What Is the Best Options Trading Advisory Service?

Trading options is the act of purchasing or selling particular securities at a predetermined price and date in the future. Options are contracts connected to an underlying asset, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. There are several markets and exchanges where regularly buy, sell, and issue shares of publicly-held corporations. 

Among the trading advice services available, Stock King Options enables users to develop their investment portfolios by using its stock options trading service, which includes option alert signals for entry and exit. 

They use technical analysis to monitor a large number of companies daily to determine which are lucrative. For members to be able to make the same transaction and profit, Stock King Options calls out those who have been recognized in their stock options advice trading rooms. 

This firm is the best options advisory service you can get on the market. Keep reading to learn more about other trading advisory service providers.

Mindful Trader

You may get options trading advice from this company. Traders of all skill levels may profit from this service since it is suitable for novices and seasoned veterans alike. 

Among the many advantages of the website are top-notch approaches, a successful track record, and the advice of one of the best-known experienced traders. 

A downside to the software is that it lacks algorithmic indications and still relies on an old style of options advice. Users of Mindful Trader get access to stock selections, options recommendations, and recommendations for upcoming contracts. 

Members of this options trading guidance service must pay a yearly fee of $47 to join.

Sky View Trading

Inexperienced options traders may find this valuable service since it focuses primarily on providing educational materials. 

Options trading advice systems often lack social tools like real-time notifications and comprehensive training materials like this platform. With the various advantages that Sky View Trading offers come the high cost and need for vast sums of cash to maintain positions. 

The usage of Sky View Trading allows traders to get notifications and participate in chatrooms with other traders. There is a $199 monthly subscription cost for this options trading advisory service, paid in advance.


This service delivers a lot of analytical information for traders looking for more than just notifications. With this information, you have a considerable edge over your competitors. 

The program also includes a block trade screening tool. Investors interested in finding the best option contracts can check out Optionsonar, one of the top options analysis services.

Not all options trading alert services are created equal, which stands out for its unique approach. You may use it to keep track of important options-related order trends in the market. It does this by scanning the data. Options traders use proprietary technologies to follow the institutional smart money and find the best transaction option.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon offers options trading advice. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a complete novice, our service is ideal for you. 

This platform includes a comprehensive option scanner and an easy-to-use strategy screener. Several users have criticized the user interface of Market Chameleon as being dated because of its unattractive design. 

One thing that sets Market Chameleon apart from the rest of the pack is the ability to see option contracts, something that no other tool on our list offers.

The Trading Analyst

Trading Analyst is a service that offers indications for trading in options contracts. Inexperienced traders who do not want to spend a lot on trading guidance will find it to be a valuable resource. 

This platform’s advantages include real-time alerts through SMS, competitive pricing, a proven track record of profitability, and an appropriate alert frequency, to name a few. One disadvantage of utilizing The Trading Analyst is that it does not provide thorough, in-depth reports, which is a significant downside in today’s trading environment. 

Using The Trading Analyst makes it feasible for day traders to make a decent profit while still having their mobile devices nearby. The cost of this options trading advice service is $787 per year every year.

Motley Fool Options

When it comes to expert research and market analysis, there is no better source than Motley Fool Options. By far, the most popular newsletters are Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers. 

After a few years of development, the Motley Fool launched its Motley Options service in 2009. This options trading consulting business has been one of the most lucrative over the last decade, with thousands of clients. 

The specialists set out to research the best firms with strong foundations at reasonable pricing. The options team then devises the best approach for maximizing returns. There is a distinct investment strategy, timeframe, and outcome associated with each choice.

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