Massage Chair And Foot Massagers; How To Choose Massager That Suit Your Need

Can’t find time to relax at home? You end your days tired, without having the opportunity to rest? Now is the time to indulge yourself and take some time for yourself. And for this, acquiring a massage device can be a great idea.
These devices are ideal for people who are stressed, but also for those who are very physically active during the day. If you’re always running around, or even if you’re just sporty, you’ll appreciate being able to get a massage on the way home.
However, there are now so many different models available that it can be time-consuming and tedious to find a quality appliance that is right for you. This is why, in this guide, we present you with all the criteria to take into account.

What is the purpose of a massage appliance?

If a Swedish or Ayurvedic massage tempts you to relieve tension and relax, you may wonder the purpose of a massage accessory. Although there is no substitute for professional massage techniques, these massage accessories are exciting.
Indeed, as already explained: we cannot all go to a massage parlor every week. It is expensive, and it takes time. Using a massage device whenever the need arises, for example, after a long day at work or after a frustration, helps relieve tension before it sets in more durably.
Some devices can be used to relax the muscles and nerve endings. Others can also be used to tone abdominal and back muscles. All you have to do is find the massage accessory that suits you best and that can accompany you in your daily life if you suffer from back or joint pain a little too often.

How often should you use your massage device?

It all depends on the massage device you use. Indeed, while an abdominal muscle belt is best used 2 to 3 times a week in 20 to 30-minute sessions, it is possible to indulge in 15 minutes of relaxation a day with a Shiatsu massage backrest.
In all cases, we recommend that you find a balance: it is better to use your massage accessory several times a week for a short time (less than 25 minutes) than to overuse (or underuse) it. The simplest thing to do is to listen to you. If you have back pain at the end of the day, it may be interesting to use a massage backrest or any other accessory that allows you to release tension quickly. In this way, you will not let the pain settle, and you will be able to end the day in better conditions.

Choosing the right massage device: advice from La Boutique du Dos

At La Boutique du Dos, we sell various massage accessories. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to purchase an abdominal weight belt, a Shiatsu massage backrest, a Balancefit reflexology ball, ergonomic massage rollers as well as a home pressotherapy device.
Each device presented in our boutique has very particular properties. So, if you are only looking for relaxation at the end of the day, the Shiatsu massage backrest will suit you perfectly. Simultaneously, the abdominal weight belt is more indicated to get back into shape after a period of forced inactivity. The Balancefit reflexology ball is ideal for strengthening your feet and ankles while stimulating your blood circulation. Finally, the home pressotherapy device is perfect for anyone who suffers from heavy and tired legs. Pressotherapy is a massage technique specially designed to perform a draining massage, essential to eliminating better toxins throughout the day.
Don’t you know how to make your choice? All you know is that you are interested in buying a mobile, high-performance massage device? In that case, do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants. Indeed, they are entirely familiar with massage accessories and will be able to advise you on the device that will best suit you to relieve your tensions and back pain. Of course, we will take into account your possible pathologies and your expectations.


Before you begin looking for the best device, it is necessary to understand how this kind of product works. The feet, left and right, together group reflexology points related to all sensitive areas of the body. It starts from the smallest element to the vital organs. During a massage, the masseur runs on these reflexology points to detect pain or to relax one or more muscles. It is a natural technique used to animate the body’s healing process and bring deep relaxation. A foot massage device works in the same way. The variation is that this type of device completely takes the place of the masseur. It also acts on all the feet’ pressure points to relieve pain, stress, or other benefits to the human body. All foot massage devices work in the same way, by acting on the pressure points. However, their specificities depend on the kind of device, the sort of massage, the expected results. This device can be used as a spa in your home—no need to spend money or make an appointment at a massage center. From now on, your masseur can follow you everywhere, in the bathroom, in front of the television, etc., to provide you with health and well-being.


The massage appliances can be differentiated in terms of their functions, which can be grouped as follows:


These are mainly devices that require a power supply. Mostly these are machines similar to those used by experts. For example, the foot thalasso for a complete foot bath, or devices with vibrations, etc. These fully automated machines do not require any effort on the part of the user. All you have to do is turn it on, make a few adjustments and start the controls. The massager works automatically for you. This product line has been one of the best selling foot massagers for several years. Their practicality and functionality have won over consumers who are delighted with their features.


This model, often made of wood, is presented as a rectangular plate with wooden balls aligned horizontally. To use it, place your feet on the balls and make vertical movements with them. It’s used to massage the soles of the feet. It needs some effort on the lower limbs, which can be an advantage in the process of soothing and relaxing. When you get tired, stop moving your feet while devising them on the balls so that the massage does not stop. These natural massagers are quite similar to those used to massage the back and other parts of the body, and they remain the least expensive on the market.


