Best Crankbait For Bass Fishing 2021

Best Crankbait

If you are going to catch that giant bass, it will be an old shack. This is not the answer to your ability to fish. It is a fact that only the oldest bases were long enough to hold huge sizes.

And the old shaft behaves like many old creatures; They get slower and less aggressive. This does not mean that they never bite. When they are hungry, they will still bite. But if they are not hungry, they will just sit there ignoring most of the greed. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

The best crankbite is designed to design a bass hunter’s instincts, so it just can’t help biting. There are different shapes to look like different species and depending on what type of cover you are working on these can be designed to swim at different depths.

We selected and reviewed fifteen of the most popular crankbites on the web. We will take a look at the benefits of each as well as the key features and for whom it may be effective. When choosing us, we have chosen different sizes, weights and prices. We also answered a number of common crankbite-related questions.

Ready? Let’s get cranking!

Best Crankbait Available Online

Spro Aruku Shad 75

The Spro Aruku Shade 75’s is designed to look like a North American shadow. It’s one of the best crankbites for the bass that you’ll find, because it’s incredibly versatile. It’s thanks to its unusual, bill-less design. Instead of connecting to a bill, you tie your line to the top of the head and pull the nostrils downwards. You can easily run it at any depth.

In this greed the hooks are made by Gamakatsu and are incredibly sharp. It has a loud jolt inside to attract the attention of a huge fish and it does not snatch very easily from trees or grass as it has no bill. It’s on the more expensive side, but you can catch lots of fish with this greed. Spro Aruku Shade 75 is available in 18 colors.


  • Won’t snag easily
  • No bill
  • Very sharp hooks
  • Available in 18 colors
  • Loud rattles


  • Pricey

Tackle HD Hi-Def Craw Bait

Tackle HD High-Def Crew Bait is not technically a crankbite. Although it’s still great for catching a bass . It’s a summer bait, perfect to pull on until you get a bite. Available in 7 colors, so you can choose the one that looks like your local Craddads. 

This greed is on the pricier side, but it looks very realistic and is durable enough to go through several hook-ups. It doesn’t include hooks, but it’s cheap, and there are five in the box.


  • Very realistic crawdad
  • Perfect for catching bass
  • Very durable
  • Inexpensive


  • Not technically a crankbait
  • Doesn’t include hooks

Why it is recommended: Sometimes the best crankbite is not a crankbite. Tackle HD works for the same purpose, and is great if the crayfish are local in your area.

Rapala Original Floater

The Rapala Original Floater has been around for almost a decade and shows no signs of going away any time soon. It is the most popular shallow diving crankbite on the market, and why it is not hard to find. In the beginning, you can shape it for almost any fish. It comes in lengths of 5 cm, 7 cm, 9 cm, 11 cm and 13 cm. It is available in 13 different colors according to any condition. Although not all colors are available in all shapes.

Treble hooks are made from solid nickel, and are corrosion resistant. This nurture is valuable, but it is also good for the money.


  • Classic design
  • Comes in 13 colors
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Sharp treble hooks


  • A bit pricey
  • Not all colors are in all sizes

Why it is recommended: If it does not break, do not fix it. Rapala Original is a classic that is as exciting as it was 83 years ago.

Cotton Cordell Red Fin

The Cotton Cordell Red Fin is designed to run just below the surface, not more than 2 feet deep. It has a squarebill design and the bill is fixed, not adjustable. This is a really great feature, since the bill will never need a melody. The three treble hooks are hard nickel and reasonably sharp.

This greed comes in three sizes and five different colors. It is impossible to determine the price between color and size. Depending on the version you are buying it is either budget greedy or too expensive. It floats easily but is very lightweight. As a result, it is difficult to throw long distances.


  • Fixed bill
  • Three treble hooks
  • Hooks are solid nickel
  • Available in three sizes and five colors


  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Doesn’t cast very far

Why it is recommended: The Cotton Cordell Red Fin is a well-designed square bill lure ideal for spring and summer bass fishing.

Rapala X-Rap Jointed Shad

The Rapala X-rap Gentle Shad is a heavy, nickel crankbite with near-neutral buoyancy. It is a medium dive, an archway 4-8 feet deep. The attached body moves from one side to the other and twitches when you shake the line. This makes it perfect for a slow recovery, as it will continue to run at low speeds even at real speeds.

