Understand What Size / Weight Boxing Gloves You Want Before You Regret

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How to characterize boxing glove size by weight class? – And how to determine if you are using the correct size/ weight for the boxing glove? Normally – when asked – the manufacturers will tell you that it all depends on your weight or the size of your hands – but does it? Also, can same weight boxing gloves can be used for both pad, bag work, and sparing?

At Infinitude Fight, we get these customer questions regularly – so the following guide will answer these to help you buy boxing gloves, which are perfect for your use and size. 

Boxing Gloves Sizes Explained

Boxing Gloves are always labeled with weights, not sizes but weights in ounces, for instance, ’10 oz boxing gloves. 

Remember, the weight of a glove is the physical weight of each glove, not the combined weight of the pair. For example, on 18 oz boxing gloves, each hand will weigh as close to 18 ounces as possible. 

The heavier the glove, the more amount of padding is in them, making punches slower and protected. 

Finding the Correct Size of boxing glove

There is no definitive way to measure size to buy boxing gloves, as it depends on the type of training you want them for. You may ask, what size gloves do professional boxers use? – Well, for fighters, it is common to own various kinds and pairs of gloves for various activities. 

Primarily, many manufacturers carry boxing gloves between 10oz to 16oz, yet you can get 80z pair of boxing gloves and 18oz and above too. Larger sizes are often custom made, and at Infinitude Fight, we have got just the customizer for you, where you are free to customize your gloves to your heart’s content. 

For sizing, please refer to the size chart we created for you; using this, you can easily decide on the size of the gloves you need. 

It is essential to note that different brands all have different glove fits, so it is recommended to be cautious about the sizing; you can always refer to our blog section for guides that help with the boxing gloves price, sizing, and care details. 

For Pads/Bags Sparring Fights
8oz No No It can be used for light weight classes
10oz Ideal for cardio and speed  No Can be used for weight classes
12oz Ideal for cardio and speed  No Used in some amateur competitions
14oz All-rounder gloves suitable for light-weight fighters sparring For amateur competitions
16oz Best for power/strength Sparring It can be used for amateur competitions
18oz+ Recommended for power/strength, used by weightier boxers Good for heftier fighters and sparring Not Suitable

Note: Please be advised that this is not a definitive answer rather a guide. Different competitions, gyms have their own set of rules and suggestions, which you must follow.

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