Kolkata, a city of culture

Kolkata, Bengali Kalikata, previously Calcutta, city, funding of West Bengal state. And also a former capital of British India. It is among India’s most significant towns and its major ports. There the port city established as a factor of transshipment from water to land as well as from river to the sea. A city of business, transportation, and manufacture. Kolkata is the leading metropolitan center of eastern India.

Origins of Kolkata

The city’s previous name, Calcutta, is an English version of the Bengali name Kalikata. According to some, Kalikata is derived from the Bengali word Kalikshetra, suggesting “Ground of (the siren) Kali.” Some say the city’s name originates from the location of its original negotiation on the bank of a canal (Khal). A 3rd viewpoint traces it to the Bengali words for lime (calcium oxide; kali). And also charred covering (kata) since the location note for the manufacture of shell lime. In 2001 the government of West Bengal formally altered the name of the city of Kolkata.

Culture of Kolkata

Higher than four-fifths of the populace is Hindu. Muslims, as well as Christians, comprise the most significant minorities, but there are some Sikhs, Jains, as well as Buddhists. The main language is Bengali. However, Urdu, Oriya, Tamil, Punjabi, and also other languages likewise are talked about.

Kolkata is a global city: besides Indians, teams existing include a selection of individuals from in other places in Asia (significantly Bangladeshis and also Chinese), Europeans, North Americans, as well as Australians. Kolkata was set apart under British guidelines. The Europeans living in the city center as well as Indians living in the north as well as southern.


There are many visiting tourist sites in Kolkata. Some people came to Kolkata to spend holidays. Some people came here for treatment. Though there are many big hospitals in Kolkata. However, Kolkata has many attractions. I am giving some tourist places in Kolkata that you need to know.

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial lies in the heart of Kolkata, in West Bengal. This white marbled rich framework was constructed in memory of Queen Victoria. To celebrate her 25 years of subjugating India. It is almost a replica of the Victoria Memorial in London. Victoria Memorial is a famous structure that identified with the city of joy! The memorial surrounded by a lavish green as well as a properly maintained yard, which spreads over 64 acres. And it has many sculptures and also sculptures in it.

Fort William

Fort William is a fort located near the Hooghly river. It called after King William III of England and Ireland as well as King William II of Scotland.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is like Icon in Kolkata, one of the attractions. So that people go there to watch Howrah Bridge. This place situated on Hoogly river in West Bengal. People go there for their beautiful views. Howrah Bridge is the perfect place for the photoshoot.

Indian Museum

It is one of the antique museums all over the world. The museum has some old things like prominent collections of Jewelleries, skeletons, and Mughal paintings.

Science city

Science city is the main attraction of Kolkata. It is one of the giant science museums in the world. Some people go to West Bengal only for a Science city which is very beautiful. People can learn many things about the world from this science museum.

Jorasankor Thakur Bari

The Jorasankor Thakur Bari is the house of Rabindranath Tagore, which was a poet of Bengal. He was born in this house, even his wedding. There is 700 painting exhibited in this Jorasankor House. Nowadays it turns to be a museum. People visit there to know the poet’s life and his effort for the poem.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is a magnificent structure that embellishes the roads of Ballygunge, Kolkata. It committed to Lord Krishna and Siren Radha. An imposing structure amalgamating standard design of style with contemporary representations. The temple is the best specimen of artistry as well as engineering brilliant. The construction of this magnificent building began in the year 1970. After precise work extending over 26 years; completed on 21st February 1996.

Nicco park

Nicco Park is a theme park regularly saw for home entertainment. And also entertainment objectives. It is likewise called the “Disney Land of West Bengal. It attracts site visitors in lots throughout the year. The park functions effectively on solar energy that creates no pollution.

Things to do in Kolkata

There are many things to do in Kolkata. It is the city of street food. Kolkata is famous for street food all over the world. There are many shopping malls and shops in the entire town. You can buy branded things from Kolkata. Some people go there for their wedding shopping. New Market is the most popular for shopping. Anything you buy at a very cheap rate from the new market. Also, there are City center1, City center2, and Quest mall which popularity most in Kolkata.

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