5 Best Commercial Juicers for 2022

Gone are the days when juicing was a luxury. The benefits of juicing are becoming more widely known, and juicers are starting to become more affordable. These days, it seems that juicers of all types and budgets can be found online, in-store, and at various department stores. But with so many options out there, how is one supposed to determine the best commercial juicers to buy?

There is an array of juicers available on the market. Whether you are a serious health nut or just want to enjoy a fresh glass of juice in the morning, there is a juicer that will suit your needs.

Here are the five best commercial juicers for 2022:

  • HUROM HZ Masticating Commercial Juicer 

The Hurom HZ Masticating Commercial Juicer is possibly the best commercial juicer ever made. It’s a masticating type of juicer, which simply means that it has a slow speed but creates very little heat so it preserves a lot more of the nutrients in your product than other types of juicers. It’s also incredibly efficient and makes quick work of fruits and vegetables. You can use it for leafy greens, carrots, celery, apples, oranges, ginger, and lots more.

It has an auto-pulp ejection system that separates the juice from the pulp while it extracts it, allowing you to make more juice with each pass. It also has a powerful motor that helps make up to 5 liters of juice per minute. The Tribest is easy to clean and comes with several accessories including an automatic cleaning brush as well as a pulp that can be reused as compost or fertilizer. 

  • Superland Commercial Orange Juicer

The Superland juicer takes roughly twenty minutes to set up. It consumes 20-22 oranges per minute and produces 4-7 glasses of juice per minute, allowing you to generate enough juice for a restaurant juice bar, drink store, or smoothie bar. It’s small enough to transport in a food truck or set up for special occasions. With this machine behind you, you’ll be a hit.

It’s simple to use and maintain, resulting in minimal downtime for your business. It’s antiseptic because it’s made of stainless steel and PC plastic, so there’s no need to be concerned. The commercial-grade structure of this juicer assures that it will withstand heavy, continuous use.

  • Breville 800JEXL Juicer

Breville 800JEXL is one of the most efficient commercial juicers on the market today. Its unique design allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables easily without having to worry about getting your hands dirty. It features a dual-stage system with an 80 RPM speed for effective juicing that draws less power than other similar products on the market. 

It also has a 3-inch feeding tube that accommodates whole fruits and veggies so you don’t need to cut them into smaller pieces before putting them into the machine for processing. This feature makes it perfect for individual users who like fresh juice straight from their kitchen or those who want to start their own small business selling fresh juice at home. The Breville 800JEXL has a sleek, modern design that fits in with any kitchen decor while being easy to store so you can keep it on your countertop when not in use. 

  • Champion Juicer PG710

The Champion Juicer is a popular choice when it comes to juicing. It has the ability to produce high volumes of juice at a relatively quick pace. One of its best features is the auto cleaning feature. This makes it very easy to maintain and therefore much cheaper in the long run.

The Champion Juicer PG710 is a great choice for the home or commercial kitchen because of its powerful motor and high speed of 14,000 RPMs. The juicer comes with a cleaning brush that makes it easy to clean. Besides, it has 16 different settings that allow you to make juicing easier than ever before. Best of all, this juicer is backed by a lifetime warranty on the motor and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

  • OrangeA Commercial Citrus Juicer

When it comes to juicers for commercial purposes, look no further than OrangeA Commercial Citrus Juicer. This machine is designed with commercial use in mind, and it’s built to withstand the demands that come with operating in a restaurant or bar environment.

At first appearance, the juicer appears to be a heavy-duty beast, but upon closer study, it reveals itself to be a lemon. It works quickly and is simple to use. It has a tough and reliable design, quick and easy cleanup, versatile for all kinds of fruits and efficient and fast performance. 

Whether you are looking for a juicer to suit an individual or commercial function, the five options that we considered are great, and they should serve you well. 

Hopefully, this review helped you narrow down your choice into choosing the right commercial juicer for your household. Be sure to choose based on the facts. Any of these models will provide you with a great way to make whole natural juices for you, your family, and your guests. If health matters in your home, then it is worth any investment!

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