Available in 7 colors for different types of fishing conditions. It is more expensive than most greed, but its durable construction means you will get a lot of use out of it.


  • Realistic, jointed body
  • Durable nickel construction
  • Simulates an injured shad
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Great for a slow retrieve


  • Expensive

Why it is recommended: If the bass is not just biting, the Rapala X-ray can only tempt them as it is suitable for medium depth, slow fishing.

Alilure 4-Segment Multi-Jointed Crankbait

The Aller 4-segment multi-gested crankbite has the body attached in three places for the most realistic greed side motion you will probably find that can be smooth or defective depending on how you twist the rod.

It has 3D eyes that simply catch the light in the right way and also has a stiff textile shell to cove the joints. While this adds to the reality, we’re not sure how we feel about the use of fabric in the lure of phishing, even with high-grade materials like ours.

This crankbite comes in 2 sizes: 2.3 ounces and 3 ounces. To really get a fish bite it gives it a jolt as well as a jolt.


  • Solid nickel treble hooks
  • Realistic jointed motion
  • 3D eyes
  • Inner rattling balls
  • Available in 2 sizes


  • Textile Outer shell

Why it is recommended: If you want the most realistic greed in the market, you have found it. It is ideal for summer, fall or winter fishing at medium depth.

Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

The Daewoo Salt Pro menu is specifically designed for larger fish. As you can guess from the name, these include sea fish such as turnips, strippers and blues, and saltwater grade hooks are more than a task.

It’s a tough enough greed to handle a very heavy largemath that destroys other crankbites. That said, it’s a smaller fish than Pike for smaller or any other lake fish.

For realism it has 3D eyes and it is designed for quick recovery. If re-relayed quickly, a pressure of 4-8 feet depth will be lifted from it and it will move unfairly from side to side by itself.


  • Large enough for the biggest largemouth
  • 3D eyes
  • Saltwater-grade hooks
  • Moves erratically on a fast retrieve


  • Too big for most lake fish

Why it is recommended: Daiva Salt Pro Minu is a greedy beast ast it will bring a record-setting boss with a full six inch long, heavy gauge hook.

Norman Deep Little N

The Norman Deep Little N is a 2-inch long multi-colored crankbite with a 1-inch bill. So much length gives it plenty of diving power and it will come down anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. The sooner you cast and retrieve it, the deeper it will be The perfect size for a smallmouth bass , but a little smaller to cache a full adult logmouth.

You can order 51 different colors in this lure and it has a strong nickel # 4-gauge hook that will sink to the right and not let go.


  • Available in 51 colors
  • Nickel treble hooks
  • Sturdy bill
  • Ideal for medium to deep depths


  • Too small for very large bass

Why it is recommended: Norman Deep Little N Smartmouth are great for catching bass, especially when they go deep in the water during the summer.

Rapala Husky Deep Lure

Rapala Husky Deep Loro is made for one purpose: to fish in large lakes in deep water. If you throw it out and spread it quickly, it will sink up to 20 feet. If you recover it more abruptly, it will move at a pressure of about 12-16 feet. Either way, the internal rotors will generate enough vibration to attract the nearest shaft.

This greed is available in both 4-inch and 4 ¾-i-inch versions. Both sizes are available in 21 different colors and they all have solid-nickel triple hooks together. Pricing is inconsistent with a few colors that cost about ten times more than others.


  • Runs as deep as 20 feet
  • 2 solid nickel treble hooks
  • Internal rattler
  • Available in 2 sizes and 21 colors


  • Inconsistent pricing

Why it is recommended: Rapala Husky Deep Loro will go to depths that other crankbites don’t. And it’s big enough for Largemouth.

TRUSCEND Topwater Crankbait

The Transcend Topwater Crankbyte is a surface-level crankbyte that connects to a full 7 locations. If you turn it from side to side, it is enough to sway in the shape of an S. The 3D eye reflects light reality and it works best when cast too far and re-enters quickly.

Rust-proof, mustard hooks are stiff enough to hold a heavy long mouth, and the rotational ball inside will help attract their attention, as well as add some weight for longer cast alloys. This greed comes in a 3-pack of different colors. Our only concern is that the sections have joined together with a textile strap. It’s a durable material, but it’s still fabric.


  • 7 joints
  • Comes in a 3-pack
  • Rust-proof hooks
  • Gravity/rattler ball
  • 3D eyes


  • Held together by fabric

Why it is recommended: The Truss and Topwater are ideal for crankbite surface fishing. If you’re trying to catch a boss in the spanning season, this is the way to get it done.

