Momos, a famous street food in asian

 Description of Momos

A popular street food among the kids currently, Momos are beyond question one in every of the straightforward snack recipes that you simply will build reception. Be it the veg Momos, that are created exploitation many vegetables or the chicken Momos, they need become a trend currently. The word ‘momos’ itself will build anyone’s mouth water and comes from the Chinese loan word ‘momo’ which implies ‘steamed bread’. Having its origin in Thibet, this snack direction is sort of just like Chinese dumplings. It’s one in every of the irresistible street foods and munching thereon will ne’er get boring! These dumplings are soft and juicy, and ar historically steamed. However, currently the chicken Momos ar parched exploitation varied strategies like cooking, pan-frying and tandoori.

There are many varieties of Momos that you will simply realize in any nook and corner of Bharat. you may be shocked to understand that currently, Momos are enjoyed in the course and therefore the ones that are fashionable ar – chocolate and strawberry Momos. Here’s one such fashionable direction of chicken Momos, which is enjoyed by several and is ready exploitation minced chicken.

This Momos direction sort of fashionable among the non-vegetarians and is enjoyed with spicy chili-garlic sauce. Chicken Momos once more one in every one of the standard dishes of Nepali cooking. And resembles Chinese Bao, however, it differs heaps. to arrange chicken Momos, all you wish All-purpose flour, poached chicken, onion, ginger, inexperienced chili pepper, soy, and a touch salt. The flour kneaded into a dough, that is then rolled into tiny puris. whereas on the opposite hand, chicken sliced and mixed with all the opposite ingredients. This filling additional supplemental into those tiny puris and formed otherwise. Once several of those dumplings created, they steamed employing a steamer. These chicken Momos enjoyed best with chili-garlic sauce and ketchup. to intensify the style of this Momos, you’ll add spring onions during this direction.


  • all-purpose flour – 450 gm
  • refined oil – 1 tablespoon
  • onion – 1 large
  • ginger – 1 inch
  • water as required
  • boiled chicken – 300 gm
  • green chili – 1
  • salt – 1/2teaspoon
  • soy sauce – 1 teaspoon


Step 1– Chop the vegetables and wash chicken
Chicken Momus is one such dish, that wants no introduction. However, it’s pretty straightforward to organize its reception while not setting up a lot of effort. Here’s however you set about getting ready it at home: to start with rinse the veggies and chicken with lukewarm water, this can take away the adulterants. Then take a clean board, chop the vegetables singly and keep them aside.

Step 2– Boil the chicken and so shred well
Then take a pan or a sterilizer and boil the chicken, with a pinch of salt and pepper. If you wish to form it aromatically, you’ll add a tiny low teaspoon of ginger and chili paste. If you prefer the flavor of garlic,
you can add a tiny low teaspoon of garlic paste. Once done, fastidiously shred the cooked chicken into fine items. Keep them aside.

Step 3– Prepare the dough and filling for Chicken Momus
Now, take a deep bowl and add refined oil in it followed by all-purpose flour and salt. combine well with enough water and knead the mixture into a swish dough. Knead well and make sure that no lumps square measure fashioned. Take another bowl and add chopped chicken followed by sliced vegetables, combine well and mix everything along. Then, add soy to the chicken combine and stir well. currently take the ready dough and roll out tiny balls out of it.

Step 4– Flatten the dough balls and fill it with chicken stuffing, and steam for twenty minutes
Using a kitchen utensil, flatten the balls during an sq. form and add the chicken and veggies stuffing within the center. Bring the perimeters shut and secure them to form a momo. Repeat this step with the remaining balls. Transfer the ready Momus during a steamer and steam for twenty minutes or till they flip soft and tender. to form it additional flavorous, add the aromatic chicken broth. Serve recent and hot along with your selection of condiments or dip.

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