How To Choose The Best Discount Water Filters

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Water is essential for maintaining the good health of your household. In contrast, several individuals across the United States enjoy access to clean drinking water via their faucets at home while two million others don’t. Worse still, water systems contain pharmaceutical remnants, toxic metals, PFC, pesticides, and other toxins. What’s more, the United States Environmental Protection Agency says that the quantity of toxins that can render water unfit for consumption is immense. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard the health of your family members by purchasing an appropriate water filter for your home.

However, choosing an appropriate water filtration system can be challenging without any knowledge or prior experience using them. In reality, a vast range of water filtration systems are commercially available at reputable stores such as Discount Water Filters, including pitchers, reverse osmosis units, filtration system accessories, to name a few. Follow these guidelines to select an appropriate system for your home.

  • The Composition Of Your Water

When purchasing a water filtration system for your home, you should establish the kind of contaminants present in your water. Through that, you’ll be able to remove pollutants in your water. While at it, ensure that you conduct a water test or engage independent laboratories.

  • Determine Your Water Objectives

It would help establish your domestic water priorities by following the details you get from your initial water test. It’s best fit to perform the tests ahead of time to examine the water’s content. Determine your primary goal is to reduce your piping load, have good quality water within your residence, and remove contaminants from the water you drink or use for household needs. The response to these concerns relies on your financial budget.

You can choose from these water filter products.

POU(Point-of-Use) Filters

They are custom movable units for each room within your home’s space. POU units, for example, can be pitchers incorporated in the kitchen’s refrigerator or below-the-counter multiple-stage water filtration system, etc. Also, some special POU filters remove chlorine from bathing water or shower systems. They can come in handy for pregnant women and children.

Always choose POU water filters cautiously as their water filtration or toxic elimination capabilities vary; for example, larger under-the-counter multiple-stage POU water filters eliminate a broader spectrum of contaminants. These toxins include; chlorine, poisonous metals, chloramines, chlorine, parasites, viruses, and fluoride. Select the appropriate cartridges to handle your specific concerns about certain contaminants for these more extensive filters.

Point-of-Entry Filtration Systems

These filtration systems are installable in the entry points of water to your residence. Consequently, these filters provide safe water within your home; thus, they are an excellent alternative for homeowners who want to have healthy water available at their homes. When you address filtration from the source, the water becomes suitable for all household activities like cleaning and other household needs.

While POE water filters produce clean drinking water, there are no replacements in the marketplace for them because water can take up impurities from any pipework as it flows to your tap. Ideally, combining your complete home’s water filtration system with POU purifiers provides the most efficient treatment against several contaminants.

Do not go for systems that distill water. It’s worth noting that distilled water doesn’t have essential minerals. Thus they are an unhealthy water source for your household. Drinking distilled water will make you miss out on several beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium. 

  • Get The Right Size Of Water Filter

Find out your household’s daily water consumption. While this is helpful for energy and water conservation, it can also help you determine the proper specifications, such as the volume of your filtrations system. In turn, you’ll know the frequency of its servicing and your household’s capacity. Moreover, each filtration system has a defined volume for the water quantity that it cleans at any given moment. Thus, this volume should correspond to your daily water consumption; otherwise, it will surpass your volume—this aids in making your filter work effectively.

  • Establish Your Budget

Should your budget be tight, consider going with a low-cost filtration system. Under such circumstances, a carbon water pitchers filter can be suitable. They help reduce impurities at a low cost. Further, if you need superior water filtration systems with additional innovative capabilities, begin by determining the filter type that meets your needs. High-quality filters will be costly, yet some are not as pricey, such as faucet filters. The price and kind of impurities it handles will inform your decision.

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