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Sofia black d elia was born in December in Clifton, New Jersey. The actress was an ordinary, normal child for the most part and attended Clifton High School. She didn’t think about becoming an actress but found her profession accidental.

As a small teenager, a group of girls she liked was enrolled in acting classes. She enrolled too. Her first television performance was when she was just 17 years old on the long-running show All My Children’s Bailey. 

She was later a part of The MTV adaptation of the cult British Drama series Skins, in which she appears as a rebellious, sexually explicit teenager known as Tea. Sofia was the main character during the last season of Gossip Girl, in which she played a smart teenager and Nate Archibald’s love, Sage.

They have featured the talented actress in the cult HBO show “The Night Ofa” Night Of the drug-experimenting problematic character Andrea who suffers a horrible and premature death.

Sofia black d elia also appeared in the film The Mickas, the party girl who breaks the rules of Sabrina, who is also part of her school’s honours board. Sofia Black-D’elia was the star of The CW’s It’s Always Sunny on the set of Philadelphia.

Apart from performing, Sofia is beloved for being honest and open regarding her opinions on issues of social justice, politics and inequity. She constantly shares her views and opinions through her social media channels.

She is the kind of person who is adamant about acknowledging the numerous ways we all fail in our society. Sofia also believes that the systems are failing us, and she advocates for social responsibility on all levels.

The actress lives within New York City, although she misses her hometown, New Jersey, all the time and would like to return.


Early Life


Sofia black-D’Elia was born in Clifton, New Jersey, USA, but she hasn’t revealed the exact date or date of birth. Right now, she’s in her mid-twenties. D’Elia is the son of an attorney and a New Jersey Superior Court Judge who works in advertising.

Sofia black d elia comes from a diverse ethnicity as her father is of Italian heritage, as does her mom, who is Jewish. Sofia finished the high school she attended through Clifton High School, and meanwhile, 

She took dance and acting lessons as part of Broadway Bound. Sofia hasn’t spoken about attending any college since she began her career before the end of high school.




Sofia black d elia began her acting career in her teens. They had cast her after her first role in the television series All My Youngsters as Adams in 2009. The following year, she landed the role of Tea Marvelli on MTV’s Skin’s natural show.

In a regular role in the show, she also was Sage in Gossip Girl’s television show. In the years following, we saw her in TV and film shows like The Immigrant 2013 as Not Magda and The Betrayal 2013.

The role of Emile William Wordsworth, Birthed of War 2014 as Maria as Mariam and the Television show The Ambassadors 2015 as Caroline Calder. She has gained fame and recognition throughout the years due to her performances.

She started growing and did earn several prestige responsibilities, such as Hannah in the feature Film Guide book, Anna Cornish in the Television program The Nite Of, and Ms Thompson in 2018 showed The Jim.

They cast Sofia black d elia as the lead in the show Frannie Latimer in 2020, her presentation Your Honor, followed by her part in the role of Heather in the romance comedy To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

 In the present, she’s cast for the part of Samantha Fink, a 28-year-old drinker, as part of the Freeform comedy series Single Drunk Female which premiered on the 20th of January, 2022.



Personal life


It’s difficult for famous people to maintain a private life. Being renowned means privacy is sacrificed for fame. However, some celebrities can hold an intimate life in an insecure digital world. What is Sofia Black D’Elia when the cameras go shutting down?


First of all, she’s one of the girls who shared her first kiss in the seven 8th grade. Sofia Black d elia was just 13 or 12 at the time and was probably shy. Who was she with? A boy who excelled in basketball. Basketball players never stop winning.


The actress has not been married, but various sources have connected her to James Newman, a co-star in the MTV show for teens called “Skin.” The couple’s relationship is hidden from view. However, the rumors haven’t been quelled.


She did, however, fuel the rumors of a romance with someone she did not mention instead of providing details about the hobbies they do when they’re together. One of the activities Sofia black d elia said was looking through the documents of World War II. She even revealed the title of the book they read, “It Can’t Happen Here,” written by Sinclair Lewis.


Apart from James and Mr. Anonymous, no one is aware of it. No name has a resonance with her private life. She also does not have family members and spouses, creating the impression that she is focused on her work.


In Addition


She has a romance with her husband; she also has an affair. In an interview with Wetpaint, she shared her playlist, which included songs by Lupe Fiasco. She is a fan of the Radiohead track “Muse” on her sexy music playlist. 

She was also on the official music video by Hoodie Allen, dubbed The Chase is On. Sofia enjoys political discussions too and regularly posts her opinions via the pages of her Facebook and her Instagram account. 

In an interview in 2017, she stated that “It feels frivolous and insincere to post things on social media every day and not acknowledge what’s going on in the world.”



Net Worth


We can put Sofia black d elia fortune anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. Here, we’re talking about everything she owns and earns. Acting is where she makes the bulk of her money.


Despite her many sources of income, she prefers a modest lifestyle and has accumulated a large fortune.



Height and Weight


Sofia’s height and weight fall within the average range of 1.6 meters or 5 feet 5 inches 127.6 lbs as a rule of thumb. Hair colour is balayage and hannah eye lids are brown.


Her weight, height, and other physical characteristics remain a mystery. In the event that we can get more details the section will be up-to-date.



Her Parents


Sofia Black-D’elia was fortunate to be the daughter of parents in good standing, not just in terms of economic situation but in many other areas. They father of her, Anthony V. D’Elia is of Italian descent and is a judge from the Superior Court of New Jersey known as Anthony V.


D’Elia, and her mother, Eleanor, have a job in the printing industry. Sofia’s mother is Jewish, as is her father, of Italian descent, which means that Sofia is multiracial.



Who’s Her Boyfriend


There’s been a lot of speculations about Sofia’s relationship status and whether she is lesbian. The actress who is on the rise is very straight. Sofia black d elia is dating native German American filmmaker Henry Joost.


It is his director and producer partner. He is famous for his work on Catfish, Nerve, Mega Man, Viral, Metropolis II along with Paranormal Activity 3 and 4. Henry as well as Sofia Black-D’elia were spotted and appear to be in the same relationship.


The couple was recently seen looking for rings in several jewelry stores in the city, which suggests that an engagement and wedding bells could be distant for the couple.





Sofia is the daughter of parents of multi-ethnicity from Clifton, New Jersey, where her birthplace was. Sofia is the youngest of a family with four children. They father of her, Anthony V.


D’Elia is of Italian descent and is a judge from the Superior Court of New Jersey. Her mom, Eleanor, with Russian Jewish roots, is employed in the field of printing.


Sofia Black d elia discovered her love for acting at a young age, and when she was a young child and was a dancer on Broadway Bound. She graduated from Clifton High School, where she participated in school plays as if she were a regular student. 


Sofia ended up landing her 1st big part in the detergent story All My Toddlers before finishing high school. Her passion for acting inspired her to pursue acting studies at the William Esper Studio, where the late Mr. Bill Esper taught her.



Social Media Reach



Thanks to her professional accomplishments, she has enjoyed her career being in the spotlight. While she hasn’t been very active on social media platforms, Sofia has amassed considerable followers on Facebook and Instagram. 


On Instagram, she has more than 130 million followers following her account @sofiablackdelia. There are 23000 followers on the page on Facebook.

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