Different Types of Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrella, also called pool umbrella, provides maximum comfort during your summer trips. These are not only good for trips but are also ideal for home pools, gardens, and other basking places. These umbrellas have a variety of options to choose from. Sometimes, it may be problematic to select the best one for you if you don’t have enough knowledge about how to choose the ideal one for you. Different brands have introduced their relevant products on the market but which one suits you is hard to decide. So, you should have an understanding of the different types of patio umbrellas.

Though differ slightly from one another, the basic purpose of all the umbrellas of this kind is the same i.e comfort. However, all of these are made for different users and the wrong selection may prove problematic for you. So, it’s good to go through all types of patio umbrellas before rushing to the market to purchase one. In the later section, we have discussed some most common types of these beneficial umbrellas. Let’s go through this guide to learn which one will suit you the best.

Top 7 Types of Patio Umbrellas

Here are different categories of patio umbrellas, let’s finalize which one suits you the best.

1- Traditional Patio Umbrella

When it comes to the most commonly used types of patio umbrellas, this name pops up. The traditional patio umbrella is one of the most common table umbrellas that fit the holes of the patio table pole. These come with a pole that helps to make them stabilized on the table. Mostly, the base, pole, or stabilizer has wood, aluminum, or steel material. These are good for home uses as well as outdoor pools and beaches. Traditional umbrellas come in different sizes, choose the one that fits well on your table.

2- Patio Tilt Umbrella

If you want to have such an umbrella that you can adjust as per your requirement, investing in a good tilting patio umbrella is ideal for you. You can not only adjust its direction but also the height of a tilting umbrella as it has an adjustable pole. Having one of this kind, you can enjoy sitting in the sun throughout the day as it will help you accommodate the shade according to the requirements. If you’re considering the one lightweight, easily installable, and portable patio umbrella; this one is built for you. However, never forget to choose the right size for you.

3- Offset Patio Umbrella

Offset patio umbrellas, also called cantilever patio umbrellas, is good for those who want a fixed relaxing place in their garden or near their pool. These have a long-armed pole that holds the canopy from one end. Also, some feature an arm that turns upwards of the canopy to hold it. These umbrellas have a heavy base that keeps them fixer to their place. These offer a relaxing camp with maximum space for a big round or rectangular table. However, make sure that you have enough space to fix this kind of umbrella in your favorite place.

Unlike the other patio umbrellas having a lightweight pole and base, these have a heavy pole and holder. This makes them hard to move. So, make sure that you have fixed them right in the place to avoid post-installation troubles.

4- Tiki Patio Umbrella

Are you searching for a stylish, lightweight, and easily portable Patio Umbrella? If yes, a tiki patio umbrella will suit you the best. This uniquely designed patio umbrella looks made up of dry grass. Polypropylene faux grass material makes it look like made up of grass. One benefit of this kind of patio umbrella is that it can stand on sand without a strong pole, thanks to its lightweight faux grass material. Moreover, these can also stand on a pole if you want to hold them on the table. Moreover, these can withstand windy and stormy weather if you hold them in a heavyweight pole. These are best to use for outdoor visits like pools or beaches.

5- Sail Patio Umbrella

For those who want a pole-less patio umbrella, a tri-cornered sail umbrella is the best. It doesn’t need a pole to stand, rather you’ll have to tie its three corners from the three ends. If you have children who keep on disturbing the traditional patio umbrella fixed on the corner of your pool, try this one. As children can’t reach the height of ropes holding this kind of umbrella, they can’t misplace it. Having fixed your table, you can fix the sail patio umbrella on it easily. If you can manage its setting, these are easily portable for outdoor tours too.

6- Patio Umbrella With LED Lights

You can enjoy sitting on the bank of your pool not just in the daytime but at night also. The cool air accompanied by your favorite music will add to the enjoyment at night. This is a very soothing feeling listening to your favorite music in the loneliness. If you want a patio umbrella to use at the night, you can have one with LED lights. You can have an LED patio umbrella with a table pole to hold it on the table or with a heavy pole to hold it on the earth. Moreover, all kinds of umbrellas like tilting, tables, and many others can be found with LEDs. So, you can also invest in one that is good not only for the day but the night.

7- Commercial Patio Umbrella

Want to make your hut’s look appealing for the customers? If yes, invest in an affordable patio umbrella. As the name suggests, this kind of umbrella is good to attract customers to your coffee or tea hut. Moreover, these umbrellas are more durable than others, so homeowners can also invest in any of them for their gardens or pools.

Final Verdict

Investing in a patio umbrella, whether for home or trips, is good. However, purchasing the wrong type or size will result in different problems. When you will be at the market for a patio umbrella, you’ll encounter different kinds of such umbrellas. Choosing the best one for you may be hard if you don’t know what type will be ideal for your place. So, it’s good to keep the above-mentioned types of patio umbrellas in mind to make your selection perfect!

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