9 Key Signs That You’re in Need of Washing Machine Repair

Most people don’t know how to tell when to repair, refurbish, or replace their washing machine. If you’ve noticed unusual sounds or vibrations when your washing machine is running, this could be a sign of a problem that can be difficult to diagnose. And it would be good to know Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs does washing machine repair

Here are nine key signs that indicate it’s time to call your local washing machine repair technician.

  • Water in the drum 

One of the most common issues that washing machine repair technicians find when they open a machine to make repairs is excess water in the drum. No, it’s not normal to have water in your drum, and it can be symptomatic of bigger problems. If your washing machine is leaking water out of the lance or directly onto the floor, consult a technician immediately.

  • Laundry not being cleaned

Something might be wrong when you load the right amount of detergent, stuff the clothes, and do everything right but still get spots on the laundry. Chances are high; it’s time for a cleaning, but your washing machine might need a little help. Such a sign indicates it’s time to call a washing machine repair service.

  • Squeaks

Your clothes are clean and smell great, but something isn’t right. Oh yeah, that annoying squeak. It’s not just annoying—it’s actually a sign of how well you’re washing your clothes. When clothes are clean and soft, they release natural lubrication to help them slide through the washer. If added soap or too much detergent is used, the fabric can become stiff and un-slick, leading to squeaks and even clothing damage. Squeaky sounds indicate there is soap or too much suds residue in the drum (or both). This can lead to clothing damage due to overuse of the dryer’s tumbling air on wet clothing.

  • Thumps and grinding sounds

The washing machine is built to handle several loads each week, but wear and tear can eventually lead to problems that need attention. Of these issues, thumps, grating, and grinding noises are among the key signs that you’re in need of washing machine repair.

  • Code errors resulting in unexpected results

A washing machine is known as a laundry fixture; using it daily to wash clothes will help prevent stained clothes and prolong the life of our clothing. However, after years of constant use, the machine can become worn down and start to emit loud sounds, and even cause an error message. When this happens, you might start thinking about going for a repair, but talking to a professional before you get one might be a good idea.

  • Water not filling the drum

If water is draining but not filling the washing machine drum, it is obvious that there is a clog in the drain hose line. When this occurs, your washing machine will not be able to fill with water and then spin out to clean the clothing. There are many things that can cause this problem – foreign objects in the drain line, a malfunctioning pump, or a worn-out impeller, to name a few.

  • Spin cycle not spinning

When your washing machine isn’t spinning correctly, it’s usually a sign that something’s wrong with it – and it’s telling you that you need repair work done sooner rather than later.

  • The machine is starting and stopping

If you are experiencing problems starting or stopping, there could be several reasons for this. Of course, if the washer starts and immediately stops, it is most likely that your laundry load is too large for the machine to handle. However, consider having a washing machine repair to solve all the possible problems for more reasons. 

  • Something strange happening

How is it that you’re suddenly having weird things happen with your washer? Maybe your laundry is still wet, or maybe a strange gurgle started coming from the water hose attached to the machine. Maybe you’ve started to find some of the clothes you’ve washed in places other than your laundry room. If so, it sounds like it’s time to get a professional who knows the ins and outs of washing machines to come by and take a look at what’s going on with yours.

Even if you have a high-end washer that does everything on its own, it still needs to be properly maintained. And since many common washing machine problems require a skilled technician to repair them, it’s important to know whether you need to call in an expert or not. That’s why taking note of the nine signs above will help you tell whether your washing machine is failing or not.

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