6 Tips to Maintain Your Weight or Lose Weight

6 Tips to Maintain Your Weight or Lose Weight


Nowadays, most people live a sedentary lifestyle which is the biggest reason for weight gain. Because, but we can’t change our lifestyle. But we can change our diet which helps us in we lose weight. Or maintain our weight. Yes, it’s vital to maintain weight. Due to the digital world, our physical work is more minor, and the mental result is increasing day by day in this present era. We hardly do any physical activity because while performing a mental exercise or in office work. After that peak time, we reach the home where some responsibilities also wait for us and in such this, we are unable to get time for ourselves. And now the question is how to lose weight?

Here, we are going with 6 tips for losing weight.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you wake up, your first step should be to consume water, start with one glass, take it as much as possible, and gradually increase it. It’s benefitted for your health—waterworks as a macronutrient. Detoxify your body. In the whole day, a minimum takes eight glasses of water and a maximum of 12 glasses of water, or you can take it more as your body allows.

Do Regular Exercise

Some physical moments or exercises are essential to lose weight. If you don’t like to do it and feel that it’s boring to think about which physical activity you will enjoy like dance, walk, Zumba, aerobics, mild yoga, and gym. Do anything but do. Or nothing else, at least start with meditation. Because after doing exercise you will be fresh and energetic the whole day. While doing exercise, our bodies consume oxygen.

How should be Breakfast? 

Breakfast timing should be between 8:00 am to 10:00 am, and this meal should be like a king. This means it should have more with lots of fiber consumption and add little fats like if you are habitual of parathas, then take one paratha with fulfilling of veggies whatever you like less the quantity and take sugar-free tea /coffee/milk. Sprouts, white not wheat bread because whet bread has more fat and calories than white bread applied it on fat-free butter like peanut butter or Nutrilite butter. Which is readily available in the market? Whatever you eat. Take one plate of it—sprouts one bowl. For breakfast, you can choose one boiled big potato or two bananas. Take one thing in this.

Mid meal 

This should be taken between breakfast and lunch, and this is the exact time for fruits because fruits have carbohydrates in nature. It’s the best time to consume this time and always choose seasonal and regional fruits.

What About Lunch 

After all this thing, the turn comes to up lunch, and the lunchtime starts from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and in this time you should add toned/ tofu curd, Dry pulse means without seasoning / tadka, one chapati, brown boiled rice. And in this thing, you should care for two things. Don’t drink water immediately after lunch because it will not let digest the food take it after half an hour. And some people like to eat some sweets. After having a meal, it is a big reason for weight gain because after dinner, if you take anything immediately. It will not consume food properly in the body. And converts in fat too.

Mid-evening meal 

Many people are very habitual of this meal and take samosa with tea but strictly no this heavy meal in this time you can take sugar-free tea/coffee/double toned milk with two biscuits. And gradually come to green tea, change your habits, and take milk tea once a day. Don’t take fruits this time; you can take roasted chana or dry fruits (almonds, figs, walnut, and raisins).

 Come on, make dinner.

Without dinner, the day always is incomplete must take a dinner to finish your cravings, and in dinner, you can take vegetable soup and salad; this is good for your weight loss if you are serious about losing weight. The timings should be 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm you can boil vegetables too instead of salad and take the soup.


If you take a pledge to lose weight, you must control your cravings and make one day for that if it is your starting point. In diet, the line is called cheat day if you think that after taking six meals, how can you lose weight but think from another side if you will take high fiber food and then you will feel no extra craving for any fast food because you have already done. There will be no chance to take any intaking inappropriate food. If you take once a week, then it’s ok, don’t get disappointed about that.

Are you trying so much for weight loss

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