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Thomas Brodie Sangster is, also known by the title Thomas Sangster. Is an English musician and actor. Famous for his role in the role of Jojen Reed on Game Thrones. He was Ferb Fletcher in Finny and Ferb. John Tracy in Related or similar Are Go, Harold Curtis’ Love Genuinely. And in the Obstacle course Sprinter film series, as well as Sam in the succession. 


Sangster gained much attention due to his roles as a critically-acclaimed character in cult film series. Like Death of a Superhero, Bright Star, and Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy. Sangster also starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released in 2015. 


Timothy “Tim” Latimer appeared in two Doctor Who stories Human Condition and The Parents of Blood  as a schoolboy. Big Finish’s Doctor Who mics television shows The Visual cortex. And Also the Bride of Peladon featured him as a special guest. They toned his voice down during the production of The Bride of Peladon  Doctor Who episodes. In 2007, he co-starred in Valerio Maggiore Manfredi’s adjustments of his great book The Last Phalanx. With Colin Firth from Love Actually and Nanny McPhee. As part of the Phineas and Ferb cast, he also portrayed Ferb Frank in the Nickelodeon cartoon Katniss and Ferb. At the end of December 2007, he was involved in the production of the miniseries Pinocchio which was shot in Italy.


Early Life

The place where Thomas was born Thomas was London, England. The boy was born on May 16, 1990. To Mark Access to the material, his father, and Tasha Arunachalam, his mom. These are theatrical productions. He was raised with his younger sister Ava. The father, Thomas, was also a musician. He also instructs Thomas to play the bass and guitar. Thomas Brodie Sangster also received instruction in drumming from his father, which made him excel when he appeared in “Love.”



After revealing that he’d failed to locate a school, Thomas Brodie Sangster revealed that he’d actually found one. Giving tests and encouraging students to achieve higher grades to pass it was an approach he was not keen on. He believed in the practical understanding gained from practical experiences. Rather than interacting with younger peers, Thomas Brodie Sangster preferred to spend time with the elderly. In addition, when he used to be a student, he would feel as if something odd was taking place.


Additionally, he encountered several issues because of his body. The girls love him when Thomas is around them, and these incidents irritate Thomas. He isn’t sharing much about his school experience. His school and educational background are not yet transparent.



Jim’s first starring role was in the British television movie Station, which aired in January 2001. Later, he appeared in a number of television films. Including Bobbie’s Girl, The Magic of the Cards, based on the true story of Craig Shergold and Stig of the Dump, as a lead actor.


 In recognition of his work on the limited series Appointed. He received the “Golden Nymph” award at the 43rd Yearly Monte Carlo T.v. Festival. The first film that Brodie-Sangster acted in came in the form of Love 2003. In which he worked where he played Sam. It was his first nomination for a Golden Satellite Award. And an award for Young Artists for his performance in the movie.


After that, he showed up in a film adaption of the novel Tassel Boy. And in the film Sebastian & Isolde as a spitting image of James Tito’s Tristan. Alongside other roles, Brodie-Sangster participates in the film’s child’s combat scene with swords in the movie. 


Brodie-Sangster was next seen in the commercially successful film The Nanny McPhee 2005. In the role of Nanny McPhee, who is the oldest of seven kids. In Doctor Who, he played youngster Timothy “Tim”. Quantify in a story that was equal amounts Human Instinct and The Parents of Plasma. 


He also appeared in the Big Finish General practitioner Who audio dramas The Mind’s Eye or The Fiancée of Peladon as a guest actor. When Valerio Dei Manfredi’s history novel The Last Legion was released in 2007, he also starred in the film adaptation.




 This year, he also continued to play Ferb Sutton in Starr and Ferb on Disney Channel. He also appeared in the miniseries 2008 Pinocchio, which was shot in Italy as Lampwick . Bright Star: A Romantic Comedy of John Keats and Nellie Brawne. The Girl He Loved, directed by Jane Campion, starred Nathan in 2008. 


He also played Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy. An award-winning film by actor Sam Taylor Wood. That focuses on the teenage period and the life of John Lennon. Thomas Brodie Sangster starred as Casey in the movie The film Dogs Bites. About an individual who wants to ensure they keep together his family.