Arbogast Triple Threat Lure

Arbogast Triple Threat Lor is a 3-pack of a classic crankbite: two Arbogast Hula Poppers and an Arbogast Jitterbug. These little guys pack a big punch. The Smallmouth and Largemouth bass will consume them together and the heavy gauge hooks will not go anywhere that happens next.

These lures are designed to run just below the surface and recover relatively quickly. These are lightweight, so they won’t cast as any heavy greed and they will lose speed if you apply them slowly. This package comes at a very reasonable price. The three packs are less than some of the personal crank bytes we reviewed.


  • 3-pack
  • Classic design
  • Good for smallmouth or largemouth bass
  • Reasonably priced
  • Heavy-gauge hooks


  • Too light to cast very far

Why it is recommended: This 3-pack of classic Arbogast crankbaits is perfect for spring fishing. Your friends will already have extras too!

REELDICULOUS Surface Cast Crankbait

Realdiculus Surface Cast Crankbite is made for surface fishing only. If you don’t spread it quickly over the whole surface it will start to clog and doesn’t look absolutely natural. Apart from that, there is no problem in this greed.

It is available in three sizes (1.4, 2.1 and 2.8-ounces) and has four color options. A six-piece pack is also available if you are not sure which one you want. This crankbite is compact enough to hold a bit of aloe in it, and throws the heaviest, except for the most deliberate greed.


  • Available in 3 sizes, 4 colors or variety pack
  • Insanely long casting distance
  • Durable Mustad hooks
  • Very affordable


  • Only good for surface fishing

Why it is recommended: Opaque Surface Cast Crankbite has ample enough options useful for any surface fishing situation. And it’s cheap.

Steady Essentials Fishing Tackle Beginner Kit

The Steady Essential Fishing Tackle Beginner Kit is a 183-piece set consisting of six crankbites, twelve standard lores, two spinners and a whole slew of hooks, rings and baits. This is affordable considering the amount of money inside the box, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Crankbites and lores are also on the small side, so you shouldn’t fish for largemath with it.

This is not a kit for serious anglers. This is an apprentice kit for kids. You will be happy with it as long as you expect it.


  • 183-piece set
  • Very affordable
  • Great for kids


  • Low-quality material
  • Relatively small lures

Why it is recommended: The Integral Essential Fishing Tackle Beginner Kit is a great starter kit for kids who are just learning to fish. There is nothing impressive about it, but it will acquaint them with all kinds of greed.

RUNCL Anchor Box

The RUNCL anchor box is a set of four colorful crankbites. They range in size from 2 inches to 4 inches and are available in a square ball configuration for surface fishing or in a deep dive design up to 14 feet deep.

This is a cheap set. The hooks leave something to be desired. These are made of stainless steel, not nickel, resulting in a higher risk of breakage. All in all, though it’s great value for the price.


  • Several multi-packs available
  • 3D eyes
  • Internal rattle
  • Squarebill or deep diving design
  • Inexpensive


  • Hooks are regular stainless steel

Why it is recommended: If you are looking for an affordable crank byte, these are usually better than the cheap ones.

BOOYAH Bait Company Pad Crasher

The BOOYAH bait company pad crusher is not a crankbite, but we have included it because it is suitable for catching bass on heavy weeds or lily pads where standard crankbite will be involved. Just cast it and spread it quickly. It will fly over the surface like a frog, attracting a nearby bass.

It looks like a frog. You can choose from 12 different lifelike patterns depending on your local species. This lure is very cheap and contains specialized hooks that are not designed to weed.


  • Available in 12 patterns
  • Great for fishing in weeds or lily pads
  • Weedless hook design won’t snag easily
  • Inexpensive


  • Not a true crankbait

Why it is recommended: If your base is hidden under heavy weeds or lily pads, you have not many options. Pad Crusher will take you home with a successful catch.

Key Considerations When Choosing Crankbait

If you are not experienced in this type of greed, you probably have a few questions. The crankbite is an unusual animal and needs its own techniques for proper use. It is impossible to answer every conceivable question but there are some things that everyone should know before investing.

Do Crankbaits Float?

Yes and no. If the line is slow, most of the crank bytes will float. They do this so you can free them from reeds or other growths. There are usually a few exceptions, which we mentioned in our review, usually not designed to be used as floating greed.