The functions of the foot massagers are as diverse as the types of massage existing today. Indeed, the available models differ in terms of the options they offer. Here is a list of the on-board functions that you will find in a foot massage unit:


Meaning “finger pressure,” this massage appears as such on the feet. The masseurs with this function then exert intense pressure on the reflexology points placed on the feet. They knead the muscles and work in depth. Some models have a comfort gel and a heating function to make them easier to use. Shiatsu massage is designed to rebalance the body’s energy.


Compression massage consists of applying a certain amount of pressure to an area of the body and gradually reducing it to relax. Quite similar to Shiatsu massage, the difference is that the concentration acts on an area and not on a point. It consists of reducing your feet and then continuously releasing them. Thus, it will stimulate your blood circulation while providing you with well-being.


This type of device emits electrical impulses to animate the muscles of the body. It is a technology widely used in sports. It is also used for foot massage. Generally, it is recommended when the patient faces swelling of the feet and ankles or experiences chronic pain in these areas. This medical massage device also relieves heaviness that may be common in some people. The harmless electrical charges’ magnitude can be adjusted according to the user’s needs and sensitivity level. However, under no circumstances should pregnant women, people with pacemakers, or those suffering from severe venous thrombosis use an EMS massager.


This is a type of massage specially designed for optimal relaxation. This type of device combines both foot reflexology and acupuncture techniques. The user chooses among the massage programs available on each device. Infrared rays massage in an invasive, refreshing, but also extremely relaxing way. Unlike other types of massage, infrared is not directly felt.


As its name suggests, it is a device with the shape of a cushion in which you put your feet. The massage with an air cushion heats the feet with a temperature of about 40°C. It is the air pockets in each compartment that massage the muscles in depth. If you are looking for relaxation, this type of massage is the most recommended in this case. This massaging foot cushion is often associated with the shiatsu function in foot massage machines.


The hydromassage consists of a revitalizing foot massage like those offered in a spa, and you probably know these devices under the name of balneotherapy. You have at your disposal a basin of hot water. Inside, you will find a massage mat, rollers, spikes, and a few jets to stimulate the feet’ reflex points. These components are also there to relax your lower limbs. Bubble baths, whirlpools, stimulation of the feet’ soles, etc., are to be enjoyed when you have this wellness massage machine at your disposal. This type of massage is one of the least invasive and yet one of the most relaxing.


The choice of a foot reflexology thing depends in part on your preferences. However, any points need to be looked at closely:


If you usually have cold feet, some models of automatic massagers have an additional heat option. This way, you can enjoy a good shiatsu massage while keeping your feet warm. This also promotes the positive effects of the machine on your body. Be sure to check this function if you demand it.


This is the right function if you can’t handle deep massages. The vibrations act smoothly on the most severe pain without being invasive. They loosen the muscles from the oscillations. If your muscles are sensitive, it is preferable to opt for this type of foot massager.


Foot massage devices against fatigue usually use the shiatsu technique. This method acts on each reflexological point of the feet, and the sensation could be disturbing for some people. Kneading has both the attenuating and relaxing properties to remedy this problem and to maintain the benefits of the massage performed beforehand. Not all shiatsu massagers are equipped with this feature, so you must see all the product features before making your purchase.


Almost all foot massagers are equipped with a timer. With this option, you only have to program your massage’s total duration, and the machine will automatically stop once this time has elapsed. However, some people prefer to keep their hands on the machine’s shut-off. For this reason, the timer may occasionally be an option that is not mandatory for some people.


The main advantage of having a foot massager at home is the freedom to take it anywhere and to use it at any time. Adapt your device to your situation. First, find out where you’re going to store it. Does your closet have enough room for the model of your choice? Buy a massager that fits your size. Don’t hesitate to try on the size of the device, especially if you wear large shoes. If you plan to move it often, make sure it’s not too heavy. Electronic things are not always easy to maintain. Even in foot massagers, the cleaning of a foot thalasso differs from that of a thalasso that emits infrared heat, etc. Make sure you can maintain your gadget so that it does not deteriorate too quickly.
And last but not least, the design. Who would want to be massaged by a device they find ugly? Let yourself be charmed by your favorite foot massage device. This way, you will have more pleasure using it and maintaining it.


Customization generally refers to the various operations that could optimize the use of the device. If you want more flexibility when using your massager, opt for a customizable model. This will allow you to adjust the positioning to adapt to the message angle, for example.
The choice of your foot massager also depends partly on your budget. Whether you have a tight budget or not, make sure to avoid lowcost and unbranded products. The price of this type of equipment varies according to its options, brand, etc.


Some models offer additional options that may be of interest to you and help you relax better. Some units use bubble jets (foot bath) or water to invigorate the area for arch massage. Others also use heat, vibrations, lights, etc. for more fantasy and of course, more well-being. These options are adjustable in intensity. You can adapt them according to your needs at a specific time. Before being charmed by the tricks, determine whether or not you need them. Especially since these additional options have a considerable influence on the price of the product.

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