Sujir Haua, how to make perfect sujir halua in 15 minutes

Description of sujir halua

Sujir halwa is a cooked semolina dessert, as well as this delicious treat, is trendy throughout the south-Asian nations.

This Zafraani sooji halwa is among my favored halwa. Excellent with roti, paratha, luchi, puri. So straightforward to make, however, it continually tastes divine!!! Unlike Semolina barfi, this halwa is soft, so with dignity smeared with ghee, fragrant with keora and also ghee!!! To get the right consistency, you require to comply with some simple direction, that’s all.

This almond, as well as cashew rich soft and also tasty sooji halwa prepared without milk, is a welcome reward for taste at any time. Also, it can provide challenging competitors to the best of the best sweets on the table. However, its smooth and too aromatic fantastic preference is not the only thing that makes it best; the simplicity of prep work can assist you to entertain your guests at short notice. It is likewise prominent as Rava sheera and worked as Comply with the below offered detailed picture recipe to make it in your home.

Ingredients of sujir halua

  • sooji/ semolina – 1 cup
  • sugar -1 and 1/4 cup, according to taste
  • ghee- 1 cup (If you require to reduce the ghee to 3/4 the cup)
  • water – 3cup
  • zafraan/ saffron – 1 tsp. (optional)
  • cardamoms – 3 pieces
  • cinnamon – 1 stick
  • bay leaf – 1 piece
  • Keora water – 1 0r two drop
  • Pista, almond to garnish
  • Pinch of zafrani food color (optional)


Step 1:

Make a sugar syrup with three mugs of water, 1– 1 1/2 mug sugar (I took one and also 1/4 th cup of sugar), one teaspoon zafran, zafrani food shade, three cardamoms, one small cinnamon and one bay has fallen leave. Just sufficient to thaw the sugar. Not more than that. The syrup should be skinny. You need to steam it to melt the sugar. Secure the cardamoms, cinnamon as well as bay fallen leave.

Step 2:

Heat ghee and fry the sooji at medium reduced heat up until great smelling as well as brown. Do not color it way too much. Have to be light brown. It should not be as well dark.

Step 3:

Add the syrup in the sooji. Stir. The warmth must be a tool. Cook just a couple of mins, not more than 3 minutes. The sooji will look drippy now. It should appear like this.

Step 4:

Include the keora water and promptly remove the frying pan from the range and maintain covered for few mins. If you keep anything on the range after being cooked. If the oven shuts off, the heat of the warm stove continues to cook the food. To get right uniformity, eliminate the halwa frying pan from the range after you turn off the cooktop. Pour in the offering recipe and garnish with pista, almond, and raisins.

Tips for making Sujir Halua

  1.  Sooji obtains thicker when cool down. So don’t dry out the water. Prepare just 2 or 3 minutes, not more than that.
  2.  Right away eliminate the halwa pot from the stove, the minute you turned off the range. Don’t maintain the pot overturned off yet hot oven top, and it will certainly dry out the halwa. Keep it somewhere else.
  3.  If you don’t wish to make use of that amount of ghee after that utilize oil and ghee fifty percent and half.

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