Casey adopts his brother away from foster homes. And sets off to find their father with the assistance of his elder brother. Irish actor Brodie-Sangster starred in Robert McCarten’s novel Death of a Superhero. An adaptation of which was made into the film. 1010 The Last Furlong, in which Brodie-Sangster portrays Liam, also features the actor. 


Actor who portrayed Adam Douglas in an episode of the Lewis, a British detective drama, in April of 2011. In 2012, he appeared on The Baytown Outlaws as a young disabled man. In a wheelchair and in the short film Ella Jones as a young disabled man. This is the third in More Films’ Tales of the Fairy – tale Trilogy. The Ugly Make it even easier series, and it’s called The Ugly Refer specifically. From 2013 until 2014, he was part of Jojen Reed on The HBO game show Game of Thrones. When ITV’s Bluebirds Are Go 2015-present began in 2015, he began his role as John Tracy’s voice.




 Newton was Brodie-brother. Sangster’s Three films made by 20th Century Fox that are part of the Maze Runner series: the 2014 original film, the 2015 sequel, and 2018 follow-up The Death Cure. From January 21, 2015, BBC2 will air a six-part television adaptation of Wolf Hall. Actor Brodie-Sangster tried to portray Thomas Richard’s son Rafe Sadler. 1313 On May 24, 2017, a 15-minute sequel, The Love, premiered, featuring Brodie-Sangster appearing in the cast. 


Most of those original cast members appeared in a short film aired on the BBC as part of Cartoon series Relief’s Red Nose Day titled Red Nose Celebration Actually. Scott Frank did write the Netflix West Controversy miniseries Godless, which stars Brodie Sangster as Whitey Winn. After that, Frank cast Brodie-Sangster as board games player Eddie Watts in his upcoming Netflix limited series The Bride’s Gambit 2020. This was Netflix’s most-watched scripted series, and that they critically lauded both shows.


Personal Life

After 2008, Thomas Brodie Sangster started dating Perseverance Harding. The mentioned year, however, they decided to call time on their relationship. After dating Isabella Melling since 2014, the two parted ways last year. They have linked romantically him with Talulah Riley. He was in the film with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the movie Nowhere Boy.


 Along with his mother of his, Tasha Bertram launched an independent business, Brodie Films, to aid the development of the emergence of new British filmmakers and talents. Company. But even so, they finished the corporation in May 2013. He joined the group Winnet in 2010 and is the bass for the group.



Based on the information we have available to us, we know that Thomas’s Brodie-Sangster has, at the very least, a couple of relationships over the last few years. There aren’t many details about Thomas’s relationships, partners, and breakups. The accessibility of these details depends on the level of privacy that celebrities have, and as a result, there is a chance that we don’t know certain information.


 While it’s generally easy to determine who Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s girlfriend but, it’s harder to keep on top of all his hookups and ex-loves, but that might not be the norm. Some things might be more visible than others, particularly when media involvement is involved. Thomas Brodie-Sangster was not previously engaged. Thomas Brodie-Sangster was committed to Isabella Melling. He does not have children. The information on dates in the past and hookups are regularly updated.


Net Worth

Thomas Brodie-Sangster has been involved in the entertainment industry and has earned money from his work. Thomas Brodie-Sangster is believed to have an asset total of $3million as an individual VIP. He has established a name for himself with several successful film and television roles. Her primary source for getting is acting.



Thomas Brodie-Sangster is indeed an Actor, recording artist, and performer who originally comes from Surrey, Dublin, Europe, Uk; Thomas Brodie-Sangster was born in The may 16, 1990. He’s currently aged 31. Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s height stands at 5 feet 10 1/2 inches or 179cm. 


You can learn more about Thomas Brodie-background Sangster’s and family in the sections below, including his height, weight, zodiac sign, nickname, nationality, hair and eye colours, occupation, race, and clothing and shoe sizes, as well as his religious beliefs and label. You can also see his distinctive features, favourite things, and fun facts about him in the sections below.


Social Media

Thomas Brodie Sangster is not really that active in social media. He is known by the handle our” on Instagram and has 334K users. He was added to Instagram in April of 2020 and had posted just two images along with a video. His most recent video update was on September 27, 2020 Thompson seems to have been living his life in the ease of social media platforms. Thomas is known by the handle our ” and is a Twitter user with 407. 8K people are following you. Thomas posted This on twitter on the framework in 2013. There’s an unconfirmed account on Facebook with 64K followers under his name.

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