What To Look For When Buying a Golf Cart Buggy

It can be a confusing moment when buying a golf buggy for the first time. With a myriad of options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Choosing to buy a golf cart is a good investment that will pay dividends in the long run. For a lot of first-timers, the prices will be the main factor when comparing the different models in the market. This isn’t the only thing that you should be looking at as finding the right golf buggy takes a lot more. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the key considerations to have in mind when buying a buggy.

Buying New Vs. Used

You’ll obviously have a budget for the purchase of the buggy. The amount you’ve set aside will have the biggest influence on the kind of golf cart that you get. There are some buggies that will only get better with age. You get to save a couple of thousands of dollars when you buy a used golf cart. You’ll still need to do your homework on the condition of the buggy before making any decision. You can take it to the Golf Cart Garage to have it checked just to be sure that you’re not buying a lemon. If you’re buying used, it is imperative to know the age of the old cart. There are some units that will deteriorate as they age. You can look at the make and model number of the buggy to know the exact age.

You shouldn’t work with a dealer who isn’t willing to show you the internal controls of the unit because that is where you get to know everything about the buggy.

Why Buy a New Buggy?

One of the main reasons you’d want to buy a new golf cart is because of the warranty from the manufacturer.  This will be important when there is an issue with the golf cart. It is also easy to do the customizations and there will be parts and features that you can only get from the manufacturer and nowhere else. Don’t rush to buy a buggy. Shop around and compare the features and prices. Make sure that you’re getting the latest information on the model that you intend to buy and the kind of performance that you can expect. There is no history of mechanical damages or accidents when you buy a new buggy.


Does the buggy have all the features you want? Since you’ll be keeping the golf cart for a long time, you should be looking for one that has most of the features that you desire. The first thing you should be looking at is your lifestyle. If you’re always going off-road during the weekend, there are golf carts like the EZGO TXT that are ideal for such terrains. You’d also want to check with the local authorities if registering the golf cart is necessary. There are some places that don’t allow for unlicensed golf carts to be on the road. There are buggy accessories you can always incorporate later on after you’ve made the purchase.

Condition of the Batteries

Golf cart batteries don’t come cheap. That is why experts recommend inspection of the cells before making a purchasing decision. You need to ensure that the battery is in good condition and is working fine. A faulty battery will mean spending a lot more than you originally anticipated because of the fix.

Electric Vs. Gas-powered Golf Carts

Both the two options are excellent choices and it can be tough to decide on what to settle on. When it comes to expenses, you can expect to spend roughly the same amount when it comes to maintenance. A gas-powered buggy will need oil, filter, and belt change after a while. Electric carts are more eco-friendly but you could be limited with the range.


The price of the golf cart will obviously play a role in the selection process. Before you go searching for a buggy for sale, you should research the local prices. Such information can easily be found online. Look at the pros and cons of the buggies even as you compare the prices. You can always ask for a discount, especially when buying a refurbished buggy.

To Conclude

Your lifestyle will be the key factor that will determine the buggy that you go for. Doing your research will help in knowing what to expect from the whole process. You can get some cool accessories online at affordable rates.

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