Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Addiction often leads to severe problems with your physical and mental health, relationships, employment, and the law. Living with addiction can often stop you from living a full and balanced life. Most rehabilitation centers consider addiction a disease utilizing 12-step rehabs that teach you that you are incurable and powerless. The truth is that you are a powerful individual with great potential and the ability to overcome your addiction.

New Roots Iboga Retreat Program

Iboga retreat is very popular these days. New Roots introduced the Iboga Retreat Mexico program to fight addictions with ibogaine. New Roots is your ultimate destination to deal with your addictions, even with the worst ones. Our methodology was created to be customized and flexible to address the underlying causes of any sort of anxiety, sadness, or depression.

Our New Roots Ibogaine Treatment facility is one of the best addiction treatment centers in Mexico because we maintain a high level of quality control and have highly qualified medical professionals to help you reclaim your life and take charge of it. New Roots Ibogaine is the best clinic with the best results.

Our Iboga Retreat Mexico program is specially developed to help you manage withdrawal symptoms before starting treatment and remove cravings and withdrawal symptoms connected with substance use. Our method is effective in healing and curing even with the toughest addiction.

How we do it?

No well-known medication or therapy for the disruption of addictions matches the effectiveness of ibogaine when administered in a secure atmosphere under professional monitoring. Individuals struggling with opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, or other drugs increasingly turn to ibogaine for long-term relief with minimal withdrawal symptoms. So ibogaine is the best solution found so far, and we are performing this treatment with utmost supervision and care.

What we do here is we use oxygen, energy vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and we use an herb called ibogaine. Ibogaine comes from the West African Ebola plant. Ibogaine is rumored to be a miracle cure for addiction. Ibogaine contains this substance called Iboga that is used to treat addictions. The villagers cultivate Iboga for ceremonial purposes. Some British scholars believed this is the tree of knowledge from the Garden of Eden.

Doses are carefully decided according to each patient’s needs and condition. Our certified team comprises therapists, addiction specialists, and medical assistants, but we consider the spirit medicine of ibogaine itself to be the primary therapist.

You need to heal and develop. Make a difference in your life. Treatment with ibogaine in New Roots can be a powerful tool for changing your life. Our staff of caring facilitators is committed to ensuring that you have a safe and smooth voyage!

Peaceful Facility

We purposefully make an atmosphere that promotes mindfulness and awareness by offering a safe space for people to process inner material and make peace with it. You will be treated with utmost care. Our treatment facility is located 1 hour south of the San Diego International border. It is a beach house with a beautiful view of nature. The facility has spacious rooms. Medical care will be available to you 24/7. Anyone would love it there. You will be living those days as a revival and will come back as a free person, ready to fly.

We strive to treat everyone who seeks our help with kindness. We hope to honor you with integrity and cherish your victory beyond the addiction, depression, self-battle, emotional issues, or spiritual obstacles that currently show as suffering.

While working with this plant is extremely rewarding, what makes us happy is seeing real transformation in those who trust us with their lives.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us to request more information or schedule a visit. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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