Axe Throwing Essentials and Relevant FAQs

Axe Throwing Essentials and Relevant FAQs

Axe throwing sounds to be a simple sport. Surprisingly, it has specific guidelines just like other sports to maximize the fun. Without rules, the sport can miss its competitive facet and become dangerous for involved participants.

Before you start searching for ‘axe throwing near me’, it is wise to know about the ax-throwing essentials. Axe Master venue is popular around San Antonio, so before you visit here are some rules associated with axe-throwing activities.

What equipment is essential?

  • A proper throwing axe – It has to be 12” in length with a head weighing less than 2lbs. The cutting edge needs to be >4.75”
  • Target – The target involves 5 wooden planks vertically placed beside one another. The planks are 4 ft. in length and 10” in width and 2” in thickness. Target has to be 2 feet above the ground level. The target boards will have rings or circles and each circle will be assigned point values.
  • Controlled environment – It is an enclosed arena, where players can safely throw the axe without concerns about hurting someone accidentally. Throwers are positioned 6 feet apart for safety reasons. Rules even define that throwers need to stand 12 feet – 15 feet away from the target. There is a line marked on the ground.

All the above essentials are accessible at every ax-throwing venue. They even have trained coaches to guide throwers and ensure safety.

How is the axe throwing event scored?

Axe-throwing allows for healthy competition. It is an individual sport means each competitor has to depend on their personal skill set. Every player gets 5 attempts for hitting the target. The center ring carries 5 points and the others are values 3 and 1. Each player has the chance to reach 25 points per game. The more the score is, the higher the chances to win.

The thrower will not cross the marked line while throwing or the throw will not count. When there is a tie, the players have to play one more round to determine the winner.

FAQs associated with the Axe-throwing game

Can anyone participate in axe-throwing?

Yes, everyone can participate in this recreational activity. It is a little more intricate than simply throwing an ax.

Why choose axe-throwing over other sports?

You can give a chance to enjoy something new and feel excited and thrilled. It is a sport enjoyed in an enclosed environment just like playing bowling.

What is the age requirement?

There is no specific age requirement but children above 13 years and more can be a great choice. There are other factors like strength, mental resilience, and coordination that play a role.

What clothes to wear for axe-throwing?

Wear clothes that allow the upper body to move easily without being bulky or cumbersome. Choose shoes with closed-toe because it offers a stable base.

Is axe throwing a dangerous sport?

Axe use is associated with wood chopping, so yes it is harmful. However, axe-throwing is an activity designed for sports and entertainment. Do it properly and there is no harm. The axes at the venues are designed with blunt ace heads with no sharp edge. They don’t cut through the skin. Axe-throwing is an indoor sport played in a controlled environment and under supervision from trained coaches.

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