Sundarban, a mangrove forest

Sundarban is a trendy spot for ecotourism in Bangladesh, which is the Worlds largest mangrove forest, covering 4200 square kilometers. 60% of the forest located in Bangladesh and this part of the forest is the densest and diverse with flora and fauna. Only in the Bangladesh part of Sundarbans, you can have an authentic experience of the mangrove forest. There are so many canals in the forest. It is the home to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarban also hosts the curious spotted deer, estuarine crocodiles, water lizards, kingfishers, white storks, and white-bellied eagles. The variety of birds and many species of crabs, fish and oysters/mollusks are also part of the exotic wildlife here. As a world heritage site, the Sundarbans attracts nature lovers from around the world.


There are four protected areas in the Sundarbans enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sundarbans national park, Sundarbans West, Sundarbans south and Sundarbans East Wildlife sanctuaries. The Sundarbans mangrove forest covers on area of about 10,000 km of which is located in the Khulna division in Bangladesh, extending over 6017 km and in West Bengal, they
extend over 4260km across the south 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas districts.

History of Sundarbans

The first Forest Management Division to have jurisdiction in 1869. A large portion of the mangrove forests declared in 1875 as reserved forests under the forest act. The rest of the forest portions of the forests were declared a reserve forest the following year. A forest division created in 1879 with the headquarters in Khulna, Bangladesh. The first management plan is written for the period 1893-98. In 1987 it became inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overall it is a great place to enjoy the holidays.

Things to do in Sundarbans

In Sundarbans, there are many things to do. It is a vast forest with so many places to go and so many things to do. You must know before visiting the forest, where you need to go and what you need to do. Some of the experiences you must have in Sundarbans for the ultimate experience of the largest mangrove forest in the world.

Morning boat ride in the narrow canals

In Sundarbans, hundred of canals spread, which are the life-line of the forest on earth. Early morning, all the animals and birds come to these narrow creeks and canals to drink water and catch prays. You can get a silent row-boat ride on these narrow creeks and canals early in the morning. This would provide the best experience in the forest. You will be able to spot lots of animals and birds, only these trips. Make sure not to scare them. You need to extremely quiet on these trips. Sundarbans is why you must travel in a small group.

Walk inside the forest

Walking on the Kochikhali to Kotka, which goes through the jungle, open field and Jamtola sea beach, this 10 km long trail will give you a great experience to discover the forest.
Make sure to wear covered shoes to protect your feet from spiky trees and grass on this trail. You will have a first-hand experience of the largest mangrove forest on earth.

In the evening seat quietly on a watchtower

There is a watchtower in Kotka, overlooking an open field with sweet water tanks for the animals. They come here to drink sweet water in the evening. If you sit quietly in the evening
on this watchtower, you can see many wild animals here. Sundarbans is a remarkable experience you must not miss while visiting the forest.

Visit Jamtola Beach

In Bangladesh, beaches are overcrowded. Jamtola beach is the only exception in Sundarban. It would help if you spent some time on Jamtola beach while visiting the forest. Jamtola Beach is located deep inside Sundarbans beside the Bay of Bengal. It is the cleanest, most beautiful and quietest beach in Bangladesh.

Enjoy the night sky and sound of nature

You will spend the nights on a houseboat, which will be parked for the nights on the rivers in different parts of the forest each night. You must sit quietly on the open deck of the boat and look at the sky and can spot thousands of stars in the whole galaxy. Sundarbans will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Watch Dolphins

Sundarbans is the only place in the world where the Ganges river dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins found in Sundarban. You must go to these places and see the dolphins jumping from the water while visiting the mangrove forest. It will be a great experience.

Visit a Wildlife sanctuary

Always join a small group of a maximum of 6 people on any Sundarbans tour. It has several wildlife Sanctuaries. In which Kotka wildlife sanctuary is the most accessible. You can see lots of deer, monkeys, crocodiles and other animals on these sanctuaries. Having a proper tour of Sundarbans you must watch this.

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