Crankbites are designed with a downward slant on the front and are often housed in a plastic bill. The greed is pushed forward when you crank your reel but the water going forward pushes it down. It dives to a deeper depth until about half is recovered, then the top tension of your rod comes to the surface as the downward pressure is overcome.

Since they travel in an arc, the depth of the crankbite is usually measured in range. For example, certain shallow diving greeds may have a depth of 2-8 feet. This means it is going to be 2 to 8 feet deep in the middle of its arc.

Shallow crankbaits are called square bills because their bills are very low. These lures are usually 0-2 feet deep, even shorter than shallow divers. Deep divers, on the other hand, can go up to 20 feet deep depending on the design and how far you have kept them. Medium divers fall somewhere in the middle, usually about 8-12 feet.

The Right Depth For The Season

The shaft hides at different depths depending on the different times of the year. These are just the rules of the thumb and can be a bit off depending on your location and the species of the trench.

Spring: Spring is the season for bosses. They will tend to gather close to the surface, so square bill or shallow diving crankbite is most effective.

Summer:  With warmer waters and more sunshine, the fish will be more active throughout the year. The cooler takes in this extra energy to feed in deeper water. These conditions are ideal for deep diving greed.

Fall: Most baitfish are most active in the fall, eating as much as they can before the winter. It is the most aggressive of them when living. The bait of any depth will work and the shade crankbite will be best if the shade is localized in your area.

Winter: A medium depth crankbite is ideal for winter, as the shaft will not go into cold deep water, or grow above the surface. You need to use a lot of verbs at this time of year since the fish will be lazy.

How Do I Fish With a Crankbait?

Good crankbite technique means running bait like fish as much as possible. Think. The whole point of using crankbite is to provoke a lazy bite to bite. You really have to sell it, and a temptation that is not going to do the trick by flowing or shooting forward in a straight line.

The best strategy is to place the tip of your rod just above the surface after your cast. This gives you the ideal angle to get your greed to dive into your line. When you hold it, change your speed. Most small fish are moved to a forgotten blast, so give it a try. You will also want to rotate your rod from side to side as you spread, imitating the reverse of a baitfish from side to side.

It’s easy to start ing, in the same way, every time, especially on a day where you fish for hours and nothing seems to bite. Stay focused and constantly change your strategy. The fish are out.

Once you get to the line you don’t want to set the hook right now, as you would with most greed. Instead, you really want to get the whole thing in his mouth, letting the fish put it in a few more times. If you try to set the greed too early, it will only hold him back and you will not hold the strength to hold him back.

You may want to set the hook a little differently than your own use. Toggle to the side instead of toggling straight up. Due to the unique shape of the crankbite it will be more effective and the hooks will sink more deeply.

What Kind of Rod Should I Use With a Crankbait?

The best rod for crankbite is medium weight and probably even medium light. This is because the crankbite technique requires more flexibility in the rod. Rigid rods can make it especially difficult to set the hook, as they often respond too much to the first tug, which you don’t want when you use the crankbite.

What Are The Best Crankbait Colors?

Believe it or not, living people have almost identical perspectives. For this reason, you need to choose a bait that looks as realistic as possible with the color.

It is best to use natural, light-colored lures on sunny days with clean water. On the other hand, on a cloudy day or in dirty water you want to use very bright or very dark greed. These will have maximum visibility.

If in doubt, choose a snack that looks like a local fish. Your bass will already be familiar with it and will be eager to scoop up your bait.

Bottom Line

There is more to Crankbyte than just ordinary greed. As we have seen, you need to know what you are doing to use it effectively.

First, you need to fish at the right depth for the right time of year. You will want to be aware of the local species, small or shady that the algae may be accustomed to eating. This will ensure that you are getting the best possible bait at the best possible depth to go right past the mouth of that large lunker.

Even if you are using the right lure at the right depth, you need to use the right technique to mimic the true fish and set the hook correctly for the unique configuration of the crankbite. Finally, it is important to use medium or medium-light rods for plenty of flexibility.

In the end, the best crankbite is that it works best for you, your rod and your favorite fishing hole. Try some of these and see which one is your favorite.

We hope our review and purchase guide has been helpful. Since we have chosen different types of crankbite, we think that at least one of these choices is best for someone even if you choose different greed, we hope our pointers have been helpful.


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