How to Clean Your Dish Rack Right

 How to Clean Your Dish Rack Right

Dish racks are among the few items in the kitchen that are used constantly, they are used to hold just washed utensils and kept there to dry. Dish racks tend to get very easily because of various factors such as water, oils, dust and also by the utensils held by the dish rack when they are not that clean. Hence, it is better to clean your dishracks frequently to avoid tough stains that accumulate over some time and will require much effort to clean it. 


Cleaning your dish racks once or even twice a week would be recommended ad it will help prevent the dish rack from tough stains and also do not allow plague build up. Washing your dish racks will save you time and money as they do not attract any tough stains. This process of frequent cleaning will maintain and preserve the beauty of the dish rack for quite some time 


Vinegar works best when it comes to cleaning dish racks. For this method, you will need a large basin, a cup of white vinegar, soap, a scrubber and hot water. 

The procedure begins with filling a basin with water and adding one whole cup of white vinegar this is done to do the process of scrubbing. Leave the dismantled dish rack in parts in the basin for about 20 minutes, be keen to keep the water in the basin fro hit to warm and do not let it cool down while the dish rack is soaking. If the water cools down, it may make the stains to reattach to the rack. 

Remove the rack from the water while it is still hot, you can also drain the water off the basin, after removing the water you can start scrubbing. You could observe the water taking stains with it. 

Now scrub the dish rack gently. Be careful with the type of scrubber you use as some may rip off the outer protective coating of the dish rack. You can rather use a soft brush to remove the stains. Then rinse the dish rack with warm water until all the water becomes clear. Rinsing it with warm water is the best as it obliterates the vinegar, which otherwise will remain on the rack. 

Next, dry the dish rack. Start with wiping the dish rack with a paper towel which will remove the excess water off and place it on an open space, you can also leave it to dry on its own. Do not dry it in the harsh sun as it may shorten the life of the dish rack.  

You may use a strong absorbent if your dish rack is made out of metal as it will prevent it from rusting. Now carefully reassemble the dish rack as per the user manual or you can store the parts as it is for future use. ]do not forget to clean your basin, clean it well and save it for future use. 


You can use the baking soda in your kitchen space to clean your dish rack, the process is pretty similar to using vinegar, here you still need vinegar in addition to baking soda. 

For this method, you will need a basin, baking soda, vinegar, soap and warm water. 

Start the procedure by preparing a mixture of baking soda and liquid dishwashing soap, then add vinegar to the product and mix it thoroughly. Mix a cup of the mixture with water in a large basin. The water in the basin should be warm to hot, mix the baking soda mixture into the water until it produces rich foam. 

Now put the dismantled parts of the dish rack into the basin and soak it approximately for twenty minutes or even more, you have to immerse the parts completely. Be careful with the temperature of the water, do not let it cool before you proceed with the next step. 

Drain the water and start scrubbing gently, use a light scrubber so that you avoid damaging the outer surface, do this step carefully as you do not have to leave any dirt behind. 

Next, rinse the components of the dish rack thoroughly, repeat the process until you completely get rid of any soap. 

Watch out the hard-to-reach spots for any dirt that has escaped the cleaning process, if you find any, repeat the scrubbing and rinsing process. 

Dry the rack properly, you may use a towel to wipe the water fully if it is a metallic one, as it will prevent it from rusting. If the dish rack is not a metallic one and is made out of other materials such as plastic, you can let it dry naturally in the sink. Use the rack when it is scorched. 

Keep the other components also tidy, clean the basin, scrubber so that they will be ready for next use and also will stay clean. 

You can very well skip on the scrubbing step if you do not spot any tough stains. The safety of the outer surface can not be stressed enough as far as the longevity of a dish rack is concerned. 


  • Cleaning a plastic dish rack is a little different from cleaning any other dish rack.
  • Start the cleaning process with dismantling the rack into smaller and manageable parts, it will be easy to clean if it is dismantled into small parts. 
  • Disinfect the dish rack to remove some stains that have been on the rack for quite some time. 
  • Make a cleaning mixture with water and either vinegar or baking soda in a basin. 
  • Immerse the parts of the dish rack completely in the solution and leave it to soak for some time. 
  • scrub the parts of the dish rack gently after twenty minutes, be careful with the outer protective surface. 
  • Similar to other methods, rinse it thoroughly until all the soap foam is washed off and keep looking for any dirt that has been left behind. 
  • Leave the dish rack in the sink to dry completely, you need not wipe it as the excess water will naturally drop down in some time and there is no risk of rusting as in metallic dish racks. 
  • Assemble the rack as per the instructs when it is scorched, and you are good to use it. 
  • Among the two, vinegar and baking soda, vinegar is a bit too strong of a cleaning agent, hence use it on tough stains. It is better to mix them both. 
  • Keep your dish rack clean by washing it once a week minimum and prevent from rusting for a long life. 

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