Accurate Timeline Chart For Smooth And Stress-free Home Relocation Experience

Moving to a new location is thrilling but will need a lot of planning and plotting. For an efficient move get familiar with the to-do tasks in advance. The moving checklist helps you manage the move and timeline.

Accurate timeline chart for an upcoming move

4-week before the final move out

Create an action plan

You will need to call a professional moving company in Kosice. It is the first task on your list. The next step will be to create an action plan. You need to write down the tasks that you need to finish, before moving out. Prioritize the time-sensitive tasks and decide how to efficiently implement the move.

Budgeting & decluttering

Relocating is costly, so create a budget and stick to it. It eliminates the chances of spending beyond than planned. Eliminate the clutter from the house via yard sale, charity, or gift them to friends. Decluttering even helps to eliminate the items you don’t use as well as earn the extra cash, which is always welcome.

3-weeks before the final move out

  • Change your address.
  • Buy moving supplies.
  • Locate a new school for the kids.
  • Create an inventory list when you start packing.
  • Start using perishable food items or donate them.

2-weeks before the final move out

Contact movers

Your final move-out date is getting closer, so call the movers to confirm their arrival time. Discuss the quoted price and the mover names. It allows for clearing any misunderstanding between both the involved parties.

Set utility disconnection time

Contact your utility providers [electricity, gas, cable provider] and set the date for disconnection before the final moving day.

Hire professional cleaners

The home has to be cleaned thoroughly before a move out for new owners. Hire local cleaners to conduct a deep cleaning. The expense is worth it as you don’t have to juggle home cleaning and moving tasks at the same time.

Reach out to friends & family for help

As the moving date is getting closer, you need to contact your family and friends to find out if they will be available on a moving day to help. Give them a couple of weeks’ head up to increase the odds that they will eagerly help out.

1-week before the final move out

Create an essential box 

In the essential box add things that you will need for a few days on arrival at the new home. Unpacking can be stressful on the day you reach. The essential box will hold everything necessary to conduct daily routine normally with less confusion.

Refrigerator cleaning

The odds that you will be enjoying fast food regularly are more by this time. You will not need the freezer and refrigerator. Completely defrost the freezer and thoroughly clean the refrigerator.

Final move out day

If you are not home when movers come designate someone to step in your shoes and monitor the loading process. Before leaving home take a final round to ensure that nothing is left behind.

There are numerous tasks to take care of before the final move out promptly. A timeline chart can help you monitor everything that needs to be done at an appropriate time.

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