golden brown.

The syrup shouldn’t be too thick. simply let the sugar soften and cook the sweetener for 5-6 minutes on low heat.

The rabdi to high shahi tukda ought to be of flowing consistency however not too skinny.

If you wish firm shahi toast, then dip the bread in a sweetener for simply 5-10 seconds and if you wish it soft, then for 15-20 seconds.

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