Top All-Inclusive Holiday Countries for Students


Probably every student dreams to travel a lot. Understanding the complexity of the problem and figuring out the peculiarities of an all-inclusive vacation, we will try to give a general idea of such a vacation for a student.

What is all-inclusive?

All-Inclusive (referred to as All / Al) is a system of service in the hotel, the price of which includes a room, a buffet 24/7 (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and + snacks), local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc. In other words, a nice option that provides a truly carefree vacation when the tourist is both fed and amused.

By the way, all-inclusive is not just about food – entertainment is also “included” – animation, children’s clubs, spa, and more on the list (but it depends on the hotel). In general, the concept is ideal for a “beach holiday” or “family vacation with children”. This option is also attractive because it allows students to save money on the essay writing service, for example, because such a holiday assumes a low-cost option of rest.

All-Inclusive Turkey

Rest in Turkey and all-inclusive – are inseparable. Moreover, most of the hotels are ready to stuff tourists to the brim.

Turks put the foreign system on stream so that you can find an inexpensive holiday all-inclusive, and all 18+ (ie without children), and the royal service in super-hotels. Mountains of food and rivers of alcohol.

There is an ultra all-inclusive – when there are no restrictions on local and imported drinks.

A typical Turkish hotel is a green area, swimming pool (several, and even with slides), free sun loungers, and the sea nearby.

Prices in Turkey all-inclusive are among the cheapest, but if you are a thrifty student, then take a holiday here in winter or make an early booking (in February and March).

All-inclusive in Tunisia

An all-inclusive holiday in Tunisia can be a substitute for Turkey. The system is widespread enough here and is inexpensive, the hotels are large and with palm trees, sunbeds for guests on the beach are provided, as well as alcohol (although the country is Muslim) and a conveyor of dishes.

Here are good beaches and excursions. Among the most popular resorts in Tunisia – are Djerba – an island for sealers who love spas; Mahdia – known for its white beaches; Hammamet – for holidays with children; Sousse – for the young and economical. Prices in Tunisia are also considered one of the cheapest.

All-Inclusive Egypt

An all-inclusive vacation here is “uncertain.” Five out of every ten luxury hotels do not work on the system (offer bb – breakfast, or hb – breakfast and dinner) while going to the budget three-star hotel is not recommended. Finding a good hotel and rooms for reasonable money takes time.

Nevertheless, Egypt is a popular destination among students, because the prices are cheap and even with minimal comfort, the student here gets what he goes for – fun pool parties, alcohol, and a nice tan.

All-Inclusive in Cyprus

All-inclusive is not popular in Mediterranean Europe, because the priority is given to the level of service. But tourists’ wishes have to be taken into consideration as well, that is why they introduce the system little by little. Despite a limited choice of hotels, Cyprus takes care of quality. If meat is on the menu, it really is meat; and the local brandy is 100 percent strong. But be prepared to shell out a hefty price compared to Turkey and Egypt.

Service matches the stars, and the hotels themselves, including 4-5 * – compact but cozy. Many students return here again and again, as this place is very beautiful and leaves only good impressions.

All-Inclusive Greece

Greece is more open to being all-inclusive. It is much easier to find good conditions here and for all finances.

The most expensive vacation is in Corfu and Halkidiki. A budget variant is Crete, Rhodes, and Kos.

Actually, even 2* hotels in Greece can provide “full service”. Truly, it will be exactly 3 meals on a schedule, without snacks and variety. Nevertheless, it is a good option for cheap vacations.

All-Inclusive Montenegro

Montenegro is about walking, driving, and local food, and therefore it is not at all optimized for an all-inclusive vacation.

Firstly, the beaches here are not sandy, but pebbly, which already spoils the picture of a vacation. Secondly, the coastal strip is public and compact.

There are very few all-inclusive hotels in Montenegro. They are located mainly in the resorts of Budva and Becici; the cost of travel is unreasonably high. Speaking of food, the guest will not be hungry, the cuisine here is good enough.

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