What To Shop On The High Street 2022

Fashion trends come and go each year, and sometimes we don’t see the latest styles hit the high street stores until a bit later on. However, some shops do get the newest looks from the catwalk a lot sooner than others. If you want to catch the top trends before anyone else, keep reading and discover what you should shop on the high street in 2022.

Office Chic

As we head into a post-pandemic world, a lot of people are returning to the office. This has had a direct influence on the fashion scene, with smart workwear coming back in and being more readily available. However, it’s not the same old black blazer and trousers that you might be used to seeing. You’ll find a lot of the clothes are a lot more colourful and patterned, and they’re the perfect blend of smart casual. One brand that can provide just this is bytimo, whose floral blouses will be ideal for a spring day in the office. People are used to working in more comfortable clothes at home, so the style of office wear has had to change too. So, if you’re heading back into the office, don’t skip the high street as you’re sure to find some gorgeous pieces.

Luxury Loungewear

On the other hand, some people have now become permanent home workers, so the need for loungewear has increased. Brands have taken this and created stunning, luxury loungewear that will look smart enough for video calls, but still provide you with the same level of comfort your tracksuit has. Don’t feel like you have to choose between restrictive shirts or loose t-shirts, as lots of high street brands have now branched out to bridge the gap between the two.

Ruched Tops

Crop tops made a big comeback and then never left, but different variations do pop up now and then. Ruched tops are a big trend that you’ll see on the high street this year, as they give the same cropped look, but with a more fitted style. Ruching was popular back in the 80’s, but don’t be put off by the image that it conjures up in your head. Ruching is now a lot more subtle and can really help bring definition and texture to an outfit.


Sometimes you don’t want to wear a dress, but you also don’t want to wear a top and trousers. This is where jumpsuits come in. The trend for jumpsuits comes and goes every few years, but this year, they’re definitely back. Wide trousers have become a popular style, and jumpsuits are perfect for emulating this. They’re smart enough that you can wear them to events, yet comfy enough that you can wear them on a picnic. Be sure to head to the high street and grab a jumpsuit this year for the ultimate trendy style.

Animal Print

Animal print tends to get a bad rap, with leopard print being associated with red lips and a less than classy look. But this year the high street has revamped animal print and you should definitely add some to your wardrobe. You don’t have to go all out either if it’s really not your thing. Having a touch of leopard print in a headband can look amazing. However, if you’re bold enough, you could go for zebra print wide-legged jeans. This bright look is bang on trend and is easy to pick up on the high street too.

Patterned Tights

Tights don’t have to be plain black or nude to match your skin tone. A new trend is emerging, and it calls back to vintage Dior and Chanel. Patterned tights are the latest fashion look to pair with your cute dresses and flippy skirts. However, the patterns aren’t bright colours and instead lean towards a low opacity with gatherings to create a diamond pattern. These interesting tights are taking the high street by storm, so make sure to grab some while you can!

2022 fashion trends are all about being bold and taking fashion risks. The high street fashions seem to be reflecting the trending looks we see on social media and the runways, so there’s more variety than ever. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something completely different this year. You never know, you might find your new favourite style!

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