7 Examples of Beautiful Dental Websites, and What Dentists Can Learn From Them

Having a website for your business, no matter what kind of business, is essential for smooth business operations. Websites play several positive roles in the medical sector where credibility is critical. With websites, dentists and other medical practitioners find it easy to build their brand and ensure long-lasting relationships with their patients. The first place any new patient will look when searching for a dentist around their area is their website, mostly to check through reviews and assess the dental services offered by the dentist. Needless to say, the most comprehensive websites get more traffic and consequently more online inquiries. Below are 7 top amazing dental websites dentists can find inspiration from to help them optimize their own. 

  • Century Smile Dental

Located in the heart of Culver City in California, Century Smile Dental is a renowned dental clinic with an expert team of dental specialists. It is owned by Dr. Maryam Talaie, D.D.S and serves Culver City’s population of close to 40,000 residents. The clinic has the latest and some of the most sophisticated equipment in dentistry. Their website is top-notch and super easy to navigate. You will find elaborate details about the dental clinic and all their services, their specialist team, and their assistants at Century Smile Dental website. Their landing page will make you instantly aware of how they integrate both lively pictures and terse but informative words to describe their various services. You’ll also immediately get a gist of their clinic’s lively ambiance from the 3-minute introductory video that shows places around the clinic along with different equipment. 

  • Tend Dental Clinic 

Located in New York City and several other locations, Tend Dental has a great website made in a simple, engaging style. Their pictures are vibrant and bring out their brand in a unique way. Potential patients can log in and book dental services based on their location. The website’s home page includes an interface where patients can countercheck if the dental clinic accepts their insurance. Patients can also leave reviews about the services received on the website.

  • Lake Area Dentistry

Lake Area Dentistry has 4 locations around the Lake Charles area, Louisiana, and serves nearly 80,000 residents. They have an artsy website with great features that describe their services in detail. The website’s landing page uses the above-the-fold feature containing various crucial aspects of their services. Some of the most notable include their membership plan, patient reviews, financing, and a before and after photo gallery. However, their photo gallery that contains very few photos of before and after treatments. They should consider improving that as it’s a crucial website feature for attracting potential dental patients. 

  • Cedar Village Dentistry

Cedar Village Dentistry, Dr. Thomas Dooley, is located in Mason City, Ohio, and serves approximately 31,000 people. Their website is very welcoming and easy on the eye. It features compelling content and fast loading times that make users probably stay and read through their services; one thing that turns off many clients on business websites is slow loading. It’s pertinent to ensure your website is devoid of any features that could slow it down, causing potential clients to leave. 

  • Glo Modern Dentistry

Glo Modern Dentistry is a top-rated cosmetic dental clinic located in Los Angeles. Their website engages potential patients in a great and responsive way that shows a high level of professionalism. One notable aspect of the website is the detailed information on a wide range of available services right on the home page. You can easily navigate through your preferred treatments or cosmetic services. The home page also features a catchy offer for new patients and what the offer entails, which is a great way to bring new customers on board.  

  • Smart Dental Care 

Smart Dental Care serves the city of Holladay in Utah, which has close to 35,000 residents. Their website has a detailed and orderly landing page complete with all their dental services and contacts. They have a patient reviews section within the landing page that pops various reviews at a particular time interval. The website also has seamlessly integrated crisp photos of smiling people portraying perfect teeth matching their multiple services. One key trait of an ideal website is the ease of navigating around it, which Smart Dental Care’s website designers seemed to understand in detail. 

  • Grand Street Dental

Located in Brooklyn, Grand Street Dental is a highly rated dental clinic providing a wide range of dental solutions. They have a detailed but straightforward website that describes all their services in the services section. The website has a before & after section containing a long list of dental photos from previous patients and a description of the kind of treatments performed on them. Patients can also book a consultation online.

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