Full Review of True To The Game 3

True to the Game 3 is the third and final film in the trilogy of crime thrillers that focuses on an 18-year-old woman and her partner. It shocked Gena to discover that her Muslim love, Quadir, returns from the dead after being killed a last year by the dealer Jerrell.

It forced Gena to return to Philly because Jerrell’s brother believes Gena’s cousin was involved in a drug heist. In the end, the brother figures out that both cousins and his sister of Quadir were the ones behind the theft.

He then decides that everyone should be killed, which is Gena’s sweet, hard-working Christian grandmother.

The most enjoyable part of the film is the fact that it is the Christian mother who wears her faith with pride on her sleeve. In one scene, the Muslim lover sings praises to Allah before they are married.

The True to the game  trilogy contains many foul languages, which include many “f” words, in addition to some extremely bloody violence.

Movie Plot:

True to the Game 3 is the last film in a trilogy of thrillers that tell the story of a young woman and her boyfriend, who returns to the world believing that he’s dead and is hiding and killed by her victim and a drug dealer.

Who nearly killed the lover one year ago, however, the couple, as well as their families, remain at risk from the brother of the drug dealer and his associates.

Even with a slow, complex beginning, True to the game 3 has a well-constructed thrilling plot that has a lot of jeopardies, but it is a film that has constant offensive language and brutal violence.

As well as the protagonist is a Muslim and the heroine’s grandmother is a staunch Christian who quotes Jesus and the Bible before being executed.

The movie picks up right where the first movie ended following the time that Gena’s Muslim lover, Quadir, saves her life in Malibu from a drug dealer Jerrell who killed his victim a year ago.

Jerrell, the drug dealer, has been following Gena on a trip to Los Angeles and posed as an individual. He believed Gena was involved in the robbery of a large drug shipment set up by Qaudir’s sister, Shoog Gena’s cousin, Bria.

The film begins with Qaudir waking up Gena after he attended to their injuries from the fight with Jerrell and then dumping Jerrell’s body into the ocean.

Qaudir says to Gena that Allah has saved his life. However, Gena is furious that she believed the dead man was alive for an entire year. But, he informs Gena that it took several months to recover and that he needs to safeguard himself and Gena from Jerrell.


In Philly, however, Jerrell’s brother arrives looking for the drug shipment and asks why Jerrell hasn’t answered his phone. 

With the help of Jerrell’s right-hand guy, Saleem, they narrow the suspects to Gena’s cousin Bria and Gena, although she was not involved with stealing the package. Bria’s off-again boyfriend discovers from Bria the location of Gena.

A corrupt police officer identified as Joe also has an informant named Titus, who is part of Saleem’s band. Joe hopes to detain certain dealers in the drug trade and make some money from drugs as well. 

But Saleem and Jerrell’s brother, Terrell, start suspecting they may have an informant. Therefore, they beat and torture people in order to track him down.

In order to move the story forward, the filmmakers make Bria mistakenly shoot her lover, Dalvin, when she finds guns in his vehicle and tries to get them off of Dalvin. The incident leads Joe and his companion into the medical facility where Dalvin is recovering.

They bring Bria to the precinct in order to interview her. That leads Gena back to Philly while Quadir is there in Los Angeles. Joe is aware through Titus that Terrell believes that Bria, as well as Qadir’s sister, Shoog, might be involved in the heist of a drug shipment.

 He would like them to cooperate with him in order to capture Terrell. And the others in the drug gang to confess, however, they cannot reveal anything.

Cast of True to the Game 3:

True to the Game 3 stars Erica Peeples, Columbus Short, Darius McCrary and Iyana Halley. Jeremy Meeks as Saleem, Kinyumba Mutakabbir as Detective Grant. Kris Lofton, Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland, and Omar Gooding as Nino. Along with Starletta DuPois as Gahgit. In addition to the other cast members, including Omar Gooding as Gahgit. Shoog’s actress Vivica A. Fox, who appeared in the first two chapters of the trilogy.

Who is the writer, director and producer?

It’s been a while since the last True to the Game movie, but here we are with the third instalment. The film is a crime thriller series, which follows a young African American man. Who is sent to Los Angeles to help his sister out of a bad situation. He is swiftly drawn into the gangs in the area.

 The film stars Malik Barnhardt, Starletta DuPois, and Omar Gooding. Malik Barnhardt is a writer, director, and producer. True to the Game 3, True to the Game 2, and True to the Game are just a few of his credits as a director.

Review Of The Movie:

True to the Game 3 is a movie about the world of crime, the lives of drug dealers. And the effects of violence upon these lives. It’s part of a trilogy and it’s the third installment.

The movie is about a lot of things, including the drug war and the relationships between police and civilians. The drug war and the relationships between police and civilians are the subject of the film. In it, a father and son, as well as other family members involved in the narcotics trade, are depicted.

 It’s about a lot of things. It’s a movie that is quite rare and it’s not like the average movie that you watch. True to the Game 3 is more like a documentary. It’s a movie that is quite rare and it’s not like the average movie that you watch. It’s more like a documentary.

Critics Reviews:

This movie has been getting a lot of good reviews from many different critics. The LA Times has one of the greatest quotes. Airtight has done a terrific job with the rough-edged material, giving the movie a natural, spontaneous feel. The story revolves around a man who is trying to make a fresh start and do the right thing.

Although, the rating of the movie on Vudu is 4.4 out of 5 which is good and it gets 87% on Fandango.

Will We Recommend It?

True to the Game 3 is not a movie that viewers will be recommending to their friends. The movie has some useful and interesting subject matter, but it doesn’t explore it with much depth.

 True to the Game 3 is a bit intense, and it doesn’t go much lighter than that. Viewers might be reluctant to sit through such a hard-hitting movie. If you’re looking for a way to get back in touch. With your faith, this movie might be for you. If you’re looking for a way to get back in touch with your faith, this movie might be for you.

 If you’re looking for a movie that explores the criminal justice system and the drug war, this could be it. True to the Game 3 has some great topics, but it doesn’t explore them with much depth.

True to the Game 3: Where is the movie available


Just in time for the holidays, True to the Game 3 is available to stream now. If you haven’t seen the True to the Game 3 film. You can watch it for free on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and YouTube.

 For Amazon Prime members, you can add it to your own Watch list. On YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime, the film can also be rented or purchased.


As a movie, True to the Game 3 is one of the more interesting ones. That we have watched for a while. It just about keeps you entertained from start to finish. And in this day and age, that is a rare thing.

 A solid performance from the cast and a gripping tale are all you can ask for. The movie is certainly worth your time and money. And if you are a big fan of crime movies, then you should definitely give it a try